I can't believe it!!!!


It's very unbelievable!!!

I feel like I would stop hear music!

You guys know whaaaaaaaaaaat?????!!!!

My only one favourite band EVER in the world, in this universe, Panic at The Disco...

has broken up!!!!

Ryan and Jon has left the band...
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I can't accept this truth!!!
I think it's just a crap. but, oh God, I can't believe it... it's fucking trueeee!!

It's so sad that Ryan and Jon should go....
I think Ryan is the mastermind of the band...
most of Panic at the disco songs are written by Ryan...
and Jon. he's very talented, and I love his style...
so, how could the band success without theeem??!

then, why did they broke up?
I go to their official website. panicatthedisco.com
and found out this statement...

1st is from Brendon and Spencer...

July 6th 2009

We just wanted to let you know, that the news of Ryan and Jon leaving the band is unfortunately true. It’s been an amazing journey being in a band with them, but sometimes individual tastes take friends in different directions and you can’t ignore it. They are some of the most talented guys we know, and we’re sure that whatever they do next will be great. That said, Panic At The Disco is alive and very very well. We are working on new songs that we are excited for you to hear. Our dates
with Blink and No Doubt start in a little less than a month, and we wouldn’t miss those for the world. We know everybody has a lot of questions at this point with everything being so out of the blue, most of those should be answered in the coming weeks. We appreciate every one of you, and hope you continue with us on this incredible ride.

-Brendon and Spencer

Then, Ryan and Jon...

July 6th, 2009

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker will be leaving Panic at the Disco to embark on a musical excursion of their own. Though the four of us have made music together in the past, we’ve creatively evolved in different directions which has compromised what each of us want to personally achieve. Over the years, we have remained close and honest with each other, which helped us to realize that our goals were different and that parting ways is truly what is best for each of us. We are all excited for the future, you should be too.

-Ryan & Jon

so, it's on July 6th!
I'm so out of date :(

and I heard that Brendon and Spencer bring back the exclamation point '!'. it's strange.
Spencer said that it was for old time's sake,

“For me and Brendon, there were aspects of our first album that did sort of go away on Pretty. Odd. that we’d like to bring back to our band. There’s some theatricality and some different styles of music, and we want to make a record that is drawing from both our previous albums,” Smith said. “And it just seemed like it would be a fun thing for our fans. Hopefully, there’s less of a big deal [made] about it coming back than there was about it going away. It seems like a new chapter, so having that as part of the band seemed like something we could bring back … to reinforce that Panic! at the Disco is not breaking up, it’s still going.” -Spencer-

source : lullabyonline.com

Yeah, that's the reason :(
I'm very disappointed with them..
Did they think before decided it?
Did they think how sad the fans will be? especially for the girls?

it maybe the last poster concert in Jakarta with full formation.
Thank God, I had watched them...

I will miss them so much...

Oh, God..
The world is yours. and You can do anything, even the impossible one.
I really really beg You to unite them again!


All Indonesian Accepts


I have to tell you about this news!
maybe some of you have heard about this event,

All American Rejects will held a concert in Jakarta!

I love AAR. Their songs are easy listening and the lyrics... touch my deepest heart :)
aah I wish I can get a free pass or free ticket. because my mom must not allowed me to watch the concert...

My favourite songs : It Ends Tonight, Strait-Jacket Feeling, and Move Along.
ahh love their albums sooo much!

here it is the posters:

August 17th 2009 at Istora Senayan!
it's similar like Panic at The Disco concert last year.
same date, same month, and same place!

check the official web : http://www.nadapromotama.com/

Maybe I just can wait 'til there's some magic happens and I can watch the concert!

