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Hello, blog!
Loooooong time no see!
Oh how I miss blogging so much! I can’t belive that I have neglected it for 2 months!’s are getting crazy nowadays, so please pardon my long hiatus.
So, now I’m back! I will start blogging again. Maybe it won’t be as often as on those good old days but at least I’ll try to make this blog alive again.

You know what? My long absence in blogging seriously affect my life. I was an average writer, I mean I’m not too good at it but also not sucks, right? I can be such a bullshit, creative, and critical writer, from the very simple to formal writings. But, now, I feel like my capability is decreasing. Writing is easy, but make a good one is complicated. I think if we want to make a good writings, we should make it as our habit. And...from now on I would like to apply that principle.

Hope that I can keep up my good mood so I can write many posts here. And hope that you guys still attracted to visit and read my blog. I will try to re-brand the concept of my blog, I will make it maturer and more useful for all of us. Wish me luck :)

I want Panda!

Ah! I forget to tell you that I have watched Kung Fu Panda 2! You have to know that I'm the biggest fan of Po, the extremely cute Panda! He's silly and funny, and the voice of Jack Black complete it well! They are such a perfect blend :)
I have watched it with Myka, in 3D. and wow, the graphics and effects are amazing! you must watch it!

The official poster

It's baby Po!!! look, he's extremely cute! makes me want to have a Panda in my house :)

It's not Po, if he doesn't make a stupid moves and fool mistakes ;)

what I like from Kung Fu Panda 2, is not only about the amazing cuteness of Po, but this film has what people called 'moral of the story'. so, it's not just about the jokes, but the quotes from some characters are inspiring. These are my favorite quotes :

"Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are, it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be..." -The Soothsayer

"Happiness must be taken. and I will take mine!" -Lord Shen

"You should, Shen. You got to let go of the stuff from past, because it just doesn't matter. the only thing that matter is what you choose to be now" -Po

See? Agree with me? ;)

The ending makes me curious to death!!! There might be Kung Fu Panda 3, and I have to watch it later :)

Happy Burstdaaaaaaay, Me!

Yesterday, August 27 is my daaaay!

I’m very glad knowing that there are so many friends who remember and wish me a bunch of happy birthday! Thank guys, so lucky to have you all :)

This year, I’m not going to celebrate it with any events, because I think, what’s for? I think the birthday is not to be celebrated, but to be evaluated. I’ve lived my live for 19 years and whoaah there are so many mistakes that I’ve done. 19 should mean maturity. And I feel that I’m not into it.

As 19th, I confess that I’m such a spoiled girl. I'm still whinning to my mom, and often act childishly. I hope slowly I can leave that bad attitude, amiin :)

Yesterday, my mom and brother gave me a birthday cake! Yeaaay, have been craving for it! It’s Chocolate Devil from The Harvest. Have you taste the super yummy chocolate sensation on it? You should try one!

Psst, I ask my brother to take this candid, but actually it’s not candid, because I was prepared ;)

Yumm! The taste of the chocolate is very deep and creamy! Can’t get enough for it ! Who wants some?

And now I want to show you the lovely greetings from my friends, via BBM, text, facebook and twitter!

Most of them hope that I can be a success person in the future, and hope that soon I can have a boyfriend! Haha thank you so much for the wishes and prayers, hope that Allah is going to grant it all :)



Wow, alhamdulillah ya Allah, I have reached 19 years old!

I hope these year I can be a better person in every single things.

Thanks for my family and friends, for the beautiful wishes.
I'm going to post it here later. Now, let me enjoy my birthday first, okay? ;)

August Wishes

Today is 25th of August, which is ... 2 days to go to my 19th birthdaaaaaay!

Wow, time flies so fast. I 'm surprised that 19, is going to be my age soon.
Every birthday girls have their own birthday wishes. Just like me, I have so many wishes, even the impossible one like 'God, could you please send me Brendon Urie or Darren Criss on my bday?'

Well, let's just count on the realistic wishes, here it is my b'day's wishlist, in case some of you want to send me gifts, but have no clue what to choose :P

Batwing Cardigan (black or navy blue)

source : polyvore

Women's Converse Light Skimmer Shoes (White)


Leather Bags (Brown, Broken White or Black)

source: polyvore

Color-blocking Tops

source: polyvore

yeah, those are the things that I really really want to possess...
hope that I can buy it all, or maybe there's one who cares to afford it all? ;)

and last but not least, the last wishes is... a boyfriend, maybe?
lol, it sounds desperate, just ignore it then :P

Listen to Your Ear

Just wanna share what I'm currently listening to... of course the K-Pop below counts, but I won't spamming you again with Korean thingy, so here it is...

Gym Class Heroes Ft. Adam Levine –Stereo Hearts

Adam Levine is uplifting this song, can't get enough of his voice!
Make me your radio | Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you | Just sing along to my stereo

Hey Monday – Candles

The first time I'm listening to it, is from Glee, which sang by Kurt and Blaine. I think the original version is better :)

Blow the candles out | Looks like a solo tonight

But I think I'll be allright...

Beyonce –Best Thing I Never Had

Beyonce always got the hits! It could be next 'irreplaceable' :)

and I'm gon' always be the best thing I never had
I bet it sucks to be you right now...

Beyonce –Why Don’t You Love Me

yeah, Mrs. B again. I think this is the galauest Beyonce's song ever. check out the song and listen to the lyrics. that's sooo me (ups!)

I got beauty | I got class | I got style and I got ass
And you don't even to care to care
why don't you love me?