Are they happy?


I'm still on holiday, and there's nothing I can do but write something on my blog!

Today, youtube is become my number one site!
Search many music videos, I'm not in the mood for porn videos... lol :)

and, yah!
I found this 'cute violance' videos.
It's so called Happy Tree Friends!
You guys must know about it, rite?
a super cute cartoon but with a super terrific story!

let's check it out!

This video contains violence, sooo be ready!

What do you think?
Haha. Sorry if this video makes you scared or something like that.

p.s :
tomorrow i'm not at home. yeay! finally!
buuut my destination is just... school!
hmm that's okay. at least I will meet my friends...
I'm going to have a meeting with student's organization or usually called OSIS.