Lady GaGa at VMA 2009

Actually, I want to make a review about MTV VMA 2009.
buut I saw many blogs that review about it, so I change the topics.

Let's go to Lady GaGa!
The most outstanding yet quirky icon!

Look at her dresses that she wore at VMA...

I think the feathers on her neck is too much. Isn't it?

Mysterious GaGa!
Love the red dress. Love the paper crown. but not the no-bra style.

She's coming from outer space or what?

no comment.

She put a bird nest on her face? it's pointless.

and last, I think her hair style looks a lil bit similar like Suzanna, Indonesian horror actress. LOL

also watch her performance on this video!
it was awesome!
She sang 'Paparazzi'. and in the middle of the song, suddenly blood pour down from her chest.
it was surprising.
good job GaGa!