Take Back The City


Ahh, finally i could touch my laptop again, and type some words here!
Hmmhh and finally I can breath the fresh air of freedom! haha.

last Sunday, my family and I took my brother back to Bogor.
Congratulation for my brother, on this holiday, he accepted as an engineer in Forestry Department (Departemen Kehutanan). well, even just a month, but it's okay. at least he can get an experience.

suddenly, we went to SKI Park. SKI here, doesn't mean ski on ice. but SKI is the name of big bag factory.
it has a recreational park in the inside.
first, I went to the shoes outlet. I was really craving for white wedges heels!
I have found it and i love the design too, but it costs too much. *sigh...

then, my dad told me, "hey, why don't you play at the recreational park?". yap! great idea!
there are flying fox, big transparent water ball, trampoline, boom boom car and many more. it's fun! buuuut unfortunately and stupidly, I forgot that I was wearing a skirt! oh damn!
so it all canceled :(

then, i had lunch at Pak Ewok lil' restraurant.
it's well-known at Bogor. So, I want try it.
the favourite menu is sop buah or fruit soup.
hmm it's delicious and tasty! you should try it.
it consist of strawberries, avocados, guavas, oranges, etc.

The Journey...

Don't get shocked! I can drive the car. Since I get my driver license last year...
No no, I'm kidding :) I just act like I'm a driver.
but someday, I hope I can drive a car.
I love to see girls that can drive her own car. very independent!

I found this big banner in highway to Bogor.
It's a crap. and useless...

One of the game at SKI Park. but it's for children only.
I used photoshop to made it more artistic.
but I don't think this is works... haha.

Sky in Bogor.
Photoshop-ed too.