Quotes of The Day!

well yeah, this quotes is belong to me...


Lama-lama gue capek pake bahasa Ingrwaaays, jadi Indonesia aja deh hehe.

hari ini bete banget dah.
bangun pagi-pagi (baca: jam setengah 7) buat berangkat les.
setau gue hari ini Try Out UN, ahelah males banget kan tuh.
akhirnya gue berangkat les jam setengah 8, gue sengajain telat.

eh pas nyampe, masa gada orang!
cuma gurunya doang lagi bengong. ga jadi TO lagi! jadi deh gue kayak les privat.
bagus sih lebih konsen, tapi boseeeen! sepi!

pulang ke rumah, nungguin temen gue yang mau belajar bareng.
fyi, I just like their teacher hehe :)
mereka anak IPA yang mau ngambil jurusan IPS.
well this issue is sensitive, rite?
harusnya gue yang anak IPS menjaga kode etik anak sosial, dan engga ngebantu anak IPA buat-kasarnya-nyaplok lahan IPS. but then I realize that...
semua orang berhak ngedapetin apa yang mereka mau.
lagian gue ngerasa kalo ilmu itu emang seharusnya di share ke orang biar nambah pengetahuan sama pahala :)

belom selesai sama dua orang ilmu alam itu, temen gue yang IPS dua orang dateng lagi.
kalo yang satu ini malah bikin keributan di rumah gueeee -____-
mau belajar matematika tapi becanda mulu akhirnya hihi.

malemnya, nyokap gue ngomong:
"gaya banget sih kamu, ngomongnya kayak udah beneran ngajar... kamu jadi guru aja nanti"
hemm jadi guru? that's interesting!
but I'm still on my priority, being a broadcaster :)

besok, Insyaallah keluarga gue ngadain syukuran kecil-kecilan di rumah gue.
syukuran apakah? syukuran masuk UI hehe.
tau tuh, nyokap gue katanya udah nazar.
doakan ya semua berjalan lancaar!


Make It Mine

hey all!

yeay finally I have a free time!
so I'm going to spend it with blogging!

I'm tired with senior high, I want to go to University. haha.
because I want a new atmosphere and want to be mature.

I can't wait 'til June!
oh my God... please make time goes faster!

and this is just what I want right now...

The Blue or Red One?

What Is Your Expectation?

Heeeeey all :)

Sorry for my absence...
Do you guys miss me?

aaah I miss blogging sooo much!

well the reason is I just had some Try Out for National Exams for these 3 days!
how boring is that?
but now it's over, let's have fun yeaaaaaaay! haha. I'm very happy!
I can't wait for the result then...

hmm what I want to give you now?
just my thoughts, that's why it named 'thoughts of mine'!

hahaa ga jelas gini sih gueeee -____-

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Hi all :)

It's Monday already. and 'I hate Monday' is really not my thought for today.
because....yep! this is the first day of school with condition I'm accepted in UI. lol ;p

well, don't judge me that I'm such an arrogant, but hey I'm a normal person, and normal person want to be admired and praised :)

this is much more than I have expected before! they congratulated me and kept saying 'ciee anak UI nih'. haha. well that's sounds cool right? haha. oh no, I'm high!

and they were so excited to heard my story about what I feel at the time.
they congratulated me more than they said happy birthday for me. hehe ;p

aah I'm so happy this time. and I always be thankful to Allah who had given me this priceless gift!

FYI, at the day, my parents asked me to went to UI to saw it directly with my very eyes! and hmm I can't wait 'til June :)

for all my friends out there, I hope you guys can get through SIMAK UI and meet me there :)

Best Day of My Life!


but, just read the preface first, hehe
(bahasa Indonesia aja ya, just to make it a lil' bit expressive)

15 Januari 2010 jam 22.00 WIB
gue masih online didepan laptop.
masih bisa ketawa-ketawa. masih sms-an sama temen gue yang ikut PPKB UI juga.
kita sempet bilang kalo kita harus kabar-kabarin, apapun hasilnya.

