Last Night and Present Time

Yesterday, I had a break fasting with English Club's members at Hoka Hoka Bento, Kalimalang.
It was really a mistake.
because there's just 4 members that attended (most of them is 'mudik', go to their hometown)
and because Kalimalang had a traffic jam for an hour!
and I was trapped inside!
but then I was picked up by my brother. Thank God!

here, Wida the right one on this pic, told me that her blog just hacked by Kanye West.
What? How could that happened?
She told me to saw it and click the link that she gave to me.
and yap, there's a Kanye's pic on her page. Very annoying.

But theeen, I found out that it was just a cheap trick!
Check this pic:

What? My blog also hacked by Kanye West?!
Okay I zoom it for you.

Read that quotes!
haha. It's silly.


well, it was a simple trick.
put '' in front of a web address.
for example, click:

it automatically showed Kanye's pic on the left side on your page!

even, you can use it for facebook, youtube or any other web.

Try that one :)