I Won't Record It


Yesterday I forgot to tell you about this one.

this effing horror movie ever!

after Try Out, my English Teacher, Mrs.Ayu showed this movie to my class.

at first I was like, "What the hell? it's Spanish and boring at the first..."
but I was totally wrong. this movie is soooo... ahh beyond words!

Yes, the title is [Rec]

REC revolves around a television reporter, Ángela Vidal , and her cameraman, Pablo , who cover the night shift in one of Barcelona's local fire stations for the fictional documentary television series. The firehouse receives a call from an apartment building about a woman who is trapped. Ángela and Pablo following them and recording their actions. The woman becomes extraordinarily aggressive and bites one of the policemen. Meanwhile, the terrified residents gather in the entrance hall, and look on as the police and military seal off the building.
and for the full synopsis, please click here

You have to watch it with your own eyes!
This movie is so damn scary and bloody!

I can't kept my eyes open, and during the movie watching, I closed my ears.
and the after taste is I feel a lil' bit paranoid about dark room and don't want to be alone.

FYI, this movie had won many awards.
and if you guys have heard about the movie
'Quarantine', it's like a remake and English version of [Rec].

Beware with the trailer!
(make yourself ready and make sure that you're not alone right now)

Over and Over Again


The 3rd Try Out of National Exam is OVER!

Enough with all the books!
Enough for the days feel like hell, makes my brain exploited!


and it's a good news that Friday is colored red on the calendar.
it's gonna be a looooong weekend!
and my family had already make a plan to spend the long weekend in Bandung.
yeah just hope it won't be canceled.

actually, all the effing tests are not really over.
next week I have a test what-so-called pra-UAN/pra-UAS.
it's similar like Try Out.

Try The Menu!


I'm afraid one week ahead I can't update this blog.
because... next week I have Try Out again in my school.
hmm it sucks you know...
but this is it, being a 12th grader is far from easy.

just want to share you my menu for next 3 days!

Monday :

Tuesday :

Wednesday :

yeaaaah, just wish me luck!

All Access

It's been a long time for me to go shopping some items.
sigh... it's sad :(

no time and no money. that's the condition!

sooo now I just can browsing in the internet about accessories
and here it is the items I love, and I want to buy it if I could!

Aren't they cute and irresistible?

Blame It On The Rain


today I'm absence to school. and you know what the reason is?

I'm lazy and it was raining outside.

let me tell you that the subject of my class on Friday is boring.
p.e, sociology and english. what do you think of that?
my mom and dad allowed me to do so.
no problem, right?

I decided to make a new shoutbox, because the old one can't work properly.
don't be hesitate to write down on it :)

Attention, Please!


Hello! bagi kalian yang nulis di chatbox blog ini, tolong cantumin link kalian ya di message-nya. soalnya kalo kalian nulis di box yang 'website', link kalian ga bakalan muncul kalo di klik. kan lumayan buat blogwalking :)

I don't know why this happen
hope it's gonna be okay soon!

Terimakasih :)


Yak! hari ini, detik ini juga gue mau cerita tentang Try Out di sekolah gue.
adaaa aja yang aneh dan engga biasa!

SATU. SMA gue, SMAN 71 Jakarta Timur tercinta, membuat kebijakan yang 'inkonstitusional'.
terlontar dari mulut seorang guru, "Minggu depan sekolah kita akan mengadakan Try Out. Tapi, jangan pernah kalian berpikir Try Out diorientasikan dengan pulang cepat. Setelah Try Out kita akan mengadakan kegiatan belajar mengajar seperti biasa!".

Oke deh, makasih loh pak!

in fact, sekolah-sekolah lain mayoritas pulang cepet loooooh. lagian ga efektif amat sih abis TO, kepala mumet, trus dilanjutin sama pelajaran kayak biasaaaa. hellooo our brain can be overload!

DUA. Pas TO ada beberapa kejadian yang 'strange'

#1 Pas mau listening bahasa Inggris.
Ceritanya mau ngetes apakah speaker di kelas pada nyala atau engga, tapi jadinya gini nih:
Speaker :
"hallo... hallo! test test 1, 2, 3..."
"hallo! ruang 1 sudah kedengaran?"
"perhatian, bagi kelas yang tidak bisa mendengar pemberitahuan ini, harap segera menghubungi ruang wakil..."

lah, kalo ada yang speaker kelasnya mati, gimana mau denger pengumuman ini jugaa ya??

