They Try Me Out!


today is the first day of Try Out!
and it makes me 'aaaaaarggh!'

it stressed me out, seriously.

the first subject is Economy.
there are 5 questions that I'm not certain about the answer.
and the second is Bahasa Indonesia.
to be honest, I didn't prepare anything for it.

yeahh just hope the results are excellent!

tomorrow is math (yes, MATH! this is the hardest part!)
and English.

wish me luck, guys!

notes :
actually, I want to post about the day of psycho test at UI last Sunday.
but tomorrow I still have Try Out, soo maybe later....

If only solving math is easy like this!

Look at Looklet

addicted (again) to looklet!

some of my looks :

so far, my favourite is the last pic :)

Chasing Clue


It's Saturday already.
and tomorrow is Sunday, rite?

Sunday, October 25 2009.
I will have a psycho-test about interest and ability in UI Salemba.
I'm so excited about this!
The result will show me some major that fit with my ability.
Gonna go with my 7 besties, so there'll be so many photos later ;)

aaand, next week I have a Try Out test for UN.
I don't know, I think I'm not ready to face it...
but, just wish me luck!

Can't wait!

Search Some Inspiration and Get a Life!

Well, this is just a random thoughts, anyway...

sorry, for this crap.
I don't know what to do.

gonna take a math course now.

At Least At Last


I forget to share the story last Saturday.
since I have to studying studying and studying.
being a 12 grader is sucks you know...

well, my family and I went to ASEAN SME'SCO EXPO at Senayan
actually, the master plan is to attended the books and library exhibition, but we interested with the expo because it's ASEAN expo. sooo, maybe we can found something unique.

in the books and library exhibition I bought a book.
or I can say 'guide and direction book to success'.
It's a SPMB questioning collection book! (include interactive CD)
there's a discount there, then it become very affordable.

in ASEAN SME'SCO EXPO, there's so many sellers that sold many cultural things.
like Batik, traditional knit bag, ethnic fabric, and so on.
of course my favourite is the accessories corner!
but sadly, I didn't buy anything :(
it's just my mom who bought a luxurious bracelet. *sigh

here, there's many demonstration areas.
like making a pattern of Batik. I want to try on that, but it's very crowded and most of them are children. sooo... I decided to cancel it.

well, from this event, I can learn that Indonesia is a country that very rich of cultures.
and every culture has its own beautiful side.
So...just be proud of Indonesian cultures!

Lend me Lenka!


aaah after all the long weeks of studying, at last I can touch my laptop again!
the scores are not bad, but still not enough!

hmmh... and you know what? after this second exam week, I have to face the first Try Out of National Exam (UN) and the third exam week!
Isn't that stressful?!

Can my brain has a rest?!

thanks for the internet, I still can refresh my mind by this technology.

em, I did some searching in YouTube and found the performance of Lenka in LA Lights Indiefest 2009!
For God's sake, I regret for not watching the performance LIVE!

by the way, do you notice that she wore a Batik shawl?


Tadi ada gempa loh!

Gue lagi fesbukan, lagi sibuk ngurusin waiter sama chef di restaurant city punya gue, eeeh tiba-tiba kursi gue berasa goyang-goyang sendiri..

Engga lama, gue nyadar...
'Oh my God! ini gempa ya?!'

langsung gue nyetel TV, liat ada pengumuman gempa ato ga.
eh yang ada malah acara gossip -_-

ternyata eh ternyata,
gempa tadi berkekuatan 6,4 skala ritcher, pusatnya di Ujung Kulon.

well, just hope everything is alright :)

Sing Sang Sung

I'm currently listening to :

Should I Called Them Cheesy?

Hey, Guys!
Finally I can write some posts again! yeay!

why oh why?
because the half of exams week has passed. actually, tomorrow I will have English exam.
but, what I can study from English anyway?
and I think by writing this post is studying English too, rite? LOL.

One thing that always make me upset about exam.
There's always student who cheating!
grrr... I hate them!

well, at first, maybe you think that 'hey, it's okay! you talk like you never did it!'
okay, I appreciate that.
and honestly, in my whole life, sometimes I do cheating.
but it was a little cheating, like ask my friend about their answer.
and I tried to decrease that very bad habit recently.

buut, it will be different in my case.
I'm hoping for PMDK. and PMDK needs me to be one of the top 5 at class.
I don't want them who did cheating take it.

I do this exam by myself. even if the result maybe not as good as theirs.
because, I think, cheating is fooling yourself. and you know what? one of my teacher told me that people who do cheating is talented to be a future corrupter! yucks.

I don't know I feel my class suddenly feels like a battlefield.
everyone starts to study hard and get the best score with many ways.
and the choice is about being the winner or the loser.

in the end, I pray for myself, pray for the best score.
and I pray for them, hope Allah open their heart so they will realized what they have done.


Btw, I have taken a private course. it's all about math.
and I think it helps me a lot. Thanks Allah, my math exam score is 84.

just keep wish me luck please :)

No cheating please!
maybe you can do it if you just on edge.

The Traditional Way

Heii, just wanna tell you that tomorrow the battle is start.
yeah, the second examination is coming.
Insyaallah, I'm ready for it.
I will do my best.
wish me luck guys :)

hmm by the way, kemaren gue jadi penerima tamu buat acara nikahannya sodara gue.
pake adat palembang.
bajunya merah-emas, tinggal bawa piring, jadi deh penari piring. haha.

