Doctor Doctor

Hello everybooooody!

Yesterday, I opened my looklet account and found a dr martens contest.
waw, this shoes are cool!

check the official website of dr martens shoes :
the web is freaking awesome!

dr martens or doc martens shoes will give the wearer an edgy style.
but, I won't wear it!
because my feet are very big, and I'm short.
sooo... it's called fashion suicide if I wear it.
besides, the price is veeeeeeery expensive for me.
it's more than $100 or more than Rp.1.200.000,- in Rupiah.
I think the shoes are not worth it.

well, here it is the shoes...

Love the pattern sooo much!


the doc martens wearer

I prefer wedges heels, because it will make me looks taller :)