Pekan Komunikasi 2011

First, lemme tell you about what Pekan Komunikasi is...

Pekan Komunikasi is an annual event held by communication science’s student at UI for all college students in Indonesia. It’s a week full of events about communication issue. It has 5 section, Media Matters (competition and seminar about media), AdWar (competition and seminar about advertising), Yournalism (competition and seminar about journalism) and last, PRvaganza (competition and seminar about public relations). Well, the last one is an event which I involved myself in :)

I love PRvaganza. This event is very useful for a newbie like me. It enriched my knowledge about the trick and tips to be a professional public relation.

me with the standing banner ;)
I'm so glad that we have to wear a formal dark blazer because I think it made me maturer and wiser (?)

Here, I feel honor to be a Liaison Officer or some of you know it as L.O. Maybe some people think that L.O is such an unimportant job. It’s very easy and everyone can do it without any problems. Well, I tell you, that is not true. But actually being a L.O is harder than it seems. We are the connectors between the main commitee with the participant team. We’re like nanny for the participant, we have to make sure that the team is okay and always take care of all their needs.
we have 15 participants team, there are undip, unpad, UMY, UMM, UGM, and so on.
so, there are also 15 L.O too. here it is my partners :)

our face is still like amateur. aren't we? lol.
therefore, we should practice more and more :)

oh yah, the 1st winner of this PRvaganza competition is from Unpad. They are such a great team and no wonder that they can win. the 2nd is from Undip and the 3rd is from UI. yea, I think it's fair and they do deserved it.

by the way, here it is me and my participant team from UGM, too bad they can't be the winner. but you're halfway there guys, keep trying and it's nice to meet you all :)

they're from class of 2007, and yes I'm their very little tiny junior ;p

So sorry, I can't tell you about the whole event, because it's difficult to recall my memory nowadays. shortly, the event was great and educating :)

all participants! please, come back again on the next Pekan Komunikasi :D