It's OKAY to Kara-Okay!

During the past national exams sometimes I think like this :

"Oh I want to make a revenge, after this effing war, I want to spend my time to relax and having fun with my family and friends! it's a must!!!!"

but see, now the national exam is over. and what am I doing until now?
nothing but still have to go to school to face the practice test for a week!
damn! I hate it. It's enough to see me bleeding, fighting for the national exams!

God, pleasee I want a holiday. a peaceful holiday. where I can relax my body and having fun with people I love...

for this week, I'm craving to do the karaoke!
but hmm there's always thing that makes the plan canceled.
like the last week, me and my family want to karaoke when we were hanging out in Bogor.
but the place and the price is not okay. I'd rather having 2 large size of Sour Sally haha.

now the flashback starts.
these photos remind me of when is the last lime I went to karaoke...

I take it from my album on facebook
it's written that this photo is uploaded on December 19, 2008.
I know that actually in here we're celebrating Myka's birthday which is on May 22, 2008.
it's the past two years!
this is the last karaoke time with beloved JDGJD, my friend-mily.
c'mon guys when will we go wild and crazy anymore?

and this is the karaoke time with my friend from OSIS SDS.
it's such a stress relieve after some meeting discussed about the OSIS program
taken on February 7, 2009
more than a year from now!

well, I know that I can karaoke-ing online from the internet or maybe on YouTube.
I've tried it, and at the beginning it feels cool.
but it's beome a habit and finally I realized that it's not a real karaoke without someone to accompany me, without laugh of my friend, without the atmosphere of togetherness!

yeah, so now you guys know how ambitious I am to go karaoke?
soo pleaseee anyone, take me thereeeee!

See Who's Posting!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all!

oh my god, I miss blogging soo much!

and yeaaah I feel like 'woah' when I know that the effing national exam is over!

well, I ended up the national exam with emm what should I call it? the undescribable feeling, some uncertainty, some desperate thoughts, but hey I have to be optimist!

I must say that the national exam this year is the hardest than before.
why? because the questions are mostly not like the try out that have been given to me.
it's out of the league!

Bahasa Indonesia, Sociology and Geography.
this 3 subjects... that makes me a lil bit afraid for the result.

Bahasa Indonesia is confusing, every answer is similar and it's hard to choose the rightest one.
well, in Bahasa Indonesia it's usually called 'rancu'.

Sociology is confusing too! well, actually I never think about it too much, because during the try out it was the easier than others. buuuuuuut, the national exam is... ahh gosh! it was difficult and strange!

Geography is my BIGGEST enemy!
oh God could you please just erase that effing subject in this world?!
I had studied every lessons that have been given to me, and I can say that I'm ready for it.
buuuut, the questions is not the same like try out, it's more complex and complicated.
and the question is crazy, maybe the creator don't want the student able to answer it!
let me show the example of the question :

the characteristics of soil :
1) near the swamp area
2) the acidity level is high

according to that characteristic, the soil may be located on...
a) East Kalimantan, North of Java, South of Papua
b) North Kalimantan, South of Java, West of Papua
c) ----------------------------------------------

the options C, D, and E is almost similar like that.
sooo how could I know that thing huh? the creator is insane!

and the English... hmm actually the multiple choice was quite easy,
but the listening section is very bad!
I wonder maybe the speaker on that cassete is on the bajaj or a noisy truck!
the sound is in the poor quality... hah... just hope that my ears are right.

and the rest, Math and Economy... alhamdulillah I can do it well.

yeah my beloved readers, just hope for me that I can pass the national exam to graduate the high school!



Just want to tell you that next Monday I'm going to face the national exam a.k.a UN.

just wish me luck everyone!!!

Are You Stress or Mess?

Hey all!
Today is Monday, March 15, 2010.

and it means a week left until the national exam!
oooh, how could I still blogging now?

hm, I'm tired with studying and it makes me boring lately.
especially in Geography. I don't know what's wrong with me.

well, just a minute ago, I was googling about 'personality test'
and my hand accidentally clicked a web that contains this test.
it's quite interesting, so I want to share it here.

Look at these pictures below!

No, it's not an ordinary pattern.

Just look at them, and you'll find that it moves.

Yes, maybe it's like an optical illusion.
What you have to concern about is...

These pictures are used to test the level of stress a person can handle.
The slower the pictures move, the better your ability of handling stress.

well, I have done this test and yeah it's clear that the pics move slowly in my sight.
so, I'm okay. and I'm not stress to face the national exam.
hm maybe not yet.

source :

You'll See The Eclipse

Guys, you have to check it out!
It's The Twilight Saga : Eclipse official trailer!

