Thanks, Ten

quick update about my college life,
there's something special at October 10, 2010. yes, it's a beautiful date, 10-10-10.
and that day there's an event at FISIP, called 'Makrab' = Malam Keakraban.
well I don't know what it is in English, but it's a night where the junior of FISIP made an event to respect the senior by presented them art performances, like traditional dance, band,etc

and that day we had to wore Batik, and sure I'm the proudest one to wear it :)
when I just arrived, one of my friend who become one of the committees, asked me and my 3 friends to be the receptionist of student's absence. whooaaa, I'd love to!

here it is the photos..

during the absence, we also asked to gave the badge of FISIP Nusantara 2010, it should be sewn on our yellow jacket. what do you think of our badge?

the sky turned darker and it's time for the performances from every major.
there are traditional dance, choir, band, and from communication, we performed cabaret!

the choir from social welfare major

the cabaret from communication.

in the end, communication team became the best performer on the night! horray!
good job, guys :)


hellooooo everybody!
gosh, it's been a long timeeeeeee!

well, I just finished my mid-semester test this week and it's like 'oh yes! I have finished it badly!'

last week could be my most terrific week of my life...
I forced myself to study and study 'til midnight, because yeah it's my bad habit...
and my life is going hectic during the mid-test.

this is what my desk look-like...

I'm very disappointed with myself, with my ability to answer all the questions...
I'm sucks. errrrgh hate that politic, law, sociology and economy!

the one and only test that I could finished it (I think) perfectly is just communication science. yeah I'm at communication science major and it's a pleasure to answer the question completely.

now I have 7 days off, and I really enjoy it because finally I can go back to my house and sharing with my mom, dad, and big brother.
but, it seems like this lil' holiday is gonna be interrupted by commit activities -__-

oh but for now, I hope my mid-test result is good, and please, no C.

keep praying all days for it...

Persuade Me

Do you know what it feels like, knowing you are good at something but you just don’t feel confidence about it?

You give up and try to convince yourself that you’re not the one to blame.

You are surrender from the beginning.

You don’t even want to try it first, the reason is because you are pessimist.

Do you know who it is? It’s a loser. The characteristics of loser.

I have heard a quote who said,

If you lose, it doesn’t make you a loser, at least you give it a try.

The real loser is the one who afraid to fall and have no gut to try it first.

You know what, it does happen to me. I’m the one who afraid to try. I had lose many opportunities. Yeah I’m a coward by default...

Please, don’t do the same thing like this, guys...

Please remember that ‘don’t be afraid to fall, be afraid to not try’

Hope next time I can show my bravery :’)

RFC, Reaction For Communication

A story left about my life in communication science UI... I really love my new family. They are friendly, funny, spontaneous, and solid. Well, even there are few of peoples who I don’t like... but seriously they are my second family :)

This story is about RFC 2010. What is RFC anyway? It’s Rookie FISIP Championship. It’s a championship which contains futsal, athletic, chess, and other sports that held once in a year and belongs to the new students around FISIP UI. It’s a big event for the rookie.

The opening of RFC 2010 was full of fun. Every major had to join the parade. FYI, FISIP got 8 major, and the amount of new students in FISIP is at least 1000 peoples. So can you imagine what happened when we did the parade? Okay, stop. You don’t have to imagine it, let’s see this pic below!

All new kids in communication wore the green t-shirt harmoniously. It showed that we are solid and unbreakable! (yeah, it sounds too much actually). We walked around at FISIP area and sang The Communication 2010’s Anthem! It made by ourself.

C-O... Double M yo

U-N, communication!

2010, here we go!

That’s the ‘official’ anthem, but we got so many songs to be sang. We used Indonesia songs mostly. Overall, the parade was exciting!

The matches held for a week, and the result is... communication just got 1 gold, 5 silvers and I didn’t know about the bronze. The girl futsal who contributed the one and only gold. Well, let’s be thankful anyway...

The overall winner is from Administration major with 4 or 5 golds, I didn’t remember the exact amount. Well, it’s okay if communication failed to collected many golds, but.. communication won The Best Supporter Ever!!!



Just want to update about my orientation event in Communication Science, also known as ‘Commit’, our nametag has changed, the previous one was torn by the seniors. If you ask why, then I tell the story. It’s because one of the members of new kid in communication didn’t use the nametag in FISIP’s building area. Just one person, but the end of it, all should take the consequences which is the defacement of our I-pod nametag. It really hurts us when we saw that the seniors torn it right in our face! The 3D I-pod nametag is complicated and we made it for three days, with sweat and blood! Well, I don’t want to blame the seniors, okay, they have rights to did it.

I captured it a while after the defacement

but, thank God, my nametag is safe :)

Then, we had to made a new nametag again. made us exhausted. It’s still in 3D form. Look at this...

Yeah, it’s a bell. I have no idea why the color is shocking pink, but basically I like it. Even I still think the I-pod is unbeatable.

Well, this two nametags are necessary to me. I will keep it good, it can be a memory someday :)



Wow, it’s been a loooong loooong time for me to update this blog!

I’m sorry for this situation, blame the college things that make me super busy now.

The assignments, presentations and quizes are my daily foods. Yum!

This 2 weeks feels so hard. The orientation for new kids in Communication Science is not over yet. We have to attended the event twice a week. Just like the other orientations, the seniors are trying to be fierce, terrored us with their anger, stabbed us with their mockery, and made us exhausted with their commands.

I know that the orientation like this had become a tradition for them, but please, I’m too tired. FYI, for the last 1 week, I got class at 8 am everyday and actually it ended at 11 or 2pm, but after it there’s a preparation for the orientation. And I returned to my boarding house again at 7 even 9. And it’s almost everyday in a week!!! Can you imagine that?!

This week the weather is not too friendly. The day is very sunny and hot, but then the afternoon until night is raining hard with big thunder . Exhausted plus The Bad Weather equals SICKNESS! This week my body becomes weaker. I got sore throat, and in the next day I saw my eyes became redder. Gosh! My eyes were irritation! I really need my mom at the time :’(

And hm what else? About college thingy maybe... I had my first sociology quiz on the previous Thursday, there were just 10 questions, and alhamdulillah I got 8 which is true. Nice start. But the bigger challanges are ready to come, the UTS and UAS. It will be held on this middle October. Honestly, I am very scared about this. It’s like, hey, it’s my very first experience on test like this, and what are the tests would be? Yes, I am nervous and full of doubts. Please, wish me luck peeps!

And being a new kid on the college, I really want to be active and take a part in any organizations. That’s why I joined the open recruitment for Kota Seni FISIP UI and FISIP Award 2010. I listed my name for position Publication and Program Division. No, I’m not going to participate in the two events at the same time. I prefer Kota Seni, but I won’t reject if I get a chance in FISIP award. It doesn’t matter what the event is, but the most important is I have to experience the team work. That’s very useful for our future when we’ve got a job. Wish me a good luck again please ;)

Okay, maybe that’s enough for me.

Do things with passion or not at all, that’s my advice for today. BYE!