Sick Sigh

Hey all!

I had a really bad day today.
I just wanna removed all that things from my memory. really.

Well, the worst part is...
my economy exam.

I thought the score was not good enough. I deserved more than it.
many of my friends got the perfect score, 100.


Ya Allah, please give me strength to pass it.
maybe You give me this kind of problem to see how patient I am to live this life.
maybe You give me this because You love me, because You don't wanna see me become arrogant
or maybe this is just a denial from me?


okay, I admit that I was not too focused in studying.
I really regret it. Hope there will be a second chance, but it's impossible.

so, maybe all I have to do is just move on, keep study hard and pray to Allah.
fiuhh, I'm hopeless now.
pray everything's gonna be alright! amiiin.