FYI, I don't like to wear make-up.
even the simple one.
I feel make-up just make my face looks weird.

ternyata, Palembang punya adat di dalam pernikahannya.
namanya 'suap-suapan' sama 'cacap-cacapan'
'suap-suapan' itu ya suap-suapan oleh Ibu-Ibu dari kedua keluarga ke pengantinnya.
kalo 'cacap-cacapan' (gue pikir cacat-cacatan!)
kayak 'suap-suapan' juga, tapi dilakuin sama Bapak-Bapaknya.

Duh, disini gue banyak banget makaaaaaaan!
stomach, I'm sorry....

I'm just to afraid to let you see my weird face. sooo I decided to edited it ;)
with my cousin, Dita.

Need To Focus

It doesn't mean that I will leave this blog, but I just need more time to studying.
because being the 12 grader is soooo hard. Many examinations and assignment.

but, just keep visiting my blog.
I promise, I would write posts at least one post a week ;)

I will miss it so much.


The Speech

Long time no post anything.
I miss it sooo much!

well, mungkin kali ini gue mau cerita pake bahasa sendiri aja kali ya.

Senin kemarin, gue didaulat buat speech (pidato bahasa Inggris) pas upacara.
bukan didaulat sih sebenernya, tapi mengajukan diri. haha.

the theme is about Earthquake in West Sumatera.
this is not the first time I delivered my speech, but still I feel nervous.
my hands become colder and shaking, my heart beating faster...
I hate this situation...

Well, the speech was good (I think)
gue bawa notes kecil, tapi ternyata apal di luar kepala.
padahal ngapalinnya cuma sebentar bangeet. Thanks, God :)

eehh kemaren, pas gue lagi lewat meja piket, guru olahraga gue manggil.
dia ngomong gini nih:

Pak S : eh kamu, ulangin dong itu yang kemaren, yang bahasa inggris itu loh.
Gue : hah? apaan sih pak .... -_-
Pak S : iya, Bapak mau denger lagi. ayo dong coba...
Gue : (sambil jalan) ya gitulah pak, penting banget yaa...
Pak S : oh yaudah, yang penting 'bye-bye', ya.. (muka sumringah sambil dadah-dadah)

what is the meaning of it anyway?!

daaan hari ini, guru agama gue, yang sekaligus wali kelas gue
( maju ke depan, mau test hafalan doa)

Bu R : kamu kelas berapa?
Gue : lah, kelas ini lah bu! 12 IPS 4!
Bu R : Oh? kok kayaknya beda... hmm trus sekarang mau ngapain?
Gue : lah, kan mau baca doa, bu...
Bu R: oooh kirain... mau ngomong bahasa Inggris.. (senyum jahil)
Gue : (jaga sikap, padahal dalam hati 'apaaaaaaaaaaaaan sihhhh?!')
-setelah baca doa-
Bu R : hmm kamu kapan-kapan ajarin Ibu ngomong bahasa Inggris doong!
Gue : hah? iya deh bu, 1 jamnya cukup 100.000 aja (dalam hati)

why on earth people asked me like that?!
just take it easy, hey...

tapi, emang sih, suatu saat, gue pengen banget jadi orang yang jago pidato.
just like this Indonesian hero, Ir. Soekarno.

Amiiin :)

Batik Is Indonesian Heritage

It's 2 October!
sooo it means today is...

National Batik Day!

I'm so glad that finally Indonesia could have the patent right of Batik!
sooo there will no country that can steal it from us!

at school, we have to wear Batik shirt. I don't have any, so I wear my brother's shirt.
it looks like oversize shirt.


The Earthquake

As we know, earthquake was occurred in West Sumatera.
Many people die, building destroyed, no electricity and phone signal.
it was horrible...

I can't imagine the situation. I hope they can survive there.

Actually, West Sumatera is my dad's hometown.
but, Thank God, none of my dad's family that injured or die.

I pray the best for them.
Hope this disaster could warn us that we should take care our nature.

Please, accept my deepest condolence...



I skip the stories.

Actually, on last Monday, me with JDGJD (please familiarize your ear to it...) went to Murni's house. Why? because she had her birthday on September 20, but that's Iedul Fitri Day, so it's impossible to celebrate it.

We accompanied Murni's bf to gave surprise to her. He brought a heart-shaped ice cream cake. so romantic, isn't it? but, unfortunately, it melted and the shape is gone.

We threw eggs, flour, syrup, coffee and other yucky stuff to Murni.
She became wet and stinky. sorry dear, but we enjoyed that so much :)
after that she took a shower and the smell has gone.
buuuut, that's not the end.
there's a part two.
we poured eggs and coffee again to her!

here's the photos...

The Incident

Am I look like an emo girl? LOL
Just ignore this pics anyway...


Yesterday, I went back to school.
Well, like I said before in the previous post, I hate to back to school.
I still want to feel the holidaaaaaaaaay!
I'm not ready for study!

but, Thank God...
it's just a while. the students just do the 'halal-bi-halal' thing with teachers and staffs.
and then, we have to come to class, but did nothing. after the 1st break time, we can go home.

it was 10 am. and I think that's too early to go home, so me and my dear friend, JDGJD, went to Anggita's house. We wrecked the house, as usual...

We watched "UP" from DVD. and after that we go nuts with youtube and did the karaoke.
it was crazy and fun!

in the end, we used Anggita's webcam and go nuts again!
yeaah we have to release our stressful heart and head as a student!

and this is some of our retarded pics...

Please, pardon our abstract face :)