Could I go back?


finally, this morning I go to my new class, 12 social 4.
and the first impression is... boring!
I guess they are funny, but still afraid to speak up.
aand the girls, I guess they're still in their comfort zone, I mean they're just close to their gang's friends.
aaaah I hope my new class will gonna be a fun and comfort to studying! Amiiin!

anyway, I miss my 11 social 1 sooooooo baaaaad!
aah I wish I could have a time machine, then I will back to the time when we're still together :(

yah, maybe just all that for now.

oh yah, now I want to tell you that I'm in 12 grade.
and it means I have to study harder than ever before.
I don't take any course like my friends have did. it's my parent's choice, so I just do what they want me to do. the other reason is, to take course is not cheap, I'm afraid my parent will get broke.

And now I do realize that being the 12 grader is very difficult.
I have to study harder.
I have to reach the top 3 rank, so I can get PMDK (Amiin!)
I have to
pass the national exam.
I have to chase many public university, or PTN.

yaahh just pray for me :)