Better play the bomberman, than play with bomb

(kali ini mencoba memakai bahasa Inggris lagi)

Damn the bomb!!!

I'm shocked about the bomb that exploded in JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Hotel!
It's very horrible!
and it's very embarassing!

this 5 years, Indonesia has made many progress. in economy, tourism, etc. the world has judge Indonesia as a good country.

but, suddenly the no brain terrorist destroy it all!


this bomb also destroyed many buildings and killed many people!

and the worst, Manchester United, the most football club that worth to wait, canceled their tour in Indonesia! it's very disappointed!

Oh, God please punish the terrorist and make them get the hell out in Indonesia!

p.s : tomorrow there will be a meeting with English Club! FYI, this is the first meeting with the juniors. I haven't prepared anything...

Bye all!