#2 Pas mau listening bahasa Inggris juga.
Speaker: "Perhatian, sebentar lagi akan diperdengarkan soal listening, harap didengarkan dengan sebaik-baiknya!"
*suasana kelas langsung hening*
Speaker : "Astaghfirullaaaaaah..." (lagu Asmaul Husna ala ESQ ke-play!)


#3 Pas TO Sosiologi. Kebetulan yang ngawas guru sosiologi.
Guru : "hallo! wess, apa kabar bos? posisi dimana nih?" (nelpon dengan volume keras)
"lagi Try Out?"
"Oooh, itukan gampang, tertib sosial itu bla-bla-bla..
kalau keajegan itu bla-bla-bla..."

tau deh itu guru nyadar apa engga kalo omongannya langsung dicatet sama anak2 -___-

TIGA. Masih aja yaaa ada yang nyontek. gini deh, TO buat apa sih? emang masuk nilai?
namanya aja TRY OUT. Try Out kan fungsinya buat nyoba, sesiap dan se-menguasai apa kita dalam pelajaran itu. wahai teman-temanku yang masih menyontek, semoga kalian cepat sadar ya!

Relief and Pleased!

Hey Everyone!

I feel so happy today! You know why?

because the Try Out is over! yeaaaay!
akhirnyaaaaa penderitaan berakhir!
(ga juga sih, minggu depan ada TO lagi -___- )

yah semoga hasilnya bagus deh!

and one more thing that make me feel happy is...

akhirnya berkas BOP berkeadilan yang udah dari 10 Feb kemarin gue kirim, nyampe ke UI!
alhamdulillah, padahal 2 hari yang lalu masih di 'X'-in semua.

yah semogaaa keluarga gue dapet keringanan deh. soalnya kalo diliat-liat UI juga mahal sih, ga kayak anggepan orang dulu yang bilang kalo negeri itu murah.

hari gini mau murah? beli aqua gelas aja gih, seceng dapet 2!

Love Day!

Hey, it's February 14th.
but I don't celebrate things what so-called 'valentine's day'

and I rather mention it with 'love day'
because if valentine's day is celebrated as a day that full of love, then why don't we just call it as love day?

well, don't think about it too much.

spread the love!

and if there's a movie that suit the most to accompany you get through the day, it must be 'Valentine's Day'!

there's so many stars here. and my favourite one, taylor lautner.
but there's taylor swift too :(

yap, check it out!

If you want to be loved, love and be lovable!
found love outside today :)


Need it so bad right NOW!

a big roll of tissues

cough syrup

and a warm hug!

I have infected with a disease which called influenza and it's tend to be a sore throat.
it kills me :(
hope I can getting better soon!

you guys have to know this.
this afternoon, I saw the result for my last national exam try out.
well, the average score is just 6,9. even it's enough for pass the high school, but it's lower than I've expected :(
and what makes me surprised is... my English score is 5,40!
oh my God, what's wrong with meee?

Who's Wrong?

I support this man!

Antasari Azhar

selama ini gue selalu update ngikutin perkembangan berita kasusnya beliau.
daaaan gue rasa, dia ga bersalah. dia cuma korban.

yaaah gue sebagai anak SMA biasa cuma bisa berharap kalau beliau ga jadi di penjara 18 tahun dan semoga dibebasin aja deh.
dan satu lagi, semoga hukum di Indonesia makin adil dan transparan!

La La La Looklet

Just wanna show off my looks :)

Lovable, isn't it? hehe.
check out my full looks here
don't forget to give me a heart!

Don't Have Any Sisters


have you guys watched this movie?
if you haven't, you better search it at DVD rentals or just buy it!
this one is really amazing.

check the trailer out!

Yeah, that's titled 'My Sister's Keeper'
it was an old movie, but really worth to watch.
thanks to Mrs. Ayu, an English conversation's teacher in my school who had already played this movie to my class.

well this is about a
13-year-old girl who has a sister. Her sister is suffers from some kinds of cancer. Since she was a child, she had to be a donor to save her sister's life. well, I'm not great enough to write some review, sooo if you guys want to read the full review, click here

my opinion about this movie is... oh my God... it's touching my deepest heart!
the story is very sad and make you realize that we have to be thankful of what God gives to us.