Take Back The City


Ahh, finally i could touch my laptop again, and type some words here!
Hmmhh and finally I can breath the fresh air of freedom! haha.

last Sunday, my family and I took my brother back to Bogor.
Congratulation for my brother, on this holiday, he accepted as an engineer in Forestry Department (Departemen Kehutanan). well, even just a month, but it's okay. at least he can get an experience.

suddenly, we went to SKI Park. SKI here, doesn't mean ski on ice. but SKI is the name of big bag factory.
it has a recreational park in the inside.
first, I went to the shoes outlet. I was really craving for white wedges heels!
I have found it and i love the design too, but it costs too much. *sigh...

then, my dad told me, "hey, why don't you play at the recreational park?". yap! great idea!
there are flying fox, big transparent water ball, trampoline, boom boom car and many more. it's fun! buuuut unfortunately and stupidly, I forgot that I was wearing a skirt! oh damn!
so it all canceled :(

then, i had lunch at Pak Ewok lil' restraurant.
it's well-known at Bogor. So, I want try it.
the favourite menu is sop buah or fruit soup.
hmm it's delicious and tasty! you should try it.
it consist of strawberries, avocados, guavas, oranges, etc.

The Journey...

Don't get shocked! I can drive the car. Since I get my driver license last year...
No no, I'm kidding :) I just act like I'm a driver.
but someday, I hope I can drive a car.
I love to see girls that can drive her own car. very independent!

I found this big banner in highway to Bogor.
It's a crap. and useless...

One of the game at SKI Park. but it's for children only.
I used photoshop to made it more artistic.
but I don't think this is works... haha.

Sky in Bogor.
Photoshop-ed too.

Maybe Tomorrow


actually, I have many stories. and I want to share with you all.
but my internet connection is lame. damn!
i can't upload pictures.

soo.. wait until tomorrow readers :)

C and B

Forget about the terrorist,

I just want to share this pics for you all...

As you know, I'm a big fan of Gossip Girl, especially with Chuck and Blair.
I found their sweet pics

This is a scene for Gossip Girl Season 3!
Oh my God... can't wait for it!

How lovely!

Twilight remake version? No.
I wish Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick can act together again in one movie.
A romantic movie :)


hey hey the readers :)

be the twelve grader is not easy. I have to study harder.
soo... maybe from now, I will not posting everyday.
maybe just twice a week :)

Well, I watched TV this afternoon.
and still, it talked about the terrorist or the bomb...

and look at this pics,
He is the most dangerous people in the terrorist organization!
yeah.. He is Noordin M Top. He had change his looks a lot.
this pics is the latest look from him. I google it.
I hate him. and I wish the police can arrest him and punish him as soon as possible!


Beware and call the police if you ever see this guy. Okay?

please give a lil' contribution for our country!
and said : "We are not afraid!"


"Kesuksesan besar dimulai dengan keberanian menetapkan cita-cita yang besar dan kepercayaan diri"

-Walt Disney-

For Your Info

Hey all!

I don't know why, but now I'm really enjoyed my life as 12 grader.
beneran deh! hari ini gue belajar di sekolah dari jam 06.30-16.00.
kurang lebih 10 jam! (dipotong istirahat 2 kali)
waw parah deh! tapi gatau kenapa, tadi gue bener-bener menikmati setiap detik yang berjalan!

ternyata ada enaknya loh, ga punya banyak temen deket di kelas!
gue jadi ga ngobrol (my bad habit!), jadi lebih konsen dan fokus ke penjelasan dari guru.
Alhamdulillah ya Allah :)
dan yaaa... gue jadi tertarik banget buat buka websitenya Universitas Indonesia.
fyi, my only one obssession is... masuk Komunikasi UI! That's that!
check the web here!

and now I always try to study harder. just pray for me :)
oh iya, papa-mama gue pasti support tentang obsesi gue ini,
tapi papa bilang, kalo komunikasi itu bagusnya di swasta, dan dia nganjurin gue masuk London School!
Oh no dad! I still want my UI!

dan buat info aja, gue dapet nih passing grade jurusan IPS di UI.
take a look!

