Bye 2009, Welcome 2010!

Well, it seems like this is my last post in 2009.
oh my God... time goes so fast!
2009 has became an unforgettable year. full of memories, bad and sweet.
and 2010? I hope it's better than the previous year :)

hmm about the resolution? I don't even think about it.
I'm not make it yet, maybe later...

on this end of 2009, let's introspect ourselves.
erase the bad habits, and try to make a great efforts to reach our dreams!

Happy New Year All!

Keep The Friendship

I forget to share about my last gathering with my Junior High friends, Retta and Nadya.
It was crazy and funny!

actually we've planned to studying together, buuut in fact we just studying for 15 minutes and then we started to take pics together on my webcam! aand the result is 280 the-similar-expression photos were taken! waw!

and here it is the pics to prove you guys that we were having a great time!

started with study with our lazy faces...

15 minutes later, I became such a book worm that gone crazy

then, be a ribboned-girl?

love you all :)

Bogor Trip!

Hello Hello :)

Yesterday, me and my parent went to Bogor which is the purpose is to meet my brother.
I'm satisfied with this journey!

First, we had lunch at traditional resto. the price is cheap, but the taste is so damn delicious!
then looked for factory outlet, my mom got two loose trousers and one T-shirt, my brother got a sling bag, and my dad got a T-shirt and sock. and me? nothing!
well, it was surprising that my desire of buying stuffs is decreasing.

but, after that we went to Botani Square... and finally I bought something!
What was that? a red flat shoe! it's very cheap anyway :)
and after walking around, I found a cute backpack! and the price is affordable.
so I told my mom that If she buy me the bag, then it will boost up my mood for school lol ;)
sorry I can't show the items here, because I forget to take a pic of it.

it was great and fun :)

and about the new year celebration? aah don't ask me.
it's become blur.
many of my friends cancel the plan and my family looks so desperate to serve a hotel room, because many of them are full-booked.

New Widget!

Hey, do you notice that now my blog has a music widget?

it would be great if you guys listen some happy music while reading my blog right?

the playlist just include 3 songs, because I have no idea which song I should put on it.
1st song is coming from Paloma Faith with 'Technicolour' (just like my post below)
2nd is 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles
last one is Imogen Heap with 'Just for Now'

hope you enjoy that :)

do you guys have planned some events to greet the new year?
hmm I'm on dilemma now.
my friends had already invited me to gathering at their house and we'll do some games, DVD, and barbeque.
but my family have a plan too. we're going to go to Puncak and Bogor. well I think that's gonna be boring. hehe.
sooo which one is the best?

Technicolour With You!

Recently, I love a song.
sang by a girl. it's quite funny and cheery!

The clue is...


it's not because I want this Samsung Corby,

but if someone give it to me...I won't reject it ;)
Love the yellow color!

well, do you ever heard the songs of its commercial on TV? the jingle?
yep! that's exactly what I mean!

The song is titled 'Technicolour' sang by Paloma Faith, cute girl anyway :)

curious about the song? hear it here!

Crazy or What?

Hey all :)

How's your holiday?
Don't ask mine, because it's totally boring!
I just at home and doing nothing!
sleep at 11, wake up at 9, breakfast, online, lunch, sleep or watch TV, take a shower, dinner, watch TV again, and sleep again. Oh my God... that's pointless!

But, I'm not that lazy. I still take my time to read some books and study about SIMAK and SNMPTN. yeah even it's just an hour or more but, at least I've tried :)

aaand people! now I want to tell you news about music.
be ready, because many music concerts are going to be held in Jakarta!


Monday, 25 January 2010.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Thursday, 16 February 2010

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Oh my... what a blast!
From this list, I really want to watch Cobra Starship!
I love them very much! their songs, their style, and the vocalist. He is cute ;)
and I can imagine that if I'm going to the the concert, I will wear neon colors outfit, then I will sing a long to 'Snake on The Plane', 'The City is at War', 'Guilty Pleasure', 'Send My Love to The Dancefloor', and 'Good Girls Go Bad'!

buuuuut can you guys see the date??
It's 23 March 2010! It's the date when all 12th grader in Indonesia do the National Exam!
sooo I don't think my mom will allow me to go to the concert -___-
aaaah please just change the date!

for more info, visit :
buy the pre-ticket if you want to get it cheaper :)

It's Dad!

