Loving Every Minute of It


Long time no see :)

Ahh, Lebaran has gone but the spirit will never die!

okay, I will sum up my activities.

First, I went to the mosque to do sholat Ied (of course!)
Me and my family wore new clothes. It's all similar. so it's like a uniform.

The colour is white, maybe we picked this colour because it represent clean and pure heart.

that's Lebaran means, rite?

I added some accessories.
I don't know why I love accessories so much.
If I wear simple outfit, then I just have to wear some accessories. then it will be sweeten my looks. (hope so!)

sorry for this show off style hehe

My sidekick

Then, we started the long parade.
we went to our family and relatives.
Two things that I love from visited them is...

1) They usually served their best foods, and what I found are...

Lontong, Ketupat, Ayam Opor, Rendang, Nastar (like this!), Putri Salju, Kastengel and it friends. hmm it's free and yummy! There's no more glorious day like this! lol.
2) They usually gave me some money or what so called THR.

It's very useful and make me feel rich :)

yap, because of that, I'm afraid about my weight!
I ate many foods without feeling guilty. how could I ignore it? they're irresistable!
and nooow my stomach is swollen! oh no!

The next day, I went to Bandung.

No, it's not my hometown. I went there to visited my mom's brother.

and what could I think about Bandung is...

Food-searching and shopping! aaaw I'm so exciting!

Actually, my dad was lazy to drove because Bandung had a traffic jam.

but, Thank God, my cousins want to be a guide and drove me and my brother around Bandung!

We went to Pasar Gedebage (usually called 'Cimol').

It's a flea market. Secondhand clothes sold here.

it's like Pasar Senen in Jakarta.
but this place looks cleaner.
here, I found many jeans. FYI, I want to hunt jeans jacket like this :

and I found it there! the price is just Rp. 65.000! and this can bargained!
buut, after I tried it, I feel that the jacket is too big for me and makes my shoulder looks weird.
so, I decided to not bought it :(

but, I bought a cool vest with sunflower pattern! It's very bright!

Lovable, isn't it?
it's only Rp.15.000,-
(this should be cheaper!)

and when night's coming, we went to many factory outlet's.
and I bought this cool shirt!

MJ T-shirt!
The price is very affordable, so why not?

shortly, Lebaran this year was great!
How about you guys?