Runaway from the city

Today is the last day of school!!!
Finally, holiday is coming!
I have day off for 2 weeks. Is that sounds great?
But damn it, i have many homework, assignments, and presentations :(

Today, I'm not fasting. because, me, as a normal girl have a special period, you know... that little 'M'.

My friends start to pack their bags and go to their hometown, or we usually called it 'mudik'.
Meet their family and relative, and feel the village atmosphere.
aaaah I wish I could have a moment like that!

My father's hometown is in Padang, Sumatera Island.
and it's pretty far. sooo this year I'm not going anywhere.
just stayed at home and try to finish my homework little by little.

this Monday, I'm gonna go to my junior high school big reunion!
we're gonna have break fasting together.
it must be great to meet old friends and see that they have changed a bit or lot.
hope it's gonna be fun for all!