Which One is Better?

*just asking...

Canon PowerShot A480

Sony Cyber-shot S950

Samsung ES17

Each camera has its advantages and disadvantages...
someone please help me hehe...



That word describes my days the best!

I'm doing nothing at home
, mom and dad often leave me.

hmm really I'm at the top of my boredom! :'(

Everyday I wake up at 10, breakfast, watching TV, then turn on my computer while lunch and use it until 5 (sometimes until my head becomes dizzy and my eyes become watery), take a bath if I remember, dinner, watching TV, go to bed.

fvck this routine activities! really need recreation urgently!

well, yesterday my dad's car crashed by angkot (sounds uncool eh?)

the front and the rear were in poor condition. thank God, my dad is okay.

so for this week my dad has to rent his office car, include for accompany me to Graduation Day.
the car is silver, yepp match with my kebaya :)

talking about kebaya, my kebaya is half-done.

yesterday, I did the fitting, and yes I'm impressed with my aunt's work!

it's elegant and totally the same like I've expected. I'll take it tomorrow :)

The Score isn't Scary


I just know my score of national exams!
And the result is not bad as I expected...

Bahasa Indonesia : 8.20
English : 9.00
Math : 9.00
Geography : 7.75
Economy : 8.20
Sociology : 7.80

Total : 49.95

Sooo the average score is 8.3

Alhamdulillah once again!

Actually I really wonder about my socio and bahasa's score.
that's beyond my expectation! whoooa it's magic!

one thing that I realized is...
actually it's not my best. I should be better than this...

but to hell with it, I'm officially graduate from high school!
yeaaaaaay! (not officially yet actually, wait until the Graduation Day)

And Let The Sun Shining

Do you guys realize that nowadays the weather becomes such a hell?
it's getting hotter and hotter.
the sun light like absorbed until my bones!
hmm it's better to collect many jackets now to anticipate it...

well, I try to figure out what happen with our sun...
and after googling I found the explanation about this phenomena
please click here
it's in bahasa Indonesia.

for you who don't understand, I try to translate it with google translate but still there's some mistake so I have to edit it first lol ;p
The hot weather which caused more stinging skin is just a transition into dry season.
What's happening right now is because there are no clouds, lots of radiation and evaporation occurs.

It's a drawing of sun. cute eh?
very cute and cheerful!

but in the reality the shape is just like this...

terrific! and looks very very hot and flame.


Don't Try This at Home!

Saw this on my friend's friend photo albums at facebook...

C'mon guys, we're on 2010!
it's meaningless!

and it's better for you to give your uniform to the unfortunate one!

The Result!


Finally I'm officially pass the national exam!
alhamdulillah ya Allah...
It really makes me feel relief!

aaand another good news is... all students in 71 Senior High School pass the exam!
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 100%! We've made it guys! kewl!

check out the announcement at 71's web :

no need to zoom it up...
I've done it hehe

that's my lucky number!

the announcement is just like that.
there's no information to find out how much score I get
maybe I have to go to school tomorrow...

whoaa! I'm not a high school student anymooooore.
I'm getting older and should be mature.
University of Indonesia is waiting ;)

oh yah, it's a quick sad fact :
graduation rate of UN SMA /MA in 2010 reached 89.88%, down 4% compared to the previous year, 93.74%. The total of 1,522,162 participants UN SMA /MA, 1.362.696 students passed, while 154.079 (10.12%) did not pass.

for those who didn't pass, please don't be desperate!
there's a second chance to retry it again.
and for the government... improve the education curriculum, please!

100% Hopefully

It's just a few hours left for me, for all high school students, to know the result.
The result for the national exam.

Ya Allah... please answer all my prayer.
Make all students in 71 high school pass the graduation.
We have struggled for three years and it's time for us to graduate.

Please make it true...


BIG Spender

Read the title above?

Yup! I'm a really BIG spender this week!
I don't care about how much money I spent, what matter is the satisfaction!
Remember my post titled 'Sacrifice For Satisfaction' ?
Thank God, finally I can buy it all!

black skinny jeans, black long cardigan, and the fake black chanel bag!
I decided to replace the leather jacket with cardigan
that's what my mood want ;)

just laughed when I see this brand tag ;)
my mom said that it's not made in France, but Bandung. haha.

bought this red rose ring at Inacraft Exhibition yesterday.
I think I'm gonna wear it for the graduation day...

