Heeey all my readers :)

I want to share about my last journey to Dunia Fantasi, Ancol, it's Indonesian Theme Park on last Friday.
Dufan give 50% discount to those who bring the discount flyer. it's apply for just 2 weeks.
actually, at school I still have some lessons for National Exam and classmeeting.
buuuut, I'm so lazy and decided to go to Dufan! yeeeaaaaay! good girl gone bad! lol ;p

I'm so glad to know that we went there by Ridho's car. at least I shouldn't pay for the transportation ;)
arrived there, the girls struggle for the sunblock. since the weather is very shiny.

we entered the gate and found the long queues, as always.

We played many rides. They are 'Ombang-Ambing', 'Ontang-Anting', 'Kora-Kora' (my favo!) and many more. Unfortunately, 'Halilintar' the rollercoaster is out of order. and I didn't go for 'Tornado', because my mom had told me that I'm not allowed to play the dangerous rides. owkay mom!!

The photos :

It was super fun!
and I think this is the last time we go to Dufan in High School.
because there'll be so many exams and there's no discount anymore! lol ;p

left dufan about 6 pm. chase the sunset at Ancol's beach. but we were late, the sunset has already gone!
after it, we sit at the beach and share some stories and jokes. laugh everywhere!
went home and tired. but it was unforgettable!

Thanks to :
Ayudhia Harumi, Almira Fitriah, Cornelia Myka, Santi Santini, Gde Arvindo, Ridho Jatu, dan Aji Wicaksono!