Life Is (NOT) Just a Bowl of Cherries

Sorry for my absence!
I just try to enjoy the holiday. sooo I spent my time to eat, sleep, and hang out with friends.
what a bad lifestyle!

buuuut many important thing happened!

First, finally I've already had a Residence ID Card or so called KTP!


It means that I'm seventeen now and should obey every rules and policies.
and one thing... seventeen seems like a deadline to have a boyfriend, eh? LOL.

so could you please find me one? *wink*

aaaand I've already had my own bank account and ATM card!
two yeaaaaaaays!

It means that I have to familiarize myself to save my money than spend it for shopping.

yeaa... it's a good idea, rite?

and about school. oh pleasee.
Every time I hear the word 'school', I feel like there's a big pressure on it!

but, yeah I'm just an ordinary student and I have to face it.

tomorrow, I have to go to school. well, it's sucks.
Why should be Thursday? Why don't the next Monday?

I still want to feel the freedom air!

Just hope my school become a recreational theme park tomorrow!


well, life is just a bowl of cherries...

so just live and laugh at it!