The Annoying Orange

Hey Apple! Hey!

haha. forgive this crap.

well, I'm addicted to these orange thingy recently.
If you often check YouTube, you must know channel named 'The Annoying Orange'

If you never know about it then... poor you! lol ;p
okay, let me show you the best video of him (should I call that orange fruit with 'him'?)

this one titled 'Annoying SAW'!

isn't that very funny and annoying? haha.

and from now on I'm crazy about it.
look, what I've done with this orange (that my mom supposed to eat it)

I added eyes and mouth on it with my pen!
haha. it's a bit tawdry rite?

and guess what? I'm craving for its merchandises! hahaha.

anyone please take me out from this orange euphoria!
I really want it all.
the t's is worth $14.99, the hoodie $32.99, the bag $ 14.99
but I don't have that much money hehe.

for their complete collection, check out here !

I wish the annoying orange was real ;D