December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We're not celebrate it, just at home. because my dad likes simplicity.

Hope that he can be a better person!

I love you :)


DECEMBER 22, 2009


My mom is my everything.
She is complete.
She is beautiful.
She is smart.
She is kind-hearted.
She is patient.
She is humorous.
She loves to cook, and it's delicious.
She always cheer me up when I'm down.
She's the one who make me feel home.
She's the one who take care of me without being tired.
She's a supermom.
too many ways to describe her greatness!

This is the latest photo me with her.
it's been a long time...

I realize now that I seldom take a pict with my mom ;(
how sad it is, compare with my thousand photos with my friends.

but mom, I love you more than life itself.
I'm just a coward who don't brave enough to say it directly to you.
Sorry for all the stupid things I've done.
Sorry for make you worry about me when I hang out with friends.
Sorry for ignoring you when you ask me to do something.
Hope that now I can be a better daughter for you :)


Gramedia and Lime

Heyya people!

aah holiday is still around! agak males juga nih mau posting hehe.
hari ini gue dan myka, ke Gramedia Matraman.

tujuannya? ya cari bukulah...
buku apa? buku tentang SNMPTN, SIMAK, atau UN.
dengan modal nekat dan uang sebesar Rp125.000,- saja, gue sama myka berangkat di tengah hujan lebat yang mengguyur Jakarta.
milih-milih buku selama 2 jam atau lebih. padahal yang diliat ya rak buku yang itu-itu lagi!
kita sempet bawa-bawa 3 buku trus di compare gitu sama option yang lain.
in fact, yang kita compare BUKAN ISINYA melainkan HARGANYA! hahahaha :)
asas penghematan!

dari awalnya gue milih 3 buku, menciut jadi cuma 1 buku aja.
myka beli 2 buku akhirnya.
udah tuh, kita ke bagian stationery. nah! disinilah godaan mulai berdatangan!
dari liat tempat pensil, rautan, papan jalan, aaah semuanya lucu-lucu! mau di beli semua!
tapi apa daya dan upaya, kita ga punya duit lagiiii :(
gue cuma beli yang penting2 aja kayak : spidol, isi binder, isi pensil, sama map plastik.
gara-gara liat bagian stationery, suddenly I fall in love with...

Lime Green Color!

fresh banget ya warnanya :)

pulangnya, kita makan mie ayam deket-deket situ.
dan waaw rasanya top banget! yummy!
abis itu pulang deeeeh. there's no money left hehe ;)

semoga di liburan ini, mulai besok, gue harus BELAJAR!
ga boleh males! owkay!


(sorry ya kalo postingan gue nyampah hehe)

Two Weeks!



What I have to do on this holiday:
1) Go buy some books about National Exam and SIMAK.
2) Do the consultation with my teacher's course
3) Study every lessons, especially in math, economy, and history
4) Go somewhere for refreshing with my family
6) Clean all my wardrobes.
7) Pray all day and night!



Heeey all my readers :)

I want to share about my last journey to Dunia Fantasi, Ancol, it's Indonesian Theme Park on last Friday.
Dufan give 50% discount to those who bring the discount flyer. it's apply for just 2 weeks.
actually, at school I still have some lessons for National Exam and classmeeting.
buuuut, I'm so lazy and decided to go to Dufan! yeeeaaaaay! good girl gone bad! lol ;p

I'm so glad to know that we went there by Ridho's car. at least I shouldn't pay for the transportation ;)
arrived there, the girls struggle for the sunblock. since the weather is very shiny.

we entered the gate and found the long queues, as always.