15 Januari 2010 jam 23.15 WIB
gue nge-check forum PPKB UI. udah banyak yang join. mereka pada mau begadang buat nunggu hasilnya. soalnya tanggal 16 Januari 2010 jam 00:00 udah bisa dilihat hasilnya di account masing-masing. it's getting closer, then my hands felt so cold. suddenly, I felt a stomache. Biarpun belum ngantuk, tapi gue paksain buat tidur. I don't know why, gue ga terlalu excited buat ngeliat hasilnya karena yah I'm pessimist.

16 Januari 2010 jam 04.00 WIB
gue bangun, langsung sholat tahajud sama sholat hajat. sumpah perasaan gue udah pasrah banget. gue nyadar kalo ini adalah doa yang terakhir kali gue panjatkan buat masuk UI.

16 Januari 2010 jam 04.30 WIB
gue lanjut sholat subuh. gue juga minta bokap-nyokap gue sholat subuh dulu, baru gue mau buka pengumumannya. oke, gue nyalain laptop. terus gue buka Opera, ngetik 'penerimaan.ui.ac.id/ppkb'. masukin nomer pendaftaran sama password dan enter!
lanjut ke tulisan 'hasil seleksi'. Ya Allah ga tau kenapa, gue langsung nangis. gue takut buat nge-klik link itu. nunggu sekitar 5 menitan buat nenangin diri, gue beraniin diri buat buka.
spontan, gue teriak-teriak manggil nyokap dan bokap. bokap gue sampe keluar dari kamar mandi loh hehe. gue juga berusaha ngeyakinin kalo ini nyata, dan ini bukan mimpi!
ya teman-teman, alhamdulillah gue dapet tulisan kayak gini di account gue :

I'm accepted in FISIP UI majoring in Communication!
Alhamdulillahirabbil'allamin :)
It's Allah's miracle. I'm nothing without Allah's blessings!

waaah gila gila! gue langsung nangis, peluk-pelukan sama bokap nyokap.
aaah gila, I really feel like, this is the time of my life!
inilah hasil kerja keras gue selama beberapa tahun ini, dan semuanya terbayar lunas!
ya Allah, bener-bener deh, gue bersyukurr banget!

thanks to all my friends and family who had supported me, and thanks for all the prayer!

See You, UI :)

Bang on The Piano!

In my school, there's a music class. it was fun, because the teacher is funny and I absolutely love music! and I love it the most because in this class I can explore my sense in singing :)

Yapp! singing is my passion :)

but, since yesterday my teacher explained how to play piano, I'm curious about that instrument.
actually I don't have one, but I still have keyboard (it's similar, right?)

and I took my time to learn it little by little, and I found it was fun!
I feel happy when I can make some melody with it.
well, when I was a child, I usually play it, but just with basic keys like 'do re mi bla bla...'
but now I tried to play the chords.

I'm on 'memorize the chords' process

and for the end-semester test, my teacher told the students to create a song.
she said that it's simple, just make the lyrics, try to arrange some music, then mix it!
but it's not that easy, my friend...

yeah hope that someday I can play it well :)

Day Off

Today I have a day off. my teachers at school are going to go to Medan, doing some so-called 'research' ...

and now I'm home alone, so it means that I will post many things today! yeaaay!
is that a good news for you guys? haha.

hey, tomorrow is the announcement day.
and I think what I'm going to do is doing the evening prayer until tomorrow morning.
just to make my heart peace and relax.

well, enjoy my blog anyway :)

God Knows The Best!

Look at my calendar and finally realized that...

today is 13 January 2010!

and you know what it means?

it's 3 days before 16 January, The PPKB UI announcement!

oh my... I'm scared about this!
the result will be announced in my UI account. oooh I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to open it!
Ya Allah, please give me strength!

I know that I'm the optimist one when I picked communication as my choice.
but now I'm gonna be the pessimist one when it's just counting the days...

I hope that my dream comes true, I hope I can pass the selection. Amiin
well yeah I'm ready for everything. even the worst. I have to be ready!

would it be like this?

or this one? (I wish it won't!)

whatever the result is I still believe that Allah always give us the best ;)

pray for me all!


