BIG Spender

Read the title above?

Yup! I'm a really BIG spender this week!
I don't care about how much money I spent, what matter is the satisfaction!
Remember my post titled 'Sacrifice For Satisfaction' ?
Thank God, finally I can buy it all!

black skinny jeans, black long cardigan, and the fake black chanel bag!
I decided to replace the leather jacket with cardigan
that's what my mood want ;)

just laughed when I see this brand tag ;)
my mom said that it's not made in France, but Bandung. haha.

bought this red rose ring at Inacraft Exhibition yesterday.
I think I'm gonna wear it for the graduation day...

These are gifts for my teachers.
Because this is the end of semester. Just to respect all their kindness.
Don't need to show what's inside right? hehe.

I'm happy now because finally I can fulfill all I want.

but it seems that my wallet is getting thinner.....



25 April 2010 21.23

good thing that you bought the things that you want.. the rose ring was cute~♥