hmm, actually I'm not in the mood for blogging, buuut I don't know.. I feel like I have a responsibility to keep writing on this lovely blog :)

today, I woke up in the morning at 10 a.m
felt so lazy to do anything.
hey it's Monday, and I wanna be a couch potato.

But, diligent me...
I decided to washed my foot-thingy up!

I washed my own white socks, white shoes, and black shoes for school :)
It's just like some practice to become a good housewife! haha.

Then, my family and I went to Tebet, to pick my brother up.
He just went home after studying in his university in Bogor.

and after that, we went to a Padang restaurant in Jatinegara.
I pick gulai cumi (my all time favourite!) and didn't forget about sambel hijau!
nyam nyam! the taste is vert very very delicious!!!
guess what? I ate two plates of rice! hahaha.
What kind of girl I was?!

and tonight, I sit in front of my laptop and facebooking again.
I like to play some facebook application, just like Restaurant City!

oohh I'm addicted to it!
Everyday I log on into it and manage my own imaginary restaurant.
It's interesting :)
I just reach level 7, well that's lame.

buut when I try to open my restaurant city, it doesn't work as usual!

it's error, so I tried to retry it, it still doesn't work.
I tried to refresh it, it still doesn't work!

I think I have to open it with Opera, because before it I used Flock.
buuut same thing happened!
aaaaaaaahhh I'm upset!

Now, it's time for me to sleep,
but i will sharing my last story first.

tomorrow, I'm going to have an art project rehearseal.
it's school task.
I join in the choir. We're going to sing "Summer Nights", the Grease soundtrack.
very old-school but isn't that sweet? :)

I sing the olivia's part. which meaaaan I have to control my voice pitch nicely.
buut, I'm not pretty sure I can reach the high voice.
If I try to do it, I'm afraid it will sounds like a klaxon or police sirene!

just pray it doesn't go that way!

oooookay, I have to turn off the laptop now.
sooo bye bye!


Oh Finally!


Enough for those books that stressed me out!

Enough for my brain to memorize every single word that written on my notes!

Enough for read many books from 1 until 11 p.m!

Finally, the exam is over! yeaaay!

and I ended up with good scores. well, at least not bad ;)

thanks for all the pray all!
It's time for me to have fun!
Refresh my mind and let my soul to relax!

No more books!
No more exams!

Welcome back again to
my internet connection, favourite songs, magazines and T.V!

I wanna scream like this old man! YEAAAY!

p.s : sorry for the big size font, I just over excited to write it! woo-hoo!

Myka's Burstday!

Sabtu kemarin, Myka yang ulangtahunnya tanggal 22 Mei, ngajak jalan ke senayan city.
naik taksi. bertujuh. sempit-sempitan.

makan di food studionya.

terus jalan-jalan, liat-liat baju di ZARA.
(cuma masuk doang, hopeless liat harga-harganya!)

sebel deeeh. pas mo pulang, kita kan mo take pictures... buat kenang-kenangan gitulah.
tapiii tiba-tiba satpam sency nya nyamperin dan bilang:
"maaf ya, disini engga boleh foto-foto"


"maaf ya, udah terlanjur tuh", gw bales.

This is what I've got :

With Myka, the Birthday Girl :)

Thanks Myka!

Just wait for the gifts :)


As we know, nowadays, animal pattern is freakin' hot!

one of them, the zebra.

I love zebra pattern very much!

I think it's unique and edgy.
Even it's just black and white.

aaaand TADAA!

yesterday, my mommy bought me this hand phone case!

and look at the pattern...

It's zebra! aw aw aw... thank you my lovely mommy :)

and after received it, I am obsessed to collect everything with zebra pattern, because it looks lovable!

just like this cool stuffs: dream bedroom!
it would be nice to sleep with the real zebra on that bed :)

great idea to make over my laptop,
but absolutely, my father won't allowed me to buy it...

gorgeous dress! ahhh I love it! those ruffles sweeten it looks.

If I have this bag and put my handphone case on it, it's like a one set, rite?

lovely peep-toe heel! it would makes me taller too.

