Life Is (NOT) Just a Bowl of Cherries

Sorry for my absence!
I just try to enjoy the holiday. sooo I spent my time to eat, sleep, and hang out with friends.
what a bad lifestyle!

buuuut many important thing happened!

First, finally I've already had a Residence ID Card or so called KTP!


It means that I'm seventeen now and should obey every rules and policies.
and one thing... seventeen seems like a deadline to have a boyfriend, eh? LOL.

so could you please find me one? *wink*

aaaand I've already had my own bank account and ATM card!
two yeaaaaaaays!

It means that I have to familiarize myself to save my money than spend it for shopping.

yeaa... it's a good idea, rite?

and about school. oh pleasee.
Every time I hear the word 'school', I feel like there's a big pressure on it!

but, yeah I'm just an ordinary student and I have to face it.

tomorrow, I have to go to school. well, it's sucks.
Why should be Thursday? Why don't the next Monday?

I still want to feel the freedom air!

Just hope my school become a recreational theme park tomorrow!


well, life is just a bowl of cherries...

so just live and laugh at it!

Addicted To Fear

Oh Gosh!

I really want to watch this movie!

Phobia 2

This is the sequel from '4bia' a Thailand movie.
The previous one was so great.
it's creepy and scary. and the story is unconventional.
I'm afraid to watch it in the cinema, so I think I will buy or rent the DVD.

Phobia 2 has 5 different stories from 5 directors.
they are the director of Shutter, Alone, Body, 4bia, Coming Soon and another Thai horror movies!
sooo it will gonna be awesome, rite?

Check out the the trailer!

for more info just visit the official website :

Loving Every Minute of It


Long time no see :)

Ahh, Lebaran has gone but the spirit will never die!

okay, I will sum up my activities.

First, I went to the mosque to do sholat Ied (of course!)
Me and my family wore new clothes. It's all similar. so it's like a uniform.

The colour is white, maybe we picked this colour because it represent clean and pure heart.

that's Lebaran means, rite?

I added some accessories.
I don't know why I love accessories so much.
If I wear simple outfit, then I just have to wear some accessories. then it will be sweeten my looks. (hope so!)

sorry for this show off style hehe

My sidekick

Then, we started the long parade.
we went to our family and relatives.
Two things that I love from visited them is...

1) They usually served their best foods, and what I found are...

Lontong, Ketupat, Ayam Opor, Rendang, Nastar (like this!), Putri Salju, Kastengel and it friends. hmm it's free and yummy! There's no more glorious day like this! lol.
2) They usually gave me some money or what so called THR.

It's very useful and make me feel rich :)

yap, because of that, I'm afraid about my weight!
I ate many foods without feeling guilty. how could I ignore it? they're irresistable!
and nooow my stomach is swollen! oh no!

The next day, I went to Bandung.

No, it's not my hometown. I went there to visited my mom's brother.

and what could I think about Bandung is...

Food-searching and shopping! aaaw I'm so exciting!

Actually, my dad was lazy to drove because Bandung had a traffic jam.

but, Thank God, my cousins want to be a guide and drove me and my brother around Bandung!

We went to Pasar Gedebage (usually called 'Cimol').

It's a flea market. Secondhand clothes sold here.

it's like Pasar Senen in Jakarta.
but this place looks cleaner.
here, I found many jeans. FYI, I want to hunt jeans jacket like this :

and I found it there! the price is just Rp. 65.000! and this can bargained!
buut, after I tried it, I feel that the jacket is too big for me and makes my shoulder looks weird.
so, I decided to not bought it :(

but, I bought a cool vest with sunflower pattern! It's very bright!

Lovable, isn't it?
it's only Rp.15.000,-
(this should be cheaper!)

and when night's coming, we went to many factory outlet's.
and I bought this cool shirt!

MJ T-shirt!
The price is very affordable, so why not?

shortly, Lebaran this year was great!
How about you guys?

