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Hello, blog!
Loooooong time no see!
Oh how I miss blogging so much! I can’t belive that I have neglected it for 2 months!’s are getting crazy nowadays, so please pardon my long hiatus.
So, now I’m back! I will start blogging again. Maybe it won’t be as often as on those good old days but at least I’ll try to make this blog alive again.

You know what? My long absence in blogging seriously affect my life. I was an average writer, I mean I’m not too good at it but also not sucks, right? I can be such a bullshit, creative, and critical writer, from the very simple to formal writings. But, now, I feel like my capability is decreasing. Writing is easy, but make a good one is complicated. I think if we want to make a good writings, we should make it as our habit. And...from now on I would like to apply that principle.

Hope that I can keep up my good mood so I can write many posts here. And hope that you guys still attracted to visit and read my blog. I will try to re-brand the concept of my blog, I will make it maturer and more useful for all of us. Wish me luck :)