These are gifts for my teachers.
Because this is the end of semester. Just to respect all their kindness.
Don't need to show what's inside right? hehe.

I'm happy now because finally I can fulfill all I want.

but it seems that my wallet is getting thinner.....

Happy Brotherday!

Happy Birthday Adrian Ramadhan!

Now my brother is getting older, 21 years old.
actually the birthday is yesterday, April 24.
but I just can write it now ;)

Me myself don't give any gift for him because I forget to buy it haha.
buuuut I think he doesn't need any gift because my mom and dad had given him something really precious.

what is that?

It's Samsung Corby S 3650 White!

wew, congratulation, bro!
I want the new one too, but...okay, just wait for my birthday ;)

His Story


See the pics above?
well, it belongs to my old friend...

This morning I dream of him. a really weird dream.
The scene is at someone's party.
I walked through a long corridor and saw a door that made by glasses.
I opened it and... there's so many boys in there!
they're wearing all black clothes, some joking, and some playing video games.
I saw him.
I ran out from that room, and he chased me (oh my God, sounds like a cheesy drama!)
We talked about many things.
After I asked it to him...

"Why did you changed? Why did you became this arrogant? What happened with you?"

He just move his head down, and spoke gibberish-I don't understand.

then suddenly I woke up!

what a dream!

after that, I can't stop think about him.
damn! I never know that I can be a fool like this!

We used to mocked each other, laughed together,
shared all jokes and problems...
and now it just becomes a history!

it's sad to know that he has changed a lot.
arrogant, try to look famous and trendy (in fact he doesn't!) and over acting!

I really miss the old him.
I hope in the end of high school we can make things like we used to be.

The Earth Is Happy Now

Today is April 22, 2010
Happy Earth Day!

actually I never know that there's a date to celebrate the earth day,
but this morning I opened Google, and saw the logo has changed like this...

when I clicked on it, then I finally realized that today is Earth Day! yeaay!
Let's make our earth a better place to live by just doing the simple things
like planting many trees, turn off the electronic things if it's not being used, and so on.


Wake Up, Girls!

Today is April 21, 2010.

Happy R.A Kartini's Day!

Her life story should be our inspiration.
C'mon girls, don't be afraid to do anything good, because that's what R.A Kartini wants to see!

Sang Singing Song

Finally I could go for karaoke again with my beloved JDGJD :)
actually it was 2 weeks ago but my friend just upload it yesterday.

Let me share my happiness!

Karoke-ing at Nav, and it's quite cheap.
we ordered the medium room that the capacity is 8 peoples
because we are 9 peoples, so 1 have to pay the extra charge.
but it's okay :)
minus Kiky, because she took this pic.

We sang many songs, most of all is 'extra ordinary' songs
like 'Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai', 'Cari Jodoh' by Wali, 'Belah Duren' by Jupe
and we are excited when we know there's some sound effects
that provided on the touch screen computer.
yawn, claps, howl, even the cow's voice 'moooo..'!

Errr yapp that's me and the cheerful one, Kiky.
Sorry for the stupid faces haha.
This is what I love when we did the karaoke.
It's time for us to scream out loud and go crazy!

The happy dancing :)
So happy when I saw them laughed like that...

See the pictures above makes me want to karaoke again and again!
maybe I should beg my dad to build a karaoke room for me ;)


Just wanna show you my latest looks on looklet!
I'm so excited when I know now looklet has effects for the looks, just like a photo taken by camera.

hmm why don't you just check out my complete looks on my looklet's page?
I would be sooo glad if you give me heart or comments :)

My Ears Love It

Currently listening to :

Justin Bieber - One Time

Kate Nash - Do Wah Doo

and for the Indonesian song...

Click the title above the pictures to watch the video on YouTube,
and tell me do I have a good sense in music? haha.

P.S :
I'm home alone again! well, actualy not alone, I'm with my aunt but she means nothing.
actually I have to go to Anggita's, but some problems happened, and yeah it canceled!

Poetryclopedia, The Premiere!

Hey all!

Welcome to my new concept blog!

Do you guys notice about the difference?

