Poetryclopedia, The Premiere!

Hey all!

Welcome to my new concept blog!

Do you guys notice about the difference?

I have changed my blog a lot.

started from the title of my blog.

there's no more 'Thoughts of Mine'.

it transformed to be 'Poetryclopedia'!

Actually there's no special reason for this name changing.

I just think that 'Thoughts of Mine' is just a very simple title.

and why 'Poetryclopedia'?

well, that's the best word that coming from my mind... hehe.

I'm satisfied about the layout :)
well, at first I don't think about pink at all.

but after searching some backgrounds, I think the roses are beautiful and the colours represent the mature soul in me. haha what a sentence!


goodbye my 'Thoughts of Mine'!

I'll never forget about it :)

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly
-Henri Bergson-


  Nadya Komanechi

19 April 2010 21.38

yeeeeey ganti juga hahaha lucu put jadi pink pink gitu. terus sekarang bisa komen lagi hahaha

  Putri Ariani

20 April 2010 09.16

thaaaaaaaaaanks :)
CSSnya ribet banget nad tapi alhamdulillah jadi juga hehe

  Jessica Jeanne Simon

20 April 2010 09.31

i love the new title POETRYCLOPEDIA :D
but its a bit hard to read pink on grey :(

come to think of college, youre way so smart so you need no test to join university of indonesia. good luck girl!

The Queen of Queer

  Putri Ariani

20 April 2010 11.20

thanks jessica :)
okay your advice is really good. maybe I should change it hehe.

thanks, good luck for you too ;)

  Vicky Ok

21 April 2010 07.29

putri, sweet banget blog-nya, i wannna change mine too.. haha. copycat-ing.. LOL