Passing Grade Universitas Indonesia
Jurusan IPS :

1. Ilmu Hubungan Internasional : 58.50 %
2. Akuntansi : 58.33 %
3. Ilmu Komunikasi : 47.67 %
4. Ilmu Administrasi Fiskal : 43.33 %
5. Manajemen : 42.00 %
6. Ilmu Administrasi Niaga : 41.50 %
7. Psikologi : 38.50 %
8. Ilmu Administrasi Negara : 38.50 %
9. Ilmu Ekonomi : 38.50 %
10. Ilmu Hukum : 38.33 %
11. Ilmu Politik : 35.83 %
12. Sastra Jepang : 35.33 %
13. Sastra Inggris :35.00 %
14. Sastra Prancis : 34.50 %
15. Bahasa dan Kebudayaan Korea : 32.83 %
16. Kriminologi : 32.50 %
17. Ilmu Kesejahteraan Sosial : 32.00 %
18. Sosiologi : 31.50 %
19. Sastra Cina : 31.00 %
20. Sastra Jerman : 30.83 %
21. Antropologi Sosial : 27.50 %
22. Sastra Indonesia : 27.00 %
23. Ilmu Perpustakaan : 26.50 %
24. Ilmu Filsafat : 26.17 %
25. Sastra Rusia : 25.83 %
26. Arkeologi Indonesia : 25.17 %
27. Ilmu Sejarah : 25.17 %
28. Sastra Belanda : 24.50 %
29. Sastra Arab : 23.17 %
30. Sastra Jawa : 20.50 %

source : http://www.senamptn.co.cc/

hayo hayo...
yang mana yang kamu sukai? tinggal pilih aja... haha.

Ya Allah.. mudah mudahan aku bisa dapet komunikasi UI!
Amiiin :)

UI should be the place where I belong! Amiiiin :)

Just Illustration


Today I have a day off, because today is Isra' Mi'raj Day.
and, because I can't go anywhere, and I'm totally broke lately, I spent my day with internet.
ahh I shouldn't do that...

I tried to watched TV, but it made me bored.
still the same news, about the bomb.
every channel, report about it. well, I'm sick of it all, you know?!

but, that's okay. it can be my inspiration...

check this look I made on looklet.com (over again...)

yeah, the news inspired me to made an illustration about the bomber.
haha. but I'm sure this pic is better than that real terrorist!
this is too stylish I think :)

whoever the bomber is,

Doc Martens Looks

As usual, I wanna show off my look on looklet.com
(my new hobby...)

Check them out!

If you notice, all looks are using doc martens boots.
I made it like that, because there's a doc martens contest, I hope I could win,
and get that lovely boots :)

p.s : actually, there's a story I wanna share to you all, but I just wait the photos to complete it.

Big Bye!

Better play the bomberman, than play with bomb

(kali ini mencoba memakai bahasa Inggris lagi)

Damn the bomb!!!

I'm shocked about the bomb that exploded in JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Hotel!
It's very horrible!
and it's very embarassing!

this 5 years, Indonesia has made many progress. in economy, tourism, etc. the world has judge Indonesia as a good country.

but, suddenly the no brain terrorist destroy it all!


this bomb also destroyed many buildings and killed many people!

and the worst, Manchester United, the most football club that worth to wait, canceled their tour in Indonesia! it's very disappointed!

Oh, God please punish the terrorist and make them get the hell out in Indonesia!

p.s : tomorrow there will be a meeting with English Club! FYI, this is the first meeting with the juniors. I haven't prepared anything...

Bye all!


Pernah ga ngerasa kalo diri lo mengalami kemunduran dalam hidup?

Belakangan ini, gue ngerasa skill berbahasa Inggris gue makin memburuk.
Hari ini, ada pelajaran bahasa Inggris, disuruh bikin positive, negative, sama interrogative form, masing-masing 5 kalimat.
Gue dengan PDnya nulis gini:
"I am wearing uniform everyday"
gue pikir gada yang salah sama kalimat itu.
ternyata, bodohnya gue, habitual action itu ga pake 'to be' sama verb-ing.
aaah memalukan banget! masaa ketua English Club tapi ginian aja salah!
terus belakangan ini juga gue agak susah ngomong bahasa Inggris secara spontan.
cck cck cck... jangan-jangan selama ini apa yang gue tulis di blog, grammarnya amburadul lagi!
sorry ya kalo ancur.
duuuhh! what's wrong with meee?

