Happy Brotherday!

Happy Birthday Adrian Ramadhan!

Now my brother is getting older, 21 years old.
actually the birthday is yesterday, April 24.
but I just can write it now ;)

Me myself don't give any gift for him because I forget to buy it haha.
buuuut I think he doesn't need any gift because my mom and dad had given him something really precious.

what is that?

It's Samsung Corby S 3650 White!

wew, congratulation, bro!
I want the new one too, but...okay, just wait for my birthday ;)


  Vicky Oktriviani

25 April 2010 18.37

How lucky your brother is, put! I want that samsung corby too.


25 April 2010 21.01

Putri.. Happy Birthday ya buat kakak mu! mihii :)

  Putri Ariani

25 April 2010 21.18

Vicky : I want it too vicky, it's quite cheap btw :)
Kiky : okay ki. kadonya mana? hehe