I have changed my blog a lot.

started from the title of my blog.

there's no more 'Thoughts of Mine'.

it transformed to be 'Poetryclopedia'!

Actually there's no special reason for this name changing.

I just think that 'Thoughts of Mine' is just a very simple title.

and why 'Poetryclopedia'?

well, that's the best word that coming from my mind... hehe.

I'm satisfied about the layout :)
well, at first I don't think about pink at all.

but after searching some backgrounds, I think the roses are beautiful and the colours represent the mature soul in me. haha what a sentence!


goodbye my 'Thoughts of Mine'!

I'll never forget about it :)

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly
-Henri Bergson-

Kebaya ya ya ya

Since this post is talking about Kebaya, the traditional clothes of Indonesia, so I think it's better to write it with Bahasa hehe.

yap! minggu ini gue udah ga sekolah, yah bisa dibilang nganggur.
alhamdulillah banget gue bersyukurrrr karena ga perlu lagi ke tempat les, ikut tambahan sama tes-tes masuk PTN. alhamdulillah :)

daaan kemarin rabu, hari terakhir UAS, sekolah gue tiba2 ngumumin kalo wisuda bakal diadain hari Selasa, 4 mei 2010 jam 07.00 (helloooo pagi banget ga sih?!) di Gedung Pewayangan TMII.
Which means... 2 weeks left from now!
oooh I'm so excited about thisss! Can't wait!

tapii 2 minggu itu tentu bukan waktu yang lama buat nyari bahan kebaya dan ngejaitinnya ke penjahit! mepet banget malah!
akhirnya rabu kemaren gue googling model2 kebaya dan nemu deh yang cocok.
oh ya FYI, di sekolah gue setiap kelas di kasih warna biar seragam, dan kelas gue dapet warna apa cobaaa? ABU-ABU!

bagi yang engga tau warna abu-abu itu kayak apaaaa...

ini nih contoh warna abu-abu. yucky rite?

okay I give you a better pic...

or let's call it silver to give it a cooler pronounciation. haha.

at first, sebenernya gue ga suka banget sama warna ini, apalagi kalo dijadiin warna kebaya wisuda! helllo wisuda gituu, harusnya kan warnanya yang cerah-cerah kayak merah, hijau, biru or gold. hmmh emang deh sial banget kelas gue dapet warna ini.

tapi yaaaaa hari kamis kemaren gue sama nyokap ke Pasar Mayestik, Jakarta Selatan.
awalnya susah banget nyari brokat warna abu-abu muda, well I prefer to called it silver.
setelah 2 jam keliling, akhirnya dapet jugaaa!
abu-abu muda, bahannya semi prancis, lot of flowers pattern, motifnya agak timbul, dan ada serat-serat yang mengkilap gitu. kewl deh pokoknya hehe.

well, untuk bahannya aja nyokap gue harus ngeluarin uang Rp.200.000,- include furing sama chiffon buat obi. emang sih agak mahal, tapi emang gue pengen yang agak mahal hehe karena ini kan kebaya wisuda :)

besoknya gue langung bawa kainnya ke Tante gue yang designer (baca : penjahit) di daerah Pasar Minggu. weks jauh banget ga sih? hehe.
tapi design dia itu keren banget dan satu lagi, harganya miring, soalnya harga sodara hehe.

and noow I can't wait for it!
oh ya, let me show you the design that I want...

Kerahnya persis kayak gini.
Kancingnya juga, berderet panjang gini.

Lengannya kayak gini, lurus.
Di bagian pinggangnya ada aksen obi lipit2 kecil gitu.

what do you think?
nanti gue foto deh kali udah jadi.

semoga hasilnya memuaskan :)


Cheer up ;)
Dear all my friend,

Please... don't be sad or down.
Just convince yourself that you have done the best!

This is not the end.
This is the beginning for your next step
Keep moving forward!
There's soooo many way to get there.


That's what I wrote on my Facebook's notes

It belongs to those who not accepted yet on ITB's Test.

Especially for Aldila Maretta and Anggita Krisnandini.

You guys have done the best, and maybe God has another plan for you. The brighter one for sure.

