Come Back

Hey! Oh my God... it's been a looong loooong absence! I miss blogging very much!

well the first one, I want to apologize for you guys, the reader (are you kidding? no one read your tawdry blog, put!) and for myself, for not trying to make this blog alive anymore.

you know, life's getting busier and phufft luckily, I'm survive :)

the reason why I'm not writing again in this blog is... I have so much activities in college, well maybe not that much but, these activities are driving me crazy. Well, mybe that sentence makes me look like I'm such a busy student who got all important role in organizations, but believe me, it's not true.

Last week, I had the mid-term test. it was horrible. I'm afraid I can get a good score, but hmmh it's all over and who cares anyway, because I have my day off for a week! woohoo!

there's so many things I want to share here, so you better pray for me, pray so I don't lose my writing mood ;)

you better ready for my next posts! cheerio!

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