And Let The Sun Shining

Do you guys realize that nowadays the weather becomes such a hell?
it's getting hotter and hotter.
the sun light like absorbed until my bones!
hmm it's better to collect many jackets now to anticipate it...

well, I try to figure out what happen with our sun...
and after googling I found the explanation about this phenomena
please click here
it's in bahasa Indonesia.

for you who don't understand, I try to translate it with google translate but still there's some mistake so I have to edit it first lol ;p
The hot weather which caused more stinging skin is just a transition into dry season.
What's happening right now is because there are no clouds, lots of radiation and evaporation occurs.

It's a drawing of sun. cute eh?
very cute and cheerful!

but in the reality the shape is just like this...

terrific! and looks very very hot and flame.