Purify Our Heart


This is the end of Ramadhan, and today is the last day of fasting!
hmm I'm not sure I supposed to be happy or sad.
maybe I'm happy because, finally we can live normally.
and if Ramadhan is end, then Lebaran or Iedul Fitri day will come!
and it means new clothes, money, and cookies! LOL :)
maybe I'm sad because the holy month has gone and I can't feel it Islam atmosphere anymore.

well, just welcome the Iedul Fitri day!
It's tomorrow actually, but I think tomorrow I will have a busy day. haha.
First, of course I have to do Sholat Ied and then go to many family and relatives' house.
and I will go home late on night.

sooo, just receive this warm greeting from me :)

Happy Iedul Fitri Everybody!

Hope we can be a better person
Hope we can get lot of money :)