5.760.787 views in a day!

wow, can you feel the world's euphoria?

That Barbie is Gaga

How cute and edgy these barbies are...

Lady Gaga in gold, include the iconic Alexander Mcqueen's shoes!

The last is my fav!
It's so cute!

wow it looks cool, can you imagine gaga can be played with our hands?
aaaah I really want to have one! err no, maybe two or three barbies...

source :

Beat Alphabeat

Someone, pleaaaaase!
I'm in love with this band!

Here they are, the amazing ALPHABEAT!

Alphabeat is a UK-based band from Denmark.
The band is made up of six members: Anders SG, Stine Bramsen, Anders B., Rasmus Nagel, Anders Reinholdt and Troels Hansen.

Their sound is mainly retro 80's melodic pop.
Their music is always happy and have catchy rhythm!

Started their debut with 'Fascination', now they hit the world with their new albums!

checked their official page on YouTube, here!

Their videos are unique and creative. what a great combination!
good music, good appearance, and good videos!

one of my fav songs by Alphabeat:

Keep rocking, Alphabeat!

Sacrifice for Satisfaction

Just want to share with you,
now I'm on 'saving money' periode. it means that I have to keep my money tightly.
this is for my passion for shopping.
you know that girls can't resist fashion thingy!

I know my mom and dad are confused enough to think about my entrance cost to university that is not cheap, so this time I will not depend on them.
yeah eventhough it's not easy (I don't buy any meals at school and go home with the cheapest public transportation), but I have to sacrifice it all.

so here they are that I want to buy... (with my own money!)

Black skinny jeans

well, maybe it's embarrassing that I don't have this must have items for girls.
actually, I had have one. but it was the cheap one and the quality is very poor.
it can't called skinny anymore, because the size is become bigger.

Cropped black leather jacket

No, I'm not that fashion victim.

I don't want to own this because it had been some trend.
but I really think that it's cool and give some extra looks to anyone who wear it

Chained and quilted black fake Chanel bag

I don't think I can afford the original one hehe

it's my love at the first sight!

I hope all the items above can be mine soon :)

Akibat Try Out

Ini adalah beberapa gejala stress akut akibat terlalu banyak mengerjakan Try Out!

Temen 1 : "Wah, mendung, nih! mau ujan kayaknya!"
Temen 2: "Untung gue bawa payung, lo bawa ga put?"
Gue : "Tunggu, deh. itu awan cumulonimbus, stratonimbus apa cirrucumulus, ya?"
Temen 1 : "apa deh terserah elo"
Gue : "yaudah yuk pulang cepetan, kayaknya mau ujan deh, ini pasti gara2 angin muson lagi bertiup ke arah barat jadi pasti pulau jawa kena dampaknya. pasti nanti heavy shower deh!"
Temen 2 : "apaan sih lo ngomongnyaaa?"


Temen 1 : "eh si X lagi berantem ya sama si Y?"
Temen 2 : "hah? emang iya? kenapa?"
Gue : "wah, gawat tuh. itu kan proses disasosiatif. bisa mengarah ke disintregasi sosial tuh nanti!"
Temen 1 : "iya, gara2 si Y bilang si X tukang ngerebut cowo orang!"
Gue : "cck cck... ga bagus tuh kayak gitu. itu kan labeling, tapi bagus sih gossip kan bisa jadi salah satu media pengendalian sosial"
Temen 2 : .... "duh, trus kita mesti gimana dong, kan kasian berantem mulu gitu"
Gue : "hm, tinggal pilih aja deh, mau pake cara kompromi, konsiliasi, arbitrasi apa mediasi? asal jangan ajudikasi, ya! bahaya, tuh"


Temen 1 : "ah males pulang nih gue, lagi ada tukang di rumah, lagi ngerjain genteng yang bocor"
Temen 2 : "iya, ya males banget liat tukang2 alay gitu hehe"
Gue : "jangan gituuu. kalo mereka ga kerja nanti kan bisa ada pengangguran siklis, struktural, sama musiman. otomatis kalo pengangguran meningkat, daya beli menurun. nah, kalo daya beli menurun, produsen bisa susah. nah, gimana bisa perekonomian maju coba?"
Teman 1 : "mana banyak banget lagi orangnya, kemaren 2 orang, sekarang 5 orang. tapi ga selesai2 juga"
Gue : "emang gitu kali. kan ada hukumnya dari david ricardo, law of deminishing return. kalo input satu tetap terus input yang lain ditambah, marjinal produksinya bakalan berkurang"


YAK! Sayangnya, cerita ini hanyalah fiktif belaka!

