His Story


See the pics above?
well, it belongs to my old friend...

This morning I dream of him. a really weird dream.
The scene is at someone's party.
I walked through a long corridor and saw a door that made by glasses.
I opened it and... there's so many boys in there!
they're wearing all black clothes, some joking, and some playing video games.
I saw him.
I ran out from that room, and he chased me (oh my God, sounds like a cheesy drama!)
We talked about many things.
After I asked it to him...

"Why did you changed? Why did you became this arrogant? What happened with you?"

He just move his head down, and spoke gibberish-I don't understand.

then suddenly I woke up!

what a dream!

after that, I can't stop think about him.
damn! I never know that I can be a fool like this!

We used to mocked each other, laughed together,
shared all jokes and problems...
and now it just becomes a history!

it's sad to know that he has changed a lot.
arrogant, try to look famous and trendy (in fact he doesn't!) and over acting!

I really miss the old him.
I hope in the end of high school we can make things like we used to be.



25 April 2010 12.57

aw.. that's sad to hear.. but that's life.. people change however some change for the worse..I hope your relationship would be revived. Just pray for him.^___^

  Putri Ariani

25 April 2010 17.43

thanks lollii :)
I agree with you,
let's pray for him hehe