Sunday Morning


Today is Sunday, and all I have to do is just relax :)
but, my dad always asked me to tidy up my closet, aah I won't do that! Sorry, dad!

This morning, my brother, mom and I sat on our little front yard.
I have many cats. Actually, they are not really mine.
Some of them is my neighbour's pet, but I just love to feed them, so we share the same cat.

They are so funny and always make me laugh.
Like today, they act weird, and I took some pics of them.

Here it is!

She's stick out her tongue!

Aww! Cemong you should take your clothes on and don't sit like that!

looks like a kangaroo.

This is Cemong. She likes to 'meeooow meooow' with loud voice.
She is kind and patient. she never scratch me.
I love the first pic! She's so funny!

This is Belek. She's not mature yet.
She's very hyperactive!

This is Moddy. He is my favourite!
He's lovable :)

and look at this uncensored pics!
sorry for this pornography, but... hey! they're just animal :)

I don't know what are they doing!
Did they just playing like friends?
'playing' like lovers?

tomorrow is the day! yeay!
I'll be the senior and going to make them feel annoyed! haha.