Burn The Dynomite!

Hi! I’m back from my hectic daily activities!!

Just wanna share with you guys that last Saturday, might be the best Saturday night I’ve ever had. Why? Because I was attending Dynomite!

Well, Dynomite stands for ‘Discofy Your Soul in Communication Nite’, it’s a celebration (or I can say party) presented by Communication Crew Class of 2008 and 2010. It’s an annual event and always attended by the seniors from the previous years. Got the point? If you don’t, then keep reading!

This year’s theme is all about disco! Very interesting, right? For the seniors, the dresscode is Glow and Glamour. Yeah, it’s about sequins, and silver or gold color. And for the juniors? It’s Neon Freak! We have to wear neon color and then mix it with another neon color. Yeah, the result would be mismatch but that’s how we should put our clothes on. It’s located at Gaudi Bar, inside Gran Melia Hotel, Kuningan.

I was so excited with this event since it gave me a chance to dress up in different way. Aaaand one more thing, maybe it sounds cheesy but THIS IS MY VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE GOT IN BAR AND DO WHAT PEOPLE CALLED CLUBBING! Lol ;p

So, what were we doing here? We watched many awesome performances from bands and commtalent. Commtalent is communication crew from 2010 who show their talent, there are commboys (funny dance from the boys), commdance (attractive dance from the girls), commelody (vocal group, boys and girls), and commband (creative band from 2010). Woo...it’s a night full of talent! There were Anka n Friends, Folkaholic, etc and the guest star was White Shoes and The Couples Company! But, still what the crowd want to watch the most was performances from commdance and commboys!

It’s surely not a party if there’s no photos taken. Ready for this colorful pictures?

before we got in to the bar, we got consumption from the seniors, well it's just nasi bungkus, if you wanna know... yeah, ironic...

inside Gaudi Bar : dark and full of smokes

and the groovy night goes on...

the boys hit the floor!

it's commband, very entertaining performance!

commodel, the beautiful girls unite...

commelody with their neon clothes and golden voice! their performance was beyond Glee!

and the photo session continued...

Actually the event was end at 12 pm, but I couldn’t stand for it. I was too tired and sleepy (look how lame I am), the crowded and full of smokers situation made it worse, so I decided to went home earlier. My dad wait for me patiently in the lobby, thanks dad!

The White Shoes and The Couples Company
I went home when they just performed their 1st song :(

it's too bad that I couldn't watch performances from commdance and commboys, because their show was too late at night :(
Well, the conclusion is... I’m satisfied with this event, we did the good job, guys! Thanks for 2008 who had made this wonderful event! You guys rock!

The Art City

hey, I have something to share here :)
it's nice to know that I can blogging again!

hem yah, you know that on my previous post I promoted an event called Kota Seni FISIP UI.
then now I'm going to told you what the even looks like...

yup, this is my nametag, publication division :)

Kota Seni actually held from Nov 6th (just contained of workshops), but I just attending the opening day on Nov 11th. Kota Seni was officially opened by this cute kindergarten's marching band :3

look at them, they made the entire FISIP more glorious! I really love their costume :)

wuuu take a look at these backless-pink dressed lil' girl! they were dancing during the marching band's played 3 songs.

then skipped to the closing day on Nov 13th, which called 'Pesta Rakyat'. it's the climax of Kota Seni. there are fashion show, art and band performances, and last but not least, the bazaar's stands and booths.

the venue...
unfortunately for us, the weather is not friendly at the time.
it kept raining continuously...

there are lot of community here, like fixed gear and tattoo community.
pic above is one of the most cheerful stand, it's provided a dart game.
if you shooted right on the center, you'll get a prize!

it's a coffee's workshop stand, named Caswell.
The barista showed us how to make a good coffee and performed us the latte art!
look at the pic above, he painted the coffee with flower's illustration.
and in the end of show, he gave us the coffee for FREE!
whoaa how lucky we were!

after that, there's a fashion show from FISIP's girls...

wuuu really envy her legs....

the situation was getting hotter when the dancers from KTF came and hit the floor!

this is the part where usually the boys love the most...

then.. moved to the stage!
the 1st band is Sajama Cut! whoaaaaaaaa I love their songs and performance!

can't keep my eyes of off this man...
he's so attractive and powerful!
and she played both synthesizer and drumset!