Great scarf! stunning :)

haha. it will makes me like a zoo keeper patrol!

Zebra cake? creative!
I want it as my seventeen birthday cake!

Or I want to have zebra as my pet?
hmm that's sounds great! let me go to buy a real zebra..
what should I named it?





XI Social 1!


to be honest,
first impression about this class is : boring!

buuut after almost a year my friends and I were get along together,

I Thank God for put me at this awesome class!

The atmosphere become warmer and funny!

And now, less than a month, we have to say goodbye ;(

I know that every beginning has it ending.... *sigh...

I will miss u sooo bad, guys!

The memories...

The boys playing a game named 'kuda tomprok'.
well, it's weird, but always make me laughed :)

My desk. and here are my close friend :)
special for priska, number one from right, I will miss ur jokes! haha

This is our last geography class together...
how sweet :)

XI Social 1, keep this friendship!


Money money money!




I'm crazy about money!!!

at school, at home, even in the bathroom, all I think is about the money!
how could I get much money?
what am I supposed to do to collect it?

Why do I have to responsible things, that in fact, not my responsibility?!

I think I wanna be a street whore, so I can get money easily!

call me biaaatch!

Ohh I wish I can plant a money tree.
so just watered it everyday...and soon money will appear from it!

what an imagination!

Put ur money where ur mouth is

Postingan ini gw dedikasiin buat seseorang yang ngomong tanpa mikir keadaan disekitarnya.

hey, perfectionist..

Uang itu engga gampang buat didapetin.

Butuh kerja keras buat dapetin itu semua.

Setiap orang engga sama.
Kalo ekonomi lo menengah ke atas, jangan anggep semua orang juga kayak gitu.

Kalo kata NEO gini nih:

Elo borju, jangan belagu
lagak lo tuh sok tau
ini itu lihat dulu
kagak semua orang bisa begitu

Elo borju, jangan belagu
lagak lo tuh sok tau
ini itu lihat dulu
kalo belagu, muke lo jauuuuuhh!

yahh... tolong deh ubah mind set lo!


Don't break this paper heart!

Do u ever feel like ur heart get burned just by seeing a boy that u love talking with a girl?
Is it normal?

I guess, I feel a little jealous.
well.. a little too much and a little too often maybe...

hmmh... I love loving people. I know that everything seems clear when I'm in love.
I hate it when this love turns into jealousy!

aaarrghhh. it kills me to see him with another girl!!!

Could he feels what I feel?

I always do whatever he want. Did he notice it?

I hate this feeling very much!

What should I do with this eff jealousy?

It's painful! hurts! bring sorrow to my life.

ahhhh... u ruin my day!

and let me tell u one thing!

u have successfully hurt my heart!


English Today

Today is Saturday, and it's my duty to hold a meeting with English club.
As usual, 8 am at school.

and as usual too, I was late!

Luckily, Vicky always arrived early and I thank God of it :)

We're gonna play a game (Do u notice that english club always play a game? haha)
It's similar like snake and ladder game.
the different is there are many boxes with questions.
and u have to answer it.

The game board is made by Vicky.
She's so diligent :)

It's the game board. This game named "Tell Us".
Well, it's very simple but great :)

aaaaand u know what?

There's only three english club members that come to school!
ooohhh poor me ;(

It's because most of them having a run test for P.E subject.
hmmmhh! They will regret it!

Actually, thing that makes me come to school is...
I want to meet Kak Caca.

She's the older leader of English Club.
She's on the twelve grade...
She's very smart (F.Y.I, She got PMDK for FISIP UI! Waaw, she really inspired me!)

She brought me a big neon green plastic bag.

What's in the inside?

Wow! There's a lot of paper, and it's questioning of all twelve students try out (as I request to her)
moreover, she gave me many books about preparing national exam, more than 3 books.
she also gave me english novels. She said I have to read it to improve my english. ohh great!

Why do I want that questioning?

because I want to prepare my future.
I mean, soon, I will be promoted to twelve grade and I have to pass that f*cking national exam and get a national university.
Well, maybe it's too early..

but, The sooner, The better, rite?