Quotes of the day!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined!"


Could I go back?


finally, this morning I go to my new class, 12 social 4.
and the first impression is... boring!
I guess they are funny, but still afraid to speak up.
aand the girls, I guess they're still in their comfort zone, I mean they're just close to their gang's friends.
aaaah I hope my new class will gonna be a fun and comfort to studying! Amiiin!

anyway, I miss my 11 social 1 sooooooo baaaaad!
aah I wish I could have a time machine, then I will back to the time when we're still together :(

yah, maybe just all that for now.

oh yah, now I want to tell you that I'm in 12 grade.
and it means I have to study harder than ever before.
I don't take any course like my friends have did. it's my parent's choice, so I just do what they want me to do. the other reason is, to take course is not cheap, I'm afraid my parent will get broke.

And now I do realize that being the 12 grader is very difficult.
I have to study harder.
I have to reach the top 3 rank, so I can get PMDK (Amiin!)
I have to
pass the national exam.
I have to chase many public university, or PTN.

yaahh just pray for me :)

and I'm tired...


sorry for not post anything yesterday.
I was busy and very tired :(

okay, I'll tell you what happened yesterday and today.

kemaren, gue masih ngurusin MOS.
acara pertama, ada senam pagi yang kocak abis.
list lagu-lagunya: Tak Gendong by Mbah Surip, Online by Saykoji, You Are Not Alone by M.J, Lupa-Lupa Ingat by Kuburan, dan lain lain.
terus ada latihan baris berbaris.
abis itu, masih pada minta tandatangan gue, dan masih banyak yang salah nulis nama gue.
anak kelas 10 itu disuruh bikin surat cinta sama bawa bunga mawar putih atau merah buat kakak kelasnya. surat cintanya harus pake biodata beserta nomer HP dan foto, terus suratnya harus wangi, terus mesti ada cap bibirnya!
and to be honest, gue ngarep dapet surat cinta! haha.
gue lagi mondar-mandir keliling lantai 2, tiba-tiba ada anak kelas 10 yang ngasih surat cintanya ke gue, itupun juga ternyata disuruh sama kakak kelas yang lain. So, I just received it. Thanks boy!
gue langsung baca isinya nih. ahaha gue senyam senyum sendiri.
ini nih sedikit kutipan isi dari surat cintanya:
"kalau dalam ilmu matematika ada segitiga siku-siku, kakak adalah sisi miringnya atau hipotenusanya. hipotenusa cuma satu, dan itu dapat diartikan kalau kakak cuma satu di dunia ini, dan spesial buat saya"
bahaha! aneh deh. just for fun aja sih. hihi

nah, kalo tadi, ada demo eskul.
English Club urutan kedua tampilnya.
tapi, pagi itu gue bad mood banget, soalnya:
ojek gue datengnya telat.
ojek gue jalannya lelet udah kayak siput.
gue telat dateng ke sekolah, dan kena hukum sama panitia MOS.

but me as the leader of English Club, should promote it in front of the juniors.
yah, paling cuma ngomong pake bahasa Inggris, nunjukin piala sama ngadain games spelling bee.
seksi acara kena marah lagii! katanya ngaretlah, leletlah... damn!
terus, terakhir langsung penutupan MOS, ada yel-yel dari masing-masing kelas.
seru deh pokoknya!

sorry kalo postingan ini bahasanya agak aneh dan berantakan, soalnya gue ngetik sambil setengah merem nih, udah capek banget nget nget!

p.s: finally, tomorrow I must go to my new class and make friends with everyone there.

so goodnight all!

good things, bad things


gue pake bahasa Indonesia aja ya.

