Sacrifice for Satisfaction

Just want to share with you,
now I'm on 'saving money' periode. it means that I have to keep my money tightly.
this is for my passion for shopping.
you know that girls can't resist fashion thingy!

I know my mom and dad are confused enough to think about my entrance cost to university that is not cheap, so this time I will not depend on them.
yeah eventhough it's not easy (I don't buy any meals at school and go home with the cheapest public transportation), but I have to sacrifice it all.

so here they are that I want to buy... (with my own money!)

Black skinny jeans

well, maybe it's embarrassing that I don't have this must have items for girls.
actually, I had have one. but it was the cheap one and the quality is very poor.
it can't called skinny anymore, because the size is become bigger.

Cropped black leather jacket

No, I'm not that fashion victim.

I don't want to own this because it had been some trend.
but I really think that it's cool and give some extra looks to anyone who wear it

Chained and quilted black fake Chanel bag

I don't think I can afford the original one hehe

it's my love at the first sight!

I hope all the items above can be mine soon :)