And just want to make a comparison,
Kak Sasha, the older leader of EC before Kak Caca, accepted in FISIP UI.
Kak Caca accepted in FISIP UI too.
and then Me, Putri Ariani, the present leader?
I should follow their path too!

could I? hmmmhh... I wish and pray for it everyday!

just pray for me :)
I will study harder!

Ohh yeaaa I was sharing with her about tricks to pass the national exam.
she told me to not feel nervous and too worried about it.

Thank u very muuuuch, sist
for gave me this knowledge!

It's like treasures for me! thank u kak!

And then, because this meeting seems doesn't work as I want,
I had long conversation with my lovely friends.
Vicky and Inka.

Last, this is some pics for today...

Inka. Me. Vicky

Me as Myself :)

P.S : Today I wear my new t-shirt, new skirt, new necklace, and new bangles. all new! haha.
my friends notice it and I just take it easy by saying "Yeaa, I want to show off! so what?"
hihi :)

That's all from now.

I have to read one of the novels that Kak Caca gave me.



I'm back to show u my silly pictures...

I made it on

well, happy easter everybody!

I think this one is fit the most!

I'm not that faaat! trust me!

haha... it's just for fun, anyway..

gud nait!

sorry paris...

Hey Hey!

Check this one out!

I found it on again!

ooooh my God...

I have no comment about it!


I Want it!

I know that people are never satisfy of what they reach
they always want more and more.

just like me!

after bought some stuffs that I need (need not just desire)
I want to buy this great thing...

It's jumpsuit!

(I know that I don't have to spell it, it's just to clarify what I want)

actually, I found many jumpsuits at Blok M.
the price is cheap and worth it.

I really want to buy it, but when I look at my orange wallet...
ooohh it's not enough!

this moment makes me know that I have to save much money!

Look at this!


The best is what dakota fanning wore, the dark blue one, number two from left, beside Maggie Gyllenhaal.


I really want to possess that black jumpsuit, number two from left again.

afford me, anyone?

aaaaand I'm crazy about anything coloured yellow!



I looooooooooooorveeeee YELLOW!

oh oh oh...
I want it all!

hope that someday they'll gonna be mine!

Blok M!

wa wa wa!

today, I go to Blok M with my momma!

sooo I bought this stuffs!

Casual White Shoes

plain white t's, bangles, ethnic ring and classic necklace

I just spent Rp. 75.000,- for it all!

It's cheap, but not cheesy!
I think the quality is good enough.

I rather spent lot of money to buy many things that cheap than buy one expensive thing like shoes or dress with same price.

Can't wait for the next trip to Blok M again!

ooohh what a beautiful daaay!


sebenernya, hari ini gw mau puas-puasin nonton DVD Gossip Girl season 2 eps 5-12 yang gw pinjem dari Anggita.

tapiii engga jadi!


karena DVD yang bajakan itu bikin laptop gw nge-hang berkali-kali!

jadi males dehh ngelanjutinnya lagii.

Chuck And Blair! I really love this couple!

and Chuck Bass?
ow ow ow!
no one can resist his charm!
oooh God... He's soooo sexy :)

Semogaa besok atau besok nya lagi gw bisa nonton sampe abiss!

ayoo semangatt! :)

Sunday Market

Last Sunday, my family and I were going to Ancol.
what happened in Ancol?

Every Sunday, Ancol held a sunday market.
most of them are selling foods. so does my mom.
she sold es buah or u can say some kind of drinks that contains many fruits.

it's sooo fresh and yummy. haha.
feels like I want to promote it here?

It's like a lil' picnic for me :)

We just have to purchase the entrance ticket.
it's very cheap. only Rp. 6000,-
and the Rp. 5000,- is the cashback. we can exchange the tickets with foods!
interesting, rite?

here they are some of my pics.
look at the swing pics.
I shared with that child. hihii

and I walked down the beach with my bro.
saw many 'alay' here..
but it's okay.
'alay' need holiday too :)