A night to remember!


last night, finally I celebrated my birthday (on August 27 actually).

I treat my lil' friend-mily named JDGJD. a weird name, eh?

The place is Burger n Grill, Kalimalang.
I thought the place is cozy and comfort enough.

buuut, aahh the service is very disappointing.

especially the waiter.... they were sooo.... errrghh!

the taste is just so-so. nothing special. doesn't worth with the price.

Ok, stop it. I don't wanna make this a case like Prita with Omni hospital anyway...

soooo, last night is really mine :)

dinner with my family and my close friend. but unfortunately, Murni can't join with us.

because her dad was having a birthday party too.

let this pics re-tell the story!

when I opened the gift, tadaaa!
I feel so surpised, because:

Dhya gave me a simple white bag. thaaaaaanks :)
and the other JDGJD gave me zebra patterned bag! woooow! I really love it!
not just that, they made a special b'day card, with their best wishes for me.
aaaand a DVD that record me and them two years ago. that's crazy and shameful!

Made by Myka

Anggita put ice cream on my mouth and nose so sudden

Thanks all for gave me a great night!

That's that!