Purify Our Heart


This is the end of Ramadhan, and today is the last day of fasting!
hmm I'm not sure I supposed to be happy or sad.
maybe I'm happy because, finally we can live normally.
and if Ramadhan is end, then Lebaran or Iedul Fitri day will come!
and it means new clothes, money, and cookies! LOL :)
maybe I'm sad because the holy month has gone and I can't feel it Islam atmosphere anymore.

well, just welcome the Iedul Fitri day!
It's tomorrow actually, but I think tomorrow I will have a busy day. haha.
First, of course I have to do Sholat Ied and then go to many family and relatives' house.
and I will go home late on night.

sooo, just receive this warm greeting from me :)

Happy Iedul Fitri Everybody!

Hope we can be a better person
Hope we can get lot of money :)

Last Night and Present Time

Yesterday, I had a break fasting with English Club's members at Hoka Hoka Bento, Kalimalang.
It was really a mistake.
because there's just 4 members that attended (most of them is 'mudik', go to their hometown)
and because Kalimalang had a traffic jam for an hour!
and I was trapped inside!
but then I was picked up by my brother. Thank God!

here, Wida the right one on this pic, told me that her blog just hacked by Kanye West.
What? How could that happened?
She told me to saw it and click the link that she gave to me.
and yap, there's a Kanye's pic on her page. Very annoying.

But theeen, I found out that it was just a cheap trick!
Check this pic:

What? My blog also hacked by Kanye West?!
Okay I zoom it for you.

Read that quotes!
haha. It's silly.


well, it was a simple trick.
put '' in front of a web address.
for example, click:

it automatically showed Kanye's pic on the left side on your page!

even, you can use it for facebook, youtube or any other web.

Try that one :)

Junior High Reunion!

As I told you before that I'm going to have a reunion with Junior High's friend,

last night I attended it.

The event is at Lele Park, Kalimalang.
I came with my Techa (again!)

Well, I think the reunion is success.
because many of my friends came up and it's crowded.

Many of them has changed a lot.
but, the good ones became bad, mostly.
the boys started to smoke, so the girls.
I'm sad about this one.
I think, hey, it's not gonna makes you look cool or mature.
It makes you look like a fool and rebel!

okay, let me show you some photos :

Can you see me? hehe.

Lady GaGa at VMA 2009

Actually, I want to make a review about MTV VMA 2009.
buut I saw many blogs that review about it, so I change the topics.

Let's go to Lady GaGa!
The most outstanding yet quirky icon!

Look at her dresses that she wore at VMA...

I think the feathers on her neck is too much. Isn't it?

Mysterious GaGa!
Love the red dress. Love the paper crown. but not the no-bra style.

She's coming from outer space or what?

no comment.

She put a bird nest on her face? it's pointless.

and last, I think her hair style looks a lil bit similar like Suzanna, Indonesian horror actress. LOL

also watch her performance on this video!
it was awesome!
She sang 'Paparazzi'. and in the middle of the song, suddenly blood pour down from her chest.
it was surprising.
good job GaGa!

Where is my money?


It's a quick post, everybody.
quick crap, maybe.

well, on this holiday, I don't think I can hang out with my friends.
because in fact, my money had gone! I didn't use it wisely :(
and If I want to ask my mom to give me some money, I don't think she will.
because last Sunday, me and my family had shopped many clothes for Lebaran day (what is it in English?)
I bought two tops and many accessories such as rings, necklace and bracelets.

so, I hope my family and relatives will give me some money during Lebaran! haha.

I pray for it :)

The Final Destination's Night

Hey there!

Finally, I have watched The Final Destination.
Watched it at Gading XXI with my Techa :)
but sadly, I didn't watch it in 3D.