Hope it will be useful for you all :)


untuk kali ini, izinkan saya memakai bahasa Indonesia ya.
karena saya sedang malas dan mual.

okay, jadi gue mau cerita tentang acara syukuran yang diadain di rumah gue.
hemm acara syukuran apakah?
jadi, nyokap gue dulu pas lagi nunggu pengumuman PPKB UI punya nazar, kalo gue lulus PPKB UI, nyokap gue mau ngadain syukuran kecil-kecilan, ngundang anak yatim.
dan alhamdulillah, itu semua udah terkabul.

acaranya ngaji, sesi doa, sama makan siang bareng anak yatim deh.
agak canggung juga sih ketemu sama mereka, tapi mereka semua lucu-lucu!

masa yaa, kan ada Bu Haji nya gitu, terus dia ngedoain gue gini:
"semoga dibukakan rezeki untuk Putri, diberikan ilmu yang baik, dilancarkan jalannya, dan mendapat jodoh yang baik"

haha kata-kata terakhirnya itu loooh. langsung gue 'amiiin'-in dengan semangat! haha

here's the sneak peek:

the goodie bags buat anak-anak yatim

isinya yang seadanya hehe

prosesi syukuran.
ngaji + doa + makan-makan

last, playing with my cats.

semoga tanda syukur keluarga gue ke Allah ini bermanfaat dan bikin jalan gue ke depan jadi lebih lancar. amiiin!

Grammy Awards 2010


finally I can fulfill my promise to y'all!

the first post of the day is... the report for Grammy Awards 2010.
have you guys watched it?

well, this is the list of the winners :

- Record of The Year Award: “Use Somebody,” Kings of Leon
- Album of the Year Award: “Fearless,” Taylor Swift
- Song of the Year Award: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it),” Beyonce Knowles
- New Artist Award: Zac Brown Band - Pop Vocal Album Award: “The E.N.D.”, The Black Eyed Peas
- Female Pop Vocal Performance Award: “Halo,” Beyonce Knowles
- Male Pop Vocal Performance Award: “Make It Mine,” Jason Mraz
- Rock Album Award: “21st Century Breakdown,” Green Day
- Rock Song Award: “Use Somebody,” Kings of Leon
- R&B Album Award: “BLACKsummers’night, “Maxwell
- R&B Song Award: “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Beyonce Knowles
- Rap Album Award: “Relapse,” Eminem
- Rap Song Award: “Run This Town,” Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West
- Best Rap/Sung Collaboration Award: “Run This Town,” Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West
- Country Album Award: “Fearless,” Taylor Swift
- Female Country Vocal Performance Award: “White Horse,” Taylor Swift
- Male Country Vocal Performance Award: “Sweet Thing,” Keith Urban,
- Contemporary Jazz Album Award: “75,” Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate
- Classical Album Award: “Mahler: Symphony No. 8; Adagio from Symphony No. 10″
- Traditional Gospel Album Award: “Oh Happy Day,” various artists
- Dance Recording Award: “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga
- Electronic Dance Album Award: “The Fame,” Lady Gaga
- Alternative Music Album Award: “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” Phoenix
- Best Rock Instrumental Performance Award: “A Day In The Life,” Jeff Beck
- Best Metal Performance Award: “Dissident Aggressor,” Judas Priest
- Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical: “Ellipse,” Imogen Heap
- Spoken Word Album Award: “Always Looking Up,” Michael J. Fox
- Comedy Album Award: “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!” Stephen Colbert
- Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media: “Slumdog Millionaire,” Various Artists, A.R. Rahman, producer.

Congratulations to them!

for the complete list, click here

and some pics are already here :

The Red Carpet

The beautiful Katy Perry,
hm it's unusual, where is her unique sense of fashion?

The quirky Lady Gaga,
futuristic as always!

The gorgeous Rihanna,
she looks perfect here!

The dandy Jonas Brothers,
always looks so hot!

The Show

Beyonce, sang 'If I Were a Boy' and 'You Oughta Know'

Lady Gaga, with her 'Gaga' performance.
had a duet with Elton John.

The Winner

Imogen Heap showed her umbrella and Grammy

Lady Gaga with her 'outterspace' outfit
brought 2 Grammy

and that night is Taylor Swift's night.
she got 4 Grammys!

photo's courtesy : grammy.com and google

Remind Me!


Sorry for not posting anything here, I'm busy for many exams. fiuhh, it made me exhausted!
I supposed to update my blog, but that's the condition.

I promise to update my blog at Friday or Saturday!

come back soon :)