The Final Destination's Night

Hey there!

Finally, I have watched The Final Destination.
Watched it at Gading XXI with my Techa :)
but sadly, I didn't watch it in 3D.

There's something different about our journey.

in the past, we usually went somewhere by many public transportation like angkot or taxi.
It was horrible and sad.
buuut now, the primitive us has changed!
Retta now can drive a car! yeeaaay. congratulation to her :)
and congratulation to us, because we can through the 'jahiliyah' periods! LOL.

well, at first I'm so excited about this film.
because the first 3 was so great.
This Final Destination was not as good as I thought.
so, I'm a lil bit disappointed.

why? because I think the acting of the main casts are not emotional enough.
and the story is not too strong. it just about vision, blood and tragically killed.
hmm but the special effect is awesome.
it made us scared by seeing many bodies full of blood.
hmm, fortunately, we didn't take the 3D...

shortly, I think The Final Destination is not as good as the previous one.
My favourite is The Final Destination 3, don't know why.

after that, we went to the food court for break fasting.
I treat them because of my birthday. (but actually, it was very late)
hmm none of them gave me a gift, poor me. haha.

here's some of the scenes :

we took some pics but it was creepy. and I think it's not acceptable to be published. haha.

arrived at home at nine.

tired but happy :)