Postingan gue ini
bakalan lumayan panjang, soo keep your eyes open!
hari ini gue bangun jam 5 pagi. entah kenapa, gue semangat banget hari ini.
mungkin karena :
pertama, hari ini gue nge-MOS anak kelas 10. yeay! haha.
kedua, gue penasaran, gue dapet kelas 12 IPS berapa.
ketiga, gue pake seragam sama sepatu baru! hihi.

okay, tadi gue nyampe sekolah jam 6 kurang, gue udah bisa absen di fingerprint kelas 12 :)
dengan semangat, gue ngeliat papan pengumuman,
gue liat IPS 1, gada nama gue.
gue liat IPS 2, gada nama gue juga.
feeling gue langsung ke IPS 4.
dan ternyataa... yap! there's my name on it!

gue seneng, soalnya banyak temen gue dari XI IPS 1. daan, kalo angkatan yang tahun kemarin, IPS 4 itu isinya anak-anak pinter, walaupuuuun gue sedih, gue ga sekelas sama 'dia' yang gue harapkan :(

eh tiba-tiba, bu Rahtini manggil gue. gue langsung ke ruangannya.
eh gue liat ada bule... perasaan gue mendadak ga enak nih.
ternyata dia guru bahasa Inggris dari New Zealand, mau nyoba ngajar di sekolah gue selama 10 hari. dan gue disuruh nemenin dia selama disini. WHAT THE HELL?!

gue kenalan deh sama dia. standar banget deh.
Me : "Hello, My name is Putri"
Mrs. Maria : "Oh, my name is Maria, how do you do?" (shake hands)
Me: "...." (fake smile)

mana abis itu bu Rahtini ngomong gini:
Bu R: "She is the leader of English club in our school"
Me : "yeah..." (fake smile)
Bu R : "She speaks English very well!"
Me : "....." (bigger fake smile)
Mrs. Maria : "Oh, so I want to hear you speak English then"
Me : "I'm speechless!"

aahh! embarassing!!

abis upacara, panitia MOS ngumpul. ternyata salah BESAR kalo seksi acara bakalan santai.
gue harus naik turun lantai 1-3 terus-terusan! yahh gapapa deh, mudah-mudahan bikin kurus!
asiik panitia dapet kupon yang bisa ditukerin sama makanan di kantin! makan gratis deh!

nah, abis itu anak kelas 10 dikasih waktu buat minta tandatangan panitia MOS. this is my favourite part!
gue baru aja keluar dari kamar mandi, udah dimintain tanda tangan. haha. di kepung segerombolan lagi. duh berasa artis deh :)

awalnya gue ngasih tanda tangan gue cuma cuma, tapiii kok ga seru ya?
daripada dikerubutin, mendingan gue ngumpet deh di kelas 10.2.
tapi, masih pada ngejar juga. akhirnyaaa gue kasih deh tanda tangan gue. tapi syaratnya:
- tulis nama lengkap gue
- tulis jabatan gue
- minta tanda tangannya mesti pake bahasa Inggris. (sumpah ya gegayaan banget ini!)

pada nulis nama gue ngaco2 banget nih! ada yang nulis:
Putri Ariyani, Putri Aryani, Putri Ariany, sampe ada yang nulis nama facebook gue segala : Putri August Ariani! haha. gue ngakak abis. darimana ini anak tau? helloooo... itu bukan nama asli gue!! haha!

mereka minta tandatangan gue gini, nih:
"I ask your signature..."
"Your signature, please..."
"Signature on my book, please..."
ah biasa banget kan? akhirnya gue suruh mereka muji muji gue! haha. hey, senior rules!
daaan ini yang gue denger:
"signature ya, kakak yang cantik"
"kak, tanda tangan ya, kak.. my little cutie"
haha. ngakak sekali lagi!

yah sekian deh tentang MOS. bakal banyak banget soalnya kalo dijelasin secara lengkap.

nah! sekarang gue cerita tentang kelas gue yang baru.
IPS 4 ternyata ga asik banget deh. anak-anaknya pada nge-genk...
yah semoga gue bisa survive deh di kelas ini. Amiiiin.

last, tadi sore gue sama mama iseng dan dadakan bikin kue bola-bola.
dan hasilnya agak gagal nih. bukan bola, tapi oval, atau kasarnya ga berbentuk.

want some?

bye bye baby!

