Sang Singing Song

Finally I could go for karaoke again with my beloved JDGJD :)
actually it was 2 weeks ago but my friend just upload it yesterday.

Let me share my happiness!

Karoke-ing at Nav, and it's quite cheap.
we ordered the medium room that the capacity is 8 peoples
because we are 9 peoples, so 1 have to pay the extra charge.
but it's okay :)
minus Kiky, because she took this pic.

We sang many songs, most of all is 'extra ordinary' songs
like 'Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai', 'Cari Jodoh' by Wali, 'Belah Duren' by Jupe
and we are excited when we know there's some sound effects
that provided on the touch screen computer.
yawn, claps, howl, even the cow's voice 'moooo..'!

Errr yapp that's me and the cheerful one, Kiky.
Sorry for the stupid faces haha.
This is what I love when we did the karaoke.
It's time for us to scream out loud and go crazy!

The happy dancing :)
So happy when I saw them laughed like that...

See the pictures above makes me want to karaoke again and again!
maybe I should beg my dad to build a karaoke room for me ;)