Lecture not Couture

for me, there's nothing very special about this holiday. it makes me more unproductive, lazier and fatter. yeah, my routine is waking up at 9pm, breakfast, twitter-fb-blog-tumblr-gmail-looklet-ing, lunch, twitter-fb-blog-tumblr-gmail-looklet-ing again, taking a shower, dinner, watching TV, going to bed at 11am. see? how unhealthy is my life become...

I have no idea about how I feel to know the fact that holiday is almost end.
feb 7th, that's my 1st day on this second term. excited but also a bit worry...

this is my schedule for this term... you can click on it if you want to zoom it
looks not enough, eh? you right!
there's more class after 1am

on Thursday I have class until 7pm. and there's long break before it...
okay that's okay. the good news is I have my day off every Friday :)
so I can have my long weekend with my family!

have to admit that I really emmm maybe not really. I just wish that I can meet many good friends in this term's classes. maybe not just friend. maybe someone who can attracts me? oh yes, I am a bit desperate for this issue. okay forget it!


Makes Me High

got something to tell before I forget to write it here...
last Thursday and Friday, there's an event in my memorable senior high school, 71.
it's called Campus Expo.

well it's an event from the previous year's graduates to the junior on 12th grade.
what we're doing here is give them information about university, states or private university.
so, maybe it's like we presented them some presentations that explain anything about university.

personally, I think this event didn't have too much benefit for the junior. for me, this event is just an event to show off our alma mater jacket hehe.

shortly, this event held for 2 days. I met many of my long-time-no-see friends! woooa me miss you all :)

having a chit-chat, remembering our old story and laughing on it, saying hello to the teacher, eating our favorite dish at canteen. it wasn't enough to cure my yearning with high school! :')

2 days in a row, after the Campus Expo, me and my close friend continued our chat in Sushi-Ya and Pizza Hut, as seen above.

I think the coolest phase in my life is when I was in senior high school.
I miss the uniform (sweaty white shirt and gray long skirt-->the coolest uniform ever!)
I miss the f*cking rules
I miss the naughtiness
even I miss the teacher, the homework, the ceremony aargh EVERYTHING about high school is uber cool!

but what I miss the most is all my beloved friends :'')
hope that we can keep in touch and always remember each other....
see you guys in a brighter future :'')

"Nothing changes but the faces, the names and the trends. High school never ends!"

Call it Friendship

my holiday would be nothing without friends.
alhamdulillah, finally after 5 months seperated, Techa reunite!
(it's a late update, actually)

what we did during this holiday were simple, as long as we can meet each other, it's enough...

Had lunch and watching Gulliver's Travels in 3D at Kelapa Gading.

Retta and Nadya came to my house.
We watched DVDs and had this fun photo shoot :)

Retta, ITB's girl with Me and Nadya, UI's girl.
I hope that in the future we can be a successful person and keep in contact :)

What is in GPA?

the end of semester one = holiday = my GPA has been published!

alhamdulillah, it's bigger than 3.5
well, I'm not gonna show off the exact number, because I want to make you all curious haha.
even my parents told me that it's a good job, but I think it's still not the best of me.
I'm not too satisfied because many of my friends' GPA is higher, even reach 4!
but still I'm thankful for this Allah's blessing :')
this result makes me more and more intense to find a scholarship. wish me a good luck, peeps!

and the other good news is in the next semester, I have my day off every Friday! whooa! it's a bit surprising and wow, it makes me more than happy! welcome long weekend :)

but it becomes scary when it comes close to mid test and final test.
why? because the consequences of my free-Friday is I have to take 3 subjects in a row in Monday and Thursday! euuww that's sound exhausting...

I just hope that the next semester I can be better and better in all subject. thanks God, there's no Economy anymore!

just wish me luck for the brighter future :)

The Visitors

hey! it's me again...
feel sorry to know that I just have time to update this blog once or two times in a week.

okay, this was the story about me and my friends on comm'10 did the company visit.
company visit is like an annual event held by the senior to the freshmen, in order to introduced us the working atmosphere. the lucky company that visited by us was... Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) or in English called Indonesian Broadcasting Commission.

wanna know the story? let's find out!

the transportation that brought us there was.... our lovely bikun!

this pic is not mine. source : here

this yellow bus that usually just driven around UI's area, at the time, bikun hits the city! wuu!
I could see that every people inside their vehicle stared at this bus surprisingly.
me and my friend just laughed and waved our hands to them. lol!

the situation inside the yellow bus, full of people in yellow jacket.

during the loooong journey (traffic jam as always), we laughed a lot because my friends always telling jokes and acting silly.

the journey took one and half hour. finally... we arrived at KPI!

a giant screen to control all TV programs

our visit was not took much time, maybe just one and half hour. first, we welcomed in a seminar room and being described everything about KPI. we got snacks and KPI's magazine. FYI, the vice president of KPI is lecturer of communication science UI! so proud :)
then, after the 'lecture' finished, we explored the control room. it's just a simple room, there just 5 man working behind computer, many TVs displayed, and there's a giant screen like picture above.

maybe some of you guys still wonder about what KPI's job is and how important KPI is in broadcasting world... well, let me tell you little thing about it.
KPI is an indepent institution, KPI serves as the regulator of excecution of broadcasting in Indonesia. It controls TV and radio program.
If you think further, KPI's job is honorable because it prevents the audience to watch inappropriate scenes...

the conclusion is...
it's a nice educational trip with my comm'10 :)