New Widget!

Hey, do you notice that now my blog has a music widget?

it would be great if you guys listen some happy music while reading my blog right?

the playlist just include 3 songs, because I have no idea which song I should put on it.
1st song is coming from Paloma Faith with 'Technicolour' (just like my post below)
2nd is 'Love Song' by Sara Bareilles
last one is Imogen Heap with 'Just for Now'

hope you enjoy that :)

do you guys have planned some events to greet the new year?
hmm I'm on dilemma now.
my friends had already invited me to gathering at their house and we'll do some games, DVD, and barbeque.
but my family have a plan too. we're going to go to Puncak and Bogor. well I think that's gonna be boring. hehe.
sooo which one is the best?