The Result!


Finally I'm officially pass the national exam!
alhamdulillah ya Allah...
It really makes me feel relief!

aaand another good news is... all students in 71 Senior High School pass the exam!
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 100%! We've made it guys! kewl!

check out the announcement at 71's web :

no need to zoom it up...
I've done it hehe

that's my lucky number!

the announcement is just like that.
there's no information to find out how much score I get
maybe I have to go to school tomorrow...

whoaa! I'm not a high school student anymooooore.
I'm getting older and should be mature.
University of Indonesia is waiting ;)

oh yah, it's a quick sad fact :
graduation rate of UN SMA /MA in 2010 reached 89.88%, down 4% compared to the previous year, 93.74%. The total of 1,522,162 participants UN SMA /MA, 1.362.696 students passed, while 154.079 (10.12%) did not pass.

for those who didn't pass, please don't be desperate!
there's a second chance to retry it again.
and for the government... improve the education curriculum, please!