Sunday Morning


Today is Sunday, and all I have to do is just relax :)
but, my dad always asked me to tidy up my closet, aah I won't do that! Sorry, dad!

This morning, my brother, mom and I sat on our little front yard.
I have many cats. Actually, they are not really mine.
Some of them is my neighbour's pet, but I just love to feed them, so we share the same cat.

They are so funny and always make me laugh.
Like today, they act weird, and I took some pics of them.

Here it is!

She's stick out her tongue!

Aww! Cemong you should take your clothes on and don't sit like that!

looks like a kangaroo.

This is Cemong. She likes to 'meeooow meooow' with loud voice.
She is kind and patient. she never scratch me.
I love the first pic! She's so funny!

This is Belek. She's not mature yet.
She's very hyperactive!

This is Moddy. He is my favourite!
He's lovable :)

and look at this uncensored pics!
sorry for this pornography, but... hey! they're just animal :)

I don't know what are they doing!
Did they just playing like friends?
'playing' like lovers?

tomorrow is the day! yeay!
I'll be the senior and going to make them feel annoyed! haha.

MOS, Most Outrageous Seniors!


mau cerita nih, tapi pake bahasa Indonesia aja ya. ehehe.

tadi gue dateng ke sekolah. karenaaa hari ini ada Pra-MOS!
Jadi, perkenalan sama pemberitahuan info buat MOS yang diadain hari Senin-Rabu besok.
gue jadi seksi acara.
tapi gue kayak engga kerja apa-apa!
rundown acara udah di bikin sama guru, tinggal terima jadi aja gue. so, I'm useless.

tapii, gue nyari kerjaan dong. biar eksis gitu kan. aih aih...
gue keliling kelas, bagiin rundown acara, dari kelas 10.1-10.8
and it's quite fun!

setiap ada kakak kelas yang masuk, adek kelas yang sok sopan itu langsung bilang :
"Pagi, Kaaak!"
haha! sok hormaaat banget. paling cuma pas MOS doang.

karena gue seksi acara dan tadi gada kerjaan, jadilah gue model buat meragain yel-yel MOS!
hiiih memalukan banget deh! gapapa deh gue malu, rela demi MOS! haha.

mau tau yel-yelnya senorak apa?

let's see!

" 71? Let's go!"

(nada iklan Indomie)
"Kami datang ke 71, datang untuk menuntut ilmu
kakak-kakak ku selamat pagi, kami mohon bimbinganmuuuu..."

"tu, wa, ga, pat!"

(nada Hampa-nya Ungu)
"Pernahkah kau merasa? Prokk Prokk Prokk Prokk Prokk!(2x)"
"Cukup sudah, kami anak SMP
cukup sudah, pakai putih birunya
senang sudah, jadi anak SMA
senang sudah, pakai putih abu-abu"
"Pernahkah kau merasa?
Prokk Prokk Prokk Prokk Prokk!(2x)"

(nada Asmara-nya Aura Kasih)
"Smantusa, begitu panggilannya
Smantusa, ada suka ada duka
Smantusa, bisa membuat kita semua menjadi pintar!"

"If you love 71, clap your hand
If you love 71, tap your feet
If you love 71, let's do it together
If you love 71, say horray!

(gaya Michael Jackson)
"71? Yihhiii!"

Oh my God, this is sooo weird!

intinya, gue suka nge-MOS anak kelas 10!

see ya and wait for the next post!

Country's Choice

Today is presidential election day!
and my mom, dad and brother participate on this event.
let me tell you, they all vote for SBY-Boediono, number 2!

Ohh, I wish I'm allowed to do so.
but, I'm just 16 :(

The result should be announced by KPU a month later.
but, many TV channels held a quick count.
so, we can see the result quickly.

Alhamdulillah, my choice, my best candidate, SBY-Boediono win!
Even though it's just in quick count, but I believe that they will win and handle our government!