The Annoying Orange

Hey Apple! Hey!

haha. forgive this crap.

well, I'm addicted to these orange thingy recently.
If you often check YouTube, you must know channel named 'The Annoying Orange'

If you never know about it then... poor you! lol ;p
okay, let me show you the best video of him (should I call that orange fruit with 'him'?)

this one titled 'Annoying SAW'!

isn't that very funny and annoying? haha.

and from now on I'm crazy about it.
look, what I've done with this orange (that my mom supposed to eat it)

I added eyes and mouth on it with my pen!
haha. it's a bit tawdry rite?

and guess what? I'm craving for its merchandises! hahaha.

anyone please take me out from this orange euphoria!
I really want it all.
the t's is worth $14.99, the hoodie $32.99, the bag $ 14.99
but I don't have that much money hehe.

for their complete collection, check out here !

I wish the annoying orange was real ;D

Nothing is Impossible

Karna kali ini gue mau ngomongin Universitas Indonesia, jadi ngomongnya juga pake bahasa Indonesia aja yaa hehe :)

well, besok, hari Minggu, 11 April 2010 mungkin menjadi hari yang lumayan bersejarah buat temen2 gue di luar sana yang struggling buat masuk UI.
it's SIMAK UI test.

UI a.k.a Universitas Indonesia.
Universitas yang enam bulan lalu cuma jadi impian gue.
Universitas yang gue pikir out of reach buat gue.
Universitas impian banyak orang.
(oh-so-dramatic mode on!)

Jujur, kalo gue liat perjalanan hidup gue selama 17 tahun ini, gue merasa sebagai orang yang sangat sangat amat beruntung sekali. Alhamdulillah Allah selalu ngasih apa yang gue mau.
walaupun engga semuanya sih... but mostly yes.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu gue iseng nge-check notes di HP gue, dan waw gue nemu tulisan gini:

Target pndek:
menang pdato
Bkin pdato sbagus mgkn, konsul k Mrs. Ayu

Target tngah:
Sukses ulangan!
review plajaran2 especially math, akun, eko, sjarah.

Jangka panjang:
Sukses ulangan 1, 2, 3.
Blajar bener2 sblm ulangan...

Smogaaaaa smuanya terkabul!

ini gue tulis waktu gue masih kelas XI, setahun yang lalu.
hmm yang menang pidato itu sih ga kesampean hehe, tapi alhamdulillah dua terakhir berhasil.

Dari sini gue jadi tau kalo punya target dalam hidup itu penting banget!
Punya target bisa bikin kita terpacu dan punya motivasi hidup.

duh jadi agak ngelantur deh hehe...

hm sebenernya sih maksud dari postingan gue ini buat nyemangatin yang ikut SIMAK UI.
pokoknya semua yang ikut SIMAK, berjuang yaa!
semoga kalian bisa mewujudkan mimpi kalian!


especially for :
Almira Fitriah
Ayudhia Harumi
Anggita Krisnandini
Cornelia Myka
Santi Santini
Rizki Nurbaiti
Sofiani Murni
Dhira Komala
Nadya Restu

semoga kita sama2 bisa pake jaket kuning :)

Vacation's Vacancy


We all do need it, don't we?

especially for me who have been stressing by that effing national exam and practice tests!
and guess what?! next week I have school exam a.k.a UAS! damn damn doo dee doo dee damn!

If I was a billionaire, then I will travel around the world...
but sadly, I'm not a billionaire and I won't travel around the world...

soo, let's just travelling around the world through internet!

5 places I want to visit someday...

# 1



I have visited Bali before, but it was very looooong loooong ago.
I was a child, and I don't remember anything but just the view in Kuta Bali Beach where my hair got braided by 'mbak-mbak' there! lol.
I want to go to Dreamland, see the sunset at Tanah Lot, and shopping at Pasar Sukowati!
OH what a fantasy...

# 2


I just notice this Tanjung Tinggi beach when I watched Laskar Pelangi.
Oh my God... the view is sooo beautiful and clean!
see the water and see the sky! breath-taking!

# 3




Paris! Everyone's destination!
It will be very good to see the eiffel tower from my own eyes!
and of course to see the fashionista walking down the streets!

# 4




I don't mention the city, because I wanna go everywhere in Japan!
I wanna see the cherry blossoms, harajuku street and eat the original takoyaki :)

# 5




Disneyland! It's a land for having fun!
I wanna take the rides and see the parades :)

So, yeah even though now I can't go there, but one day... who knows?