Hey Oscars!

Yep, last night the biggest movie award had been held.
It's 82nd Academy Awards!

well, I myself didn't watch it, but still want to give you guys info about it.

let's check out the winners!

1. Best Picture
The Hurt Locker

2. Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

3. Best Actor
Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart

4. Best Actress
Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

5. Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)

6. Best Supporting Actress
Mo’Nique (Precious)

7. Best Original Screenplay
Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker)

8. Best Adapted Screenplay
Geoffrey Fletcher, Precious

9. Best Animated Feature

10. Best Foreign Language Film
El Secreto do Sus Ojos (Argentina)

11. Best Documentary Feature
The Cove

12. Best Score

13. Best Original Song
“The Weary Kind” (Crazy Heart) – Ryan Bingham and T-Bone Burnett

14. Best Film Editing
The Hurt Locker

15. Best Cinematography

16. Best Costume Design
The Young Victoria

17. Best Art Direction

18. Best Makeup
Star Trek

19. Best Visual Effects

20. Best Documentary (Short Subject)
Music by Prudence

21. Best Short Film (Animated)

22. Best Short Film (Live Action)
The New Tenants

23. Best Sound Editing
The Hurt Locker

24. Best Sound Mixing
The Hurt Locker

yeaay! congratulation to them!
and yes, Avatar and The Hurt Locker seems to be the most sparkling movie in this award.
good job!

and talking about Oscars, where's The Red Carpet anyway?

these are just some pics that catch my eyes!

The gorgeous Sandra Bullock
looks great as always!

The 'Hannah Montana' girl, Miley Cyrus.
well, personally, I don't like her.
but I have to admit that this gown looks fab on her

wait, is she Kristen Stewart? that Isabella Swan?
yup, you're right!
she look so beautiful on that black gown

hm, how about the boys?

Chris Pine!
Gosh, his smile is so charming ;)

The lovely Taylor Lautner!

Sweet couple

This is Ben Stiller who had make up like Avatar cast

photos : yahoo! movies

Awkward Award

Hey, I got an award from Finesa Maya!
thanks dear :)

and she told me that it has some 'rules'. well, what is that?
she say that it's a backlink award, and those who have been given this award should give it to another 10 bloggers.

buuuut, I'm sorry I am too lazy to do it hehe :)
so I'm not gonna give it to just 10 bloggers, but I want to give it to anyone who do the blog-walking to my blog!
yes, it's you!
you, who read this post now!

feel free to put it in your blog :)

Talk About Politics

It's not my business actually, but... kecewa banget ngeliatnyaaa!

Dewan-dewan rakyat yang terhormat aja kayak gini, apalagi rakyatnya ya?



I miss blogging very much, but the effing tests are not over yet
tomorrow is the last day! yeah, finally!

but it wasn't over, guys...

let me write it with bahasa ya? hehe.

Nilai-nilai Pra-UN/UAS gue alhamdulillah memuaskan.
yang paling bagus apa cobaaa tebak hayoo?
you won't believe it, it's MATH! 9,25 :)
I did it by myself loh! haha.

tapiiii, geografi gue dong! selalu menjadi yang paling mengecewakan
56 aja gitu :(
gatau deh soalnya yang aneh ato emang gue yang bego masalah kebumian itu.
ah biarinlah yaa, yang penting nilai segitu kan udah tuntas di UN hehe.

besok masih ada test, Komputer sama Bahasa Jepang.
ah komputer gausah belajar ah, dengan blogging gini juga gue belajar komputer kan? ;)

minggu depan dan minggu depannya lagi, I will face the hard days.
sekolah gue cuma ngasih waktu 10 hari kelas intensif buat UN.
bayangin dong materi 3 tahun mau dirangkum 10 hari gimana caranya coba??

hmmh, minta doanya deh supaya gue bisa sabar dan ga stress!

Can Be Overload

Now I'm facing sooo many fvcking tests!

need to study hard, but to hell with it!

I'm boring with studying, studying and studying.
slowly it makes me dying!


hmm just pray everything's will be okay...

Ask Earth

Chile, February 27, 2010
Earthquake and Tsunami

Many buildings destroyed and people dead.

Well, this disaster similar with what happened in Aceh on 2006.
That's horrible.

May God take care of them and give them strength to survive.

photos' source :