We played many rides. They are 'Ombang-Ambing', 'Ontang-Anting', 'Kora-Kora' (my favo!) and many more. Unfortunately, 'Halilintar' the rollercoaster is out of order. and I didn't go for 'Tornado', because my mom had told me that I'm not allowed to play the dangerous rides. owkay mom!!

The photos :

It was super fun!
and I think this is the last time we go to Dufan in High School.
because there'll be so many exams and there's no discount anymore! lol ;p

left dufan about 6 pm. chase the sunset at Ancol's beach. but we were late, the sunset has already gone!
after it, we sit at the beach and share some stories and jokes. laugh everywhere!
went home and tired. but it was unforgettable!

Thanks to :
Ayudhia Harumi, Almira Fitriah, Cornelia Myka, Santi Santini, Gde Arvindo, Ridho Jatu, dan Aji Wicaksono!

Yearbook Yeayness!


Last Sunday, I got a yearbook photo shoot!
and I was saying before, it was located at Tanjung Priuk, North Jakarta.

3 kata aja sih :

XII IPS 4 foto di kapal tanker di tengah laut. ya! di tengah laut saudara-saudara!
menegangkan bukan?

Jadi, pertamanya gue dan teman-teman sekelas naik boat yang gue namain boat '1 jam kemudian...'. karena jalannya emang lelet banget dan bunyi mesinnya berisik!
sebelum naik ke kapal, bokap nyokap gue yang nganterin sampe depan boat awalnya ga ngizinin.
karena emang sih, waktu itu cuacanya mendung.
gue akhirnya nanya ke bokap

gue : "Pa, jadinya gimana? boleh ga nih?"
bokap : "Yaudahlah. Papa bilang ga boleh juga kamu tetep aja pergi kan?!"

deeeg! sakiiiit banget itu. akhirnya setelah nangis (cengeeeeeeng!) dibolehin juga deh.

perjalanannya 1 jam. cuaca tiba-tiba cerah.
gue naik keluar boat, terus sok-sokan berdiri tanpa pegangan. waaaw I love sea!
tapiii kebiasaan orang Jakarta yaa... banyak banget sampah bergelimpangan!

akhirnya sampe! daaan buat naik ke kapal tanker yang gede banget itu, kita harus naik tangga besi yang ngegantung di badan kapal.
this is the unforgettable moment! serem banget naik tangga yang goyang, di tengah laut pula!
belom lagi di pegangannya banyak oli! yucks!

nyampe2 langsung pada siap-siap ganti baju.
pertama, kita mau foto bareng2 ngebentuk angka 4. kita kompakan pake plain white t's.
FYI, itu kira-kira fotonya lagi jam 11an.
Could you imagine the light of the sun?! Panas banget wey! Sunburned!

Setelah nunggu beberapa jam, kelompok gue foto juga.
eh iyaa gue ga jadi pake baju yang gue bilang di posting sebelumnya. soalnya pada pake shorts sih jadi ikutan deeh.
kita fotonya di ujung kapal. yang kayak titanic itu loh. hehe
this is what I wore:

fotografernya ada banyak, sekitar 8 orangan deh kayaknya.
pas gue liat hasilnyaaaa di kamera... wow! awesome! bagus banget deh! can't hardly wait to see the yearbook!

ga lupa ada foto buat angket juga. coba tebak gue dapet angket 'ter' apa??
ihik ihik malu ini ngomongnya. kasih tauu ga yaa??
oke. kecil aja ya. terpinter sama terimut! hihihihihi :)

akhirnya sekitar jam 3 kita selesai. balik ke pelabuhan naik boat itu lagi.
ternyata sereman turun tangga daripada naik tangga.
parah banget langsung liat bawah laut kan grogiiii.
pas di tengah laut, ombaknya ternyata udah mulai gede.
temen-temen cewek gue banyak yang mabok laut sampe akhirnya hoek hoek (baca:muntah)

Gilaaa! yearbook photoshoot ini berkesan banget! unforgettable and unbeatable!
Seruu dan banyak kenangannya :)
gapapa deh kulit jadi item-gosong-belang! semua demi XII IPS 4 ;)

here it is the sneak-peek :

how amazing!
I love the colours! Very bright :)
I'm the girl with yellow shorts. looks slimmer, am I? lol!