Good job, Indonesian!

p.s :
I'm very ready to back to school!
I've bought two long skirts and a black shoes.
I can't wait :)

Doctor Doctor

Hello everybooooody!

Yesterday, I opened my looklet account and found a dr martens contest.
waw, this shoes are cool!

check the official website of dr martens shoes : drmartens.com
the web is freaking awesome!

dr martens or doc martens shoes will give the wearer an edgy style.
but, I won't wear it!
because my feet are very big, and I'm short.
sooo... it's called fashion suicide if I wear it.
besides, the price is veeeeeeery expensive for me.
it's more than $100 or more than Rp.1.200.000,- in Rupiah.
I think the shoes are not worth it.

well, here it is the shoes...

Love the pattern sooo much!


the doc martens wearer

I prefer wedges heels, because it will make me looks taller :)


This morning, I went to school and join the meeting with OSIS.
We talk about MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa)
What is MOS?
MOS is a student's orientation time, like introductions to every school's facilities, teachers and regulations in 3 days.

Well, MOS should be a funny event.
because usually, the new students have to look weird and freak by putting a big name tag with a very difficult design and they have to respect the seniors.
The seniors can bullying the juniors.
and I think that's cool!
I'm the seniors and I guess I can embarrassed them and laugh at them. wow! haha.

buuuuut, the teachers and the head master of my school forbid the seniors to do so!
ahh they are totally uncool :(

well, forget about that.

Now, I'm home.
and this is sucks.
I have no problem with my family.
still the same person, a woman that confess as my aunt.

ahh I have no more words for her.
just let this pics tell you what I've been thinking of...

Sorry for this terrible pics...

and please, don't think I'm such a psycho or what. I'm normal.
I'm just too angry and annoyed.

tomorrow is an election day!
the voters, please choose the best candidate to be a president and vice president.
I can't vote yet. I'm just 16 :(

Are they happy?


I'm still on holiday, and there's nothing I can do but write something on my blog!

Today, youtube is become my number one site!
Search many music videos, I'm not in the mood for porn videos... lol :)

and, yah!
I found this 'cute violance' videos.
It's so called Happy Tree Friends!
You guys must know about it, rite?
a super cute cartoon but with a super terrific story!

let's check it out!

This video contains violence, sooo be ready!

What do you think?
Haha. Sorry if this video makes you scared or something like that.

p.s :
tomorrow i'm not at home. yeay! finally!
buuut my destination is just... school!
hmm that's okay. at least I will meet my friends...
I'm going to have a meeting with student's organization or usually called OSIS.


Show Off

I got nothing to do this holiday.
It makes me sick!

and tonight I have no idea to write anything.
sooo... let me just show off my look on looklet.com

What do you think?
Is it cool? haha.

hmm you can see my full looks here!

come visit me and please click the heart icon if you like my looks.
thanks :)


Transformers Day!

hey I'm back!

Look at the title of my post!
Can you guess what I want to share with you all?

Yapp! It's about Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen!

even though I was late, but I was so excited! haha

actually, yesterday the plan was almost canceled.

because Nadya called me and told me that she can't go with me and Retta. It's so sudden!

and because Nadya can't go with us, I think it's not okay if I continued the plan, and just watch Transformers only with Retta.

But, I just can't resist this big spirit to watch Transformers, so I go ahead!

aaaaaaaaand, I have no regret to do it!

Transformers is very awesoooooome! amaaaaaazing! greaaaaaaaaat! fantaaaaastic! what else could I said?

ahh Transformers is the best movie I've ever seen!

I want to watch it again, really!

I love this scene. It's a scene when Sam wants to leave Bumble Bee.

This is Sam and his room mates, Leo. He's very funny :)

The main cast

Love Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf!

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. My Favourite!

I watched it at Gading XXI.
I've tried to not bought anything, buuut it didn't work!
I bought two simple jelly bracelet. The blue and white one.
yaahh, at least it's cheap :)
I didn't take many pics, I just have this dark pics...
It taken at the cinema, a few minutes before the movie starts.

Big smile for you all!