Pasar Senen!

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Tuesday, March 31 2009

Destination : Pasar Senen, Jakarta Pusat

Partner : Dhya, Mira, Myka, Anggita, Santi, Tomat

Looking for : Vintage Dress, Oversize Cardigan, Skirts, Animal Print Things

After walking around and searching for any clothes,

I want to show u what I got from this hunting!

tadaaa... I found this (I think) edgy dress!

I love houndstooth very much :)
And the hoodie makes it more perfect!

U know what? first thought in my mind is.. "waw, I will look like Lady GaGa!"

haha. weird!

Lady GaGa is so futuristic, and me? fantastic! haha.

But, my mother doesn't like it.

She said "I bet u won't wear it!" huh
Try to guess the price of this dress...
It's only Rp. 15.000! euww... lucky me ;)

then, I found (finally!) clothes with animal pattern! euuwww.

Doesn't look special if u see it in this photo. but, i really heart it!

the seller is freak, by the way.

When I tried to bargain the price of it, he was telling me that he will deal the price if... I gave him my simple bracelet. strange, right? he tried to take it for me, but I refused it. Hey, it's my friend's gift!

but finally, the seller deal the price without take my bracelet. Thank God... I still wonder why does he wants my bracelet so much?

Dhya and Tomat said that maybe he want to 'pelet' me (make someone love u with some dark magic). haha. i just laughed.
It's Rp.10.000,-. Worth it, rite?

last, i got the monochrome skirt!

it's simple, but it catches my eyes :)

Hmm... finally I realized that I just bought the monochrome colour clothes.




hmmm. what happen to me?
Is it the best colour to describe the condition of my heart now? haha.
I can't wait for the next 'Senen Trip'!

iseng iseng ;)

hmmhh.. i have nothing to say right now...
I don't know... i feel so unlucky this week...
problems, tears, sadness.... ;(

so... I try to cheer myself up by showing u this weird photos.
enjoy this airhead face!

this is me as Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Wardolf
which one suit the most? haha.

haha, my face just look like the real garfield even worse!

my friends said that i'm fat as Po, the panda
so I think it would be nice if I match my face with Po's body ;)

Which one is the real Katy Perry? I know, it's so hard for u to distinguish it, rite? haha!

u can make it by urself, just click here!


waw! when will my body can shape like that?

rambo or mambo?

want to make ur face looks like this? click here!

haha. that's all for now.

see ya for the next post!

sungguh puisi nan puitis...

Welcome back again to myself!
Here I am! yeay!
after finishing my homework, assignment and that kind of sucks stuff... I'm ready to update this blog again! is that good news for you? :)

kemarin, papa lagi sok sibuk beresin rumah. semua sudut rumah pasti di cek and ricek ama dia... jadilah gw dengan terpaksa dan males-malesan ngeberesin buku-buku, majalah, komik, dll yg emang berserakan dimana-mana...

selidik punya selidik, oh oh astagaa...
i found my old diary :)

-I can't show u the picture of my diary, because bluetooth in my laptop doesn't work!-

diary ini diary waktu SD.... It makes me laugh out loud to see how ridiculous and silly I was... ;)

terus, gw nemu buku kumpulan puisi-puisi gw! horray!
gw dulu sukaaa banget nulis puisi di waktu hati terasa galau dan kacau balau...

here it is one of them :

Everytime I meet u, I just want to say 'Hi'
Because I miss u
I miss ur jokes
I miss ur smile
I miss ur laugh
I miss ur noisy voice

I miss ur funny face

ALL the things about u!

In the past, we laughed together and we talked about anything

But now u changed! Why?
Why u have to be so cold?

What's wrong with me?

Am I hurt u?
Am i dissapointed u?

Please, don't go changed...

Now I'm afraid to meet u

Tell me, do u still remember who am I?

Probably u don't!

subject: my 7th grade classmate. he's freaking hot. I can't resist his charm!
situation: when we move to the next grade, we just seperated. he has a morning class, and I have a noon class. it seems like he forget about me. he became so arrogant! :(
finally I realized: He's just a lil' bastard! his face is too cute to be a boy! with his super long eye brow, he just looks like a girl. forget about that jerk!

hmmm sok-sok an banget yaa gw pake bahasa Inggris segalaa... nih, ada yang pake bahasa Indonesia, keep reading! :)

Berat untuk melangkahkan kaki
Hitam senantiasa mengikuti

Menemani derap kaki yang lemah

Tak ada tempat bersandar

Lelah hati ini untuk sendiri

Merasa terbuang, di abaikan

Hal bodoh bernama cinta

Selalu menjadi penyebabnya

Khayalan yang terlalu liar
Merasa diri paling hebat
Mereka semua menuntunku kesini

Ke kesepian yang menyakitkan hati

subject: Me as the broken hearted girl
situation: ini tercipta pas kelas 10. at the time, I feel so lonely. my friends can get a boy. but not me. soo desperate and hopeless.
finally I realized: Life is not about love. masih banyak hal penting yang harus dipikirin daripada mikirin cinta-cintaan! ya engga?!
Yeaaa... it's all about my broken heart ;(