There's something different about our journey.

in the past, we usually went somewhere by many public transportation like angkot or taxi.
It was horrible and sad.
buuut now, the primitive us has changed!
Retta now can drive a car! yeeaaay. congratulation to her :)
and congratulation to us, because we can through the 'jahiliyah' periods! LOL.

well, at first I'm so excited about this film.
because the first 3 was so great.
This Final Destination was not as good as I thought.
so, I'm a lil bit disappointed.

why? because I think the acting of the main casts are not emotional enough.
and the story is not too strong. it just about vision, blood and tragically killed.
hmm but the special effect is awesome.
it made us scared by seeing many bodies full of blood.
hmm, fortunately, we didn't take the 3D...

shortly, I think The Final Destination is not as good as the previous one.
My favourite is The Final Destination 3, don't know why.

after that, we went to the food court for break fasting.
I treat them because of my birthday. (but actually, it was very late)
hmm none of them gave me a gift, poor me. haha.

here's some of the scenes :

we took some pics but it was creepy. and I think it's not acceptable to be published. haha.

arrived at home at nine.

tired but happy :)

Runaway from the city

Today is the last day of school!!!
Finally, holiday is coming!
I have day off for 2 weeks. Is that sounds great?
But damn it, i have many homework, assignments, and presentations :(

Today, I'm not fasting. because, me, as a normal girl have a special period, you know... that little 'M'.

My friends start to pack their bags and go to their hometown, or we usually called it 'mudik'.
Meet their family and relative, and feel the village atmosphere.
aaaah I wish I could have a moment like that!

My father's hometown is in Padang, Sumatera Island.
and it's pretty far. sooo this year I'm not going anywhere.
just stayed at home and try to finish my homework little by little.

this Monday, I'm gonna go to my junior high school big reunion!
we're gonna have break fasting together.
it must be great to meet old friends and see that they have changed a bit or lot.
hope it's gonna be fun for all!

Let it fall

hmmh. another hard day for me.

or I can say, it's just me and myself who make today became bad.

it's just my 'too-depressed' feeling.
this feeling makes me think that life is unfair. everything's become fake!
when you do the bad things, good things happened.
but, when you do the good things, bad things happened.
maybe it sounds weird. but that's happened in my life.

I need something to make my heart and head relax.
slow down for every bad things happened.

I really love James Morrison's new song titled "Please, Don't Stop The Rain"
his voice is very amazing. and so the lyrics.
hope it can amuses me, at least makes me sing along.

here it is the video, just listen to it:

I don't know where I crossed the line
Was it something that I said
Or didn't say this time
And I don't know if it's me or you

But I can see the skies are changing
In all the shades of blue
And I don't know which way it's gonna go

If it's gonna be a rainy day
There's nothing we can do to make it change
We can pray for sunny weather

But that won't stop the rain

Feeling like you got no place to run
I can be your shelter 'til it's done
We can make this last forever
So please don't stop the rain

(Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall)

Please don't stop the rain

(Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall)

Please don't stop the rain

I thought that time was on our side
I've put in far too many years

To let this pass us by

You see life is a crazy thing

There'll be good time and there'll be bad times
And everything in between
And I don't know which way it's gonna go
If it's gonna be a rainy day
There's nothing we can do to make it change
We can pray for sunny weather
But that won't stop the rain

Feeling like you got no place to run

I can be your shelter 'til it's done

We can make this last forever

So please don't stop the rain

(Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall)

Please don't stop the rain

(Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall)

Please don't stop the rain

Oh we're a little closer now

And finally what life's it's all about

Yeah I know you just can't stand it
If things don't go your way
But we've got no control over what happens anyway

I see 'rain' on the lyrics means problem in our life that God have given us.

we can pray and keep trying but that won't stop the problem.
so, just let it fall, James said.
hope I could let it fall easily.

and one more thing,
I found a beautiful phrase,

Bye all, I'm going to the mosque, do 'tarawih' :)

Believe it or not.

"Sejarah bangsa Indonesia bukan sejarah dari sejarah. Sejarah bangsa Indonesia adalah sejarah dari para pemimpinnya"

-Pak Wayan-
History teacher

hmm, jadi kebanyakan sejarah bangsa Indonesia itu 'dibuat' atau 'diciptakan' oleh pemimpin-pemimpinnya?

Final answer

I really want to watch :

The Final Destination!