Adithia Sofyan melted the crowds!
gosh.. his songs are very enjoyable, especially Adelaide Sky :3

this is Bangkutaman, also a-worth-to-hear-band..
their songs are easy listening :)

then this is my favorite part, be ready for.... GRIBS!

the vocalist looks was soooo quirky, or can I say weird?
but actually his face is adorable, but no for the legging and leopard socks...
do you notice that there's a shocking pink bra tied up on his mic stand? lol!

this guitarist was very attractive, look at the flame!

but, in the end of their show...
the vocalist spited out blood from his mouth!

no, it's not because he was bleeding..
it's just a fake blood and used for their stage act..
errr I was scared!

actually, there were 2 more bands, kunokini and The Trees and The Wild, but it was already 11 pm and my dad had pick me up, soooo sadly, I missed that 2 bands :(

there I met my friends from communication major and we took pics together :)

thanks Kota Seni for the blast!
well, even the schedule is not on time, but still...good job, guys :)

Mr. President

Hi, you guys must know about Obama's attending in UI..
only invited people who can attend the public lecture.

errgh I'm very upset and mad because I didn't even get any info about how to get the invitation!!!
there's no info, well even there is, it's just a little info.

I'm green with envy when I heard 5-10 of my friends in UI can get the invitation, then I figured out that if we want to get the invitation, we have to registered ourself at US Embassy.

oh good, no one told me about this! :(

well, it's too late to complain...
but I really regret this situation, I mean, hey it's the only way to get a chance to watch speech from Obama, live, with my own eyes! and I have missed it...

so I ended up with watching his speech on TV -__-
speaking about his speech, I really love the way he delivered his speech. he looks very capable with that. and I love how he inserted Bahasa Indonesia on his speech, like 'bakso', 'sate', 'becak' and 'pulang kampung, nih'. lol, that was funny ;)

yeah, maybe next time I get a chance to watch his speech, or even handshaking with him..

come back, please, Mr. Obama :)


whoaaaaaaah! finally I can update this blog again!
sorry for the lack of post, college thingy always be my problem -__-

lot of things happened this month, still exhausted as usual...
oh well, I accepted as committee in KOTA SENI FISIP UI, publication division. I was glad to know that publication division had a plan to held publicity at Senayan-Bundaran HI at Car Free Day, Sunday, October 31th :)

We walked from Senayan at 8 am until Bundaran HI! euww can you imagine how far it was?
the distant made me feel super tired, but that's okay, I had fun with the other committees :)

We spread flyer and leaflet to people we met there. I was green with envy when I saw many of them ride a bike, not a usual one, but fixed gear bicycle like this...

aah I really want one, with yellow and pink wheels! lol ;p

okay, skip that scrubby thing, continue with the photos....

after the event's over, me and the committees who come from communication major, stopped by at 7-eleven near Grand Indonesia, drinking slurpee, had a chit-chat and laughter...
then the next hour, my mom, dad and bro pick me up in Grand Indonesia and we had lunch there...


now this section is dedicated to publication of KOTA SENI FISIP UI!

(click to enlarge)

( I think it would be more effective if I just use bahasa...)

ayooo dateng ya ke acara KOTA SENI FISIP UI!
acaranya dari tanggal 10-13 November 2010, tapi karena Obama dateng ke UI, jadi dimulai tanggal 11 November.
Naaaah pada penasaran kan, apa sih KOTA SENI FISIP UI?
Jadi, KOTA SENI adalah festival seni yang akan direalisasikan dalam sebuah miniatur kota. Nanti FISIP UI akan disulap menjadi hutan, bank, museum, bioskop dll. KOTA SENI akan membawa berbagai macam seni, yakni seni lukis, seni musik, seni sastra, seni mural, seni foto, seni film, seni desain-ilustrasi, seni tari, seni teater, seni diatas kain, seni instalasi, dan latte art. KOTA SENI akan dihiasi oleh berbagai macam pameran dari masyarakat umum dan berbagai komunitas seni yang ada di Pulau Jawa.

Acara ini terbuka untuk umum. Acara ini gratis alias FREE alias ga bayar! kecuali pas hari terakhir ‘PESTA RAKYAT’ dikenakan HTM Rp 20.000,00.

nah, apa lagi tuh PESTA RAKYAT?
Pesta rakyat itu puncak acara dari KOTA SENI, bakal ada performances dari :

The Trees and The Wild, GRIBS, Kunokini, Bangkutaman, Adithia Sofyan, Sajama Cut dan masih banyak lainnya! mulai dari jam 10 pagi sampe selesai!

for more info : http://kotasenifisipui.wordpress.com/ or on twitter @kotaseni