That word describes my days the best!

I'm doing nothing at home
, mom and dad often leave me.

hmm really I'm at the top of my boredom! :'(

Everyday I wake up at 10, breakfast, watching TV, then turn on my computer while lunch and use it until 5 (sometimes until my head becomes dizzy and my eyes become watery), take a bath if I remember, dinner, watching TV, go to bed.

fvck this routine activities! really need recreation urgently!

well, yesterday my dad's car crashed by angkot (sounds uncool eh?)

the front and the rear were in poor condition. thank God, my dad is okay.

so for this week my dad has to rent his office car, include for accompany me to Graduation Day.
the car is silver, yepp match with my kebaya :)

talking about kebaya, my kebaya is half-done.

yesterday, I did the fitting, and yes I'm impressed with my aunt's work!

it's elegant and totally the same like I've expected. I'll take it tomorrow :)