Thanks for all the photographers!
check them out :


Hey all!

Sorry for not posting anything here...
I couldn't reach my blog because the internet connection was just lost.
I think it's because my mom doesn't pay it yet, so I do nothing and just go on.
buuut, later I found out that it's just about the settings! there's something wrong with it.
and yeah! today I can update my bloooog :)
it's a yeayness!

guess whaaaat...
yesterday I'm lazy to go to school and I went to dufan! yeaaaay!
with some of my friends. I will share about it in the next post, wait 'til my friend upload the photos :)

aaand, tomorrow! yah tomorrow!
I'm going to Tanjung Priuk, Jakarta Utara.
I have a yearbook photoshoot there. the theme is 'Holiday'.
We're going to take pics on the boats.

Hope that I can give 'em the best pose and make a great result.

by the way, this is what I'm going to wear tomorrow :

Basically, this is what I'm going to wear.
but the colour of my blazer is dark blue,
and I don't think I'm going to wear that glasses...
I'm afraid it's too much.

Hmm what do you think?
It's nice, isn't it?

Well, I have to take a bath now since my body getting smelly ;)


Have a nice weekend!

Drumroll Please!

Eh gue udah dapet hasil tes minat dan bakat yang UI kemariiin!
and the results aaaareeee..... (drum roll pleaseee!)

1) S1-Satra Inggris

ya ya ya. kenapa ini yang pertama ya?
udah gitu banyak juga yang bilang kalo gue bagusnya masuk sini.
tapi ga mauuuuu -_-
karena kalo menurut gue, kalo mau belajar bahasa Inggris ga usah sampe dikuliahin.
kan bisa les aja. ya engga?

2) S1-Psikologi

wets! kaget nih gue liatnya!
tapi kata nyokap emang gue bagus kalo psikologi
soalnya katanya I'm a good listener... is that true?


nah! yang ini harus di capslock nih! hihi ;p
tapi kenapa jadi yang ketiga yaa?

Terus kalo tentang aspek psikologis,
yang paling tinggi gue kreativitas dong! hohoho.
dan guess whaaat? yang paling rendaaah....
kemampuan NUMERIK! a.k.a hitung-menghitung!
haha. tau aja deh emang nih UI.

ah gilaa yaaa. dengan gue tau kayak gini, gue jadi makin bingung, bimbang, gundah gulana nih!
liat nanti aja deh. que sera sera, whatever will be, will be!

remembering the day.

How soon is now?

hey hey hey!

aaaah finally I'm free!
the exams are over!

goodbye all the stressful day!

Sebenernya untuk ulangan akhir semester ini gue ga mau ambil pusing.
bukannya mau sombong ato sok ya, tapi gue ngerasa udah bodo amat deh sama nilai rapot!
gada ngaruhnya juga gituu. kan kelas 12 semester 1 ga diitung buat PMDK. hehe ;p

tapi so far yang remed baru bahasa Jepang sih.
yak saya ulang lagi : Bahasa JEPANG!
baru kali ini dalam sejarah, gue remed bahasa Jepang!
aaah sial banget deh ;(
FYI, soalnya itu huruf hiragana semua, 40 soal, waktu 60 menit!
gilaaa mana sempet kaaan?
pas bel bunyi, gue baru bisa ngerjain 20an soal...
jadilah hasilnya nilai gue 45!
how embarassing ;(


forget about that!

eh data persyaratan buat PPKB UI alhamdulillah udah dikirim.
dan gue tetep yakin dengan Ilmu Komunikasi. There's no doubt about it.
Insyaallah gue udah siap sama segala kemungkinan yang mungkin terjadi.
wish me luck ya!