Want to share story about my new year eve, even it was too late ;p

Actually I want to celebrate the new year with my friends, we had already planned the place and what are we gonna do. buuut they were dissapointed. some of them canceled the plan ;(
poor me! I wish I had a new year eve with my friend on high school for the last time (since it's our last year together)...

Then, my dad asked me to went to Puncak, West Java.
Oh it was a BIG NO at first. because, hey! Puncak is like everyone's destination to celebrate the new year! and I dare we're gonna trapped on traffic jam!
buut my mom and dad kept begging at me, so yeah I just can nodded my head.

went from Jakarta at 5 a.m, without my brother, because he still had some classes on his college.
he's gonna went from Bogor to chase us.

just like I have predicted before, on a highway to Puncak we found traffic jam!
and my dad tried to be chilled out by saying "It's okay, it's just for a while"....
I know he just amusing himself!

The journey starts!

The Ammunition

The View

we looked for hotel, but it was fully-booked.
soo we decided to not stayed at Puncak for a night, we're gonna back to Jakarta after clock showed 00:00. okay, whatever, dad!

we visited a well-known big mosque named 'Atta'awun' to did Sholat and lunch.
then, I went to Taman Matahari. it was my first time.
it's an amusement park, such as 'Dufan' but it's smaller and there's just a few rides.
the ticket is very cheap by the way, but the view is great.
there's so many little bridge with trees, so green :)
but sadly, when I was there, it was rained. sooo I hadn't played with all the rides yet.

The Ticket

Me, such a narcissist

night came, and Puncak started to be more crowded. so we stopped at a restaurant and decided to celebrate the NYE there. yeah, there was some events there. but damn, suddenly I got stomachache that made me wanted to spit out everything inside it.
my mom got a door prize by the way... and what is it? a gigantic clock! lol ;p

finally, it was 00:00 and "Happy New Year" came from everyone's mouth!
and not forget to watched the amazing fireworks!

The Fireworks!

3 hours later, we got back to Jakarta. we stuck for an hour. and it was strange when I know that every cars turn off the machine on the street!

yes. that's that!

One Year

I just realize that my blog has been exists for a year!

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY, gopoetrygo.blogspot.com!

I love my own blog and always try to keep posting new things.
actually I want to change the layout and banner, but I have no time to do that.
being 12th grader is super busy!

3 Qs & As about my blog:

The History?

at first, I was interested with activity so-called blogging... I see many of my friends have blog, and it looks fun. so I decided to make one!

Why does it should be named 'gopoetrygo.blogspot.com'?

hmm I don't know... actually 'gopoetrygo' is the name of my account on Gmail.
and then the name is just come out from my head. I think it influenced by a TV program.
you know Dora The Explorer? if the answer is yes, so you must know the handsome one, Diego, Dora's guy friend. lol ;)
and I've heard a TV program called 'Go Diego Go'.... hmm sounds cool if I change the Diego and put my name on it. so yes, that's the truth!

What is the motivation for you to go blogging?

First, I'm glad to show the world what happened to my life and my environtment. I love sharing.
Then, I want to improve my writing skill in English (even I know it failed-my grammar is more than sucks!)
last, someday I want to be a journalist who work at the girl magazine publisher :)

Check out my first post here. it was so-so and pointless....

alhamdulillah finally I can reach the 1st rank in my class.
Thanks to Allah, I know that You are my savior!
and I decided to apply PMDK DIPLOMA
IPB. wish me luck guys :)

Heavy Rotation

Hello all :)

sorry for the lack post, because I'd been so busy. haha
well, at first, cheers to the 2010! haha it's too late I think.

Let's hope this year can be sooo much better than 2009!
I wish I could make some resolution on 2010, but I don't have a special time to think about it ;p
yeah maybe later...

to me, 2010 is a difficult year.

2 school exams
studying about national exam intensively at school and course







what else then?

just hope my brain is still okay!