Award, not Awkward

after Getek, there's also FISIP Awards 2010. it's an annual award given to those who contributed and popular in FISIP area. this year I'm proud to be one of the committees, but next year I have to be one of the nominees! Amiin :)

I joined the program division (Is that true if I used it to refers Divisi Acara?). and trust me, it's the hardest job from every division. we have to plan the event, make sure everything's ready, control the rundown, and so on. pheeew... it made me a bit tired, but also happy because now I can improve my knowlede on how to collaborate with many people.

just check the documentation :)

the banner of FISIP Awards 2010

yap, this is called Lorong Prestasi or in English maybe it can called 'Alley of Achivement' (but it sounds weird, eh?)
it's an alley contains of college students in FISIP who have so many achievement. the aim for this instalation is not for showing off yourself, but it's made to apreciate their achievement :)

you will see this if you walk toward the alley.
it's communication science's section. I hope next time my name can be displayed on it :D

here comes our guest star in the end of the event.
Ten2Five :)

thank you guys for all the hardwork!

keep on fire :D

Get Tech

hey yeaaaaah!

soooo sorry that I've been neglected this blog for 2 weeks or even more...

lot of things happened and got some business at campus. forgive me, will you? :)

"better late than never"... it's my favorite quotes all the time! but in my case, it just such a denial for my laziness :P

so now, what I want to share with you guys are the story about Getek.
make sure that your eyes are open wide!

hmm w-w-w-wait! what the hell is Getek? is that a traditional transportation that made from bamboo? hell no!
Getek stands for Gelaran Apresiasi Seni Teater Kolam. well it's sort of an art show that held at teater kolam FISIP UI. the rule is every department should performed a show that stick to Indonesian's culture. Communication got Papua to be performed. let's see our performance!

This is the Papua tribe family :)
taken when they did the preparation. I'm not one of the performer because the team always practice everyday and I'm afraid that I can't always attended it.

so, yeah this is my lil' contribution to this show.
I just helped my friend in make-up section to painted the performer's skin.

show time!
communication team made the crowd screamed and laughed a lot, believe me guys, so far we're never getting failed at it :)

I'm not gonna said that communication's performance is the best, there's also politic with their Bali, social welfare with their Betawi, and so on. they are amazing too...
night goes fast and it's time to the announcement of the winner!
drumroll please..... congratulation! my dear communication team became the 1st winner!
yeaaaay! I know you guys are amazing and unbeaten :D

Solidarity with no boundaries... that's our motto :)