I have watched the 1st until the 3rd.
and it was awesome.
the effect, the sadism, great!

going to watch it on 3D version with my besties at junior high.
buuut, hmmhh suddenly, Nadya canceled it.
sooo now... please raise your hand, who's with me?

check out the trailer :

Let's watch it together, guys!

A night to remember!


last night, finally I celebrated my birthday (on August 27 actually).

I treat my lil' friend-mily named JDGJD. a weird name, eh?

The place is Burger n Grill, Kalimalang.
I thought the place is cozy and comfort enough.

buuut, aahh the service is very disappointing.

especially the waiter.... they were sooo.... errrghh!

the taste is just so-so. nothing special. doesn't worth with the price.

Ok, stop it. I don't wanna make this a case like Prita with Omni hospital anyway...

soooo, last night is really mine :)

dinner with my family and my close friend. but unfortunately, Murni can't join with us.

because her dad was having a birthday party too.

let this pics re-tell the story!

when I opened the gift, tadaaa!
I feel so surpised, because:

Dhya gave me a simple white bag. thaaaaaanks :)
and the other JDGJD gave me zebra patterned bag! woooow! I really love it!
not just that, they made a special b'day card, with their best wishes for me.
aaaand a DVD that record me and them two years ago. that's crazy and shameful!

Made by Myka

Anggita put ice cream on my mouth and nose so sudden

Thanks all for gave me a great night!

That's that!

Dhya's Birthday Party!

Actually, it held on last Saturday, August 29 2009.

After me, my friend, Dhya, was having a birthday.

And she celebrate it at Calimal Resto, Kalimalang.

I wore creamy dress, dark blue blazer, and custom made chain necklace.

not forget to wore my new white wedges heels, gift from my parent
but it doesn't work.
I'm still look like the shortest of all my friend. sigh...

well, it was fun.

everyone's happy.

everyone's satisfied.
and Happy Birthday Dhya!

Great moments:

With the birthday girl!

The party

with my lil' friend-mily

with ex X.2

Lovable, are we?

With the unstoppable entertainer, Hillisa a.k.a Tomat a.k.a Mano

Before we go home

and last... me, myself and I :)

Teacher's Quotes!

"Cewek itu setia. Kalo ada satu cowok memberi dia cinta 100%, maka cewek akan membalas cintanya 200%"

"Cinta itu harus didasari oleh agama"

-Pak Mujahid-

The antique sociology teacher

Wanted : Motivator!

enough for those sadness.
well, when I type the post below (the previous post), I feel so hopeless.
but, suddenly, my friend of mine, start to chat with me on facebook.
and he gave me some motivational quotes:

(just in bahasa, sorry... hehe)

"Jangan terlalu kolot sama 1 tujuan, siapa tau tujuan itu ke depannya engga baik buat kita. Allah lebih tau yang terbaik buat kita"

and when I heard it, it relieve my heart. Thanks pal :)

plus, I found this beautiful quotes.... touch my very soul!

yeah, just hope so!

Sick Sigh

Hey all!

I had a really bad day today.
I just wanna removed all that things from my memory. really.

Well, the worst part is...
my economy exam.

I thought the score was not good enough. I deserved more than it.
many of my friends got the perfect score, 100.


Ya Allah, please give me strength to pass it.
maybe You give me this kind of problem to see how patient I am to live this life.
maybe You give me this because You love me, because You don't wanna see me become arrogant
or maybe this is just a denial from me?


okay, I admit that I was not too focused in studying.
I really regret it. Hope there will be a second chance, but it's impossible.

so, maybe all I have to do is just move on, keep study hard and pray to Allah.
fiuhh, I'm hopeless now.
pray everything's gonna be alright! amiiin.

Normal life begins



I got my internet baaaack!


My exams were done.
but sadly, the scores were disappointing :(
I have to do the remedial in 4 subjects!

Oh God, still so hard to believe it...
I tried my best, but *sigh*... the result was just like this.

for now, just forgeeeet about that damn thing!
I'm free now! Is that a good news for you? lol.

I'm ready for posting agaiiiin :)


Yeay, I'm Free!