Dhya's Birthday Party!

Actually, it held on last Saturday, August 29 2009.

After me, my friend, Dhya, was having a birthday.

And she celebrate it at Calimal Resto, Kalimalang.

I wore creamy dress, dark blue blazer, and custom made chain necklace.

not forget to wore my new white wedges heels, gift from my parent
but it doesn't work.
I'm still look like the shortest of all my friend. sigh...

well, it was fun.

everyone's happy.

everyone's satisfied.
and Happy Birthday Dhya!

Great moments:

With the birthday girl!

The party

with my lil' friend-mily

with ex X.2

Lovable, are we?

With the unstoppable entertainer, Hillisa a.k.a Tomat a.k.a Mano

Before we go home

and last... me, myself and I :)