This morning, I went to school and join the meeting with OSIS.
We talk about MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa)
What is MOS?
MOS is a student's orientation time, like introductions to every school's facilities, teachers and regulations in 3 days.

Well, MOS should be a funny event.
because usually, the new students have to look weird and freak by putting a big name tag with a very difficult design and they have to respect the seniors.
The seniors can bullying the juniors.
and I think that's cool!
I'm the seniors and I guess I can embarrassed them and laugh at them. wow! haha.

buuuuut, the teachers and the head master of my school forbid the seniors to do so!
ahh they are totally uncool :(

well, forget about that.

Now, I'm home.
and this is sucks.
I have no problem with my family.
still the same person, a woman that confess as my aunt.

ahh I have no more words for her.
just let this pics tell you what I've been thinking of...

Sorry for this terrible pics...

and please, don't think I'm such a psycho or what. I'm normal.
I'm just too angry and annoyed.

tomorrow is an election day!
the voters, please choose the best candidate to be a president and vice president.
I can't vote yet. I'm just 16 :(