What's left in 2010

whoaa! I just realized that today's gonna be the last day of 2010!
wow... time flies so fast, it feels like I was born just yesterday! lol ;p

2010 has been a good and also a bad year.but many things I achieved in 2010 and alhamdulillah, it's so wonderful :")
I may not share everything that happened in this year, but just the memorable one.

the kaleidoscope of 2010 in my version...

1) Got accepted in Universitas Indonesia, majoring Communication Science, without test.

Alhamdulillah, this is the most amazing moment in my life so far.
at the time, I felt like it's the peak of all my efforts in 3 years studying at high school.
I shouldn't took a test to get there because I was accepted from PPKB program, accepted based on score on report card. it's like a dream comes true. I was so thankful because at the time many of my friends were busy preparing for the test at courses and many of them should face the bad result.

2) Graduated from high school with good result

alhamdulillah, finally after 3 years stu-dying I can continued my path to university.
and my happiness was accumulated, knowing that I become the 2nd highest score for national exam in social class in my high school! wooow that's shocking! thank you for all the teachers who had teach me so I can be like this now.

3) Have to say goodbye to my besties in high school :'(

it's so sad that my life as a teenager had gone. What makes me sad more is because I have to be apart with my friends. I really love them all. 3 years together through all the laugh and cry. we've done lot of stupid things. and I really miss you guys, hope that we can make some gathering in this holiday...

wish I can turn back time :'(

4) Meet new friend in communication science UI

every ending is the new beginning, rite? done with high school and now here come new buddies in UI. they are so kind, humorous, sometimes silly, talkative and many moooore! we use #comm10 to call our big family.

hope that this friendship would last forever :)

5) Had a long holiday at Bali

Finally, I could go back there. it's been so long and I really enjoy every minute of it.
such a memorable holiday. thanks mom and dad :*

6) Decided to choose Public Relation as my concentration program

yeah, it's surprising. actually, for this 2 months I prefer advertising than public relation. but in the last two weeks, I still can't made a decision. and then I did the istikharah and okay, Allah led me this way. hope that I can be a successful PR :) AMIIIN!

yeah, maybe it's not all I have in 2010 but you know, a year cannot be described in one page of blog... so this is the memorable memory I have in 2010.

Thanks 2010 for all the memory!
and 2011, please be nice :)

Finally, Final Test...

Alhamdulillah, my final test is finally over!!! Woo-hoo!

Well, not over yet actually. Since 25th is christmas, so the final test will be postponed.

The misery will continue on 30th December. Hmm very close with the new year huh?

The subject is economy and social development + communication science introduction. Wish me luck guys... I have 5 days off and hope that I can use it wisely.

I must confess that my effort to this final test was not as serious as I did on the mid test. When the mid test held, it was my first exam on college and I think it would be so difficult and therefore I studied harder. But when it came to the final test, somehow my spirit is slowly decreased. I don’t know what happen but yeah let’s just hope that the result is way better than the mid test’s :)


what's left from this week :

my bed was covered by these handouts

see how stressful I am?

by the way, sorry for that disturbing face -__-


Next week is gonna be one of the most important week in my life.
I have to face the end semester test...

I really really hope that I can get through it way better than the mid test.
I'm trying to be more diligent and discipline for studying.
yeah I'm on my way there...
and what would I expect more than good grades on every subjects?
and about my GPA, I do hope and always hope-insyaallah- above 3,5. amiiiin!

please do pray for me and wish me a good luck :)

p.s : actually I have soooooo many stories that I should share with you all but let me concentrate first to my study yah :)
I promise after the end test, on January I will bombardier you with tons of stories!
gonna write about Getek and FISIP Awards 2010 as soon as possible!


December's Wish

wow, it's December already... time flies so fast... I can't believe that 2010 is almost end!
because December is such a special month, so can I whisper my December's wish?

1) Happy and Harmonious Family

No, it's not because the condition of my family is bad, but... God, please keep us cool and spread the love around us. Hope that everything's gonna be alright :')

2) Good Grades

the result of my mid test had published and well, not good enough but still be grateful.
next 2 weeks I have to face the end test a.k.a UAS. I really hope that the scores will be better than the mid test, and I really really hope that the final result would be A for every subjects! amin!
I will study really hard until I'm bleeding!

3) Money Rain

well, I know it makes no sense and not realistic but this is what I really want...
okay I will wait til it happen -__-

4) Vacation

I can say that so far 2010 might be the most important year in my life... and the most hectic too.
it would be so nice if I take a rest for a while and go for vacation. actually my dream vacation is going to Lombok or Singapore, but that sounds impossible -___-
well, okay... wherever it is, I will be happy as long as I go with my family :)

5) Glorious New Year's Eve

the past years I've left, I always celebrate the new year with family. when I was a child, it's surely makes me happy. but as time goes by and I become what so called teenager, I think it's getting dull. I really want to get the new experience, like celebrate it with my friends and go out of town, and having the BBQ!


Na Na Na Not You...

this is the songs that I've played recently...

Playing God by Paramore

and yeah this girl is absolutely Hayley...
whoaa! a bit shocked knowing that she dyed her hair pink!

Don't Panic by Coldplay

Double Vision by 3Oh!3

a very creative video :)

Firework by Katy Perry

play it! it's worth to hear :)