Bogor Trip!

Hello Hello :)

Yesterday, me and my parent went to Bogor which is the purpose is to meet my brother.
I'm satisfied with this journey!

First, we had lunch at traditional resto. the price is cheap, but the taste is so damn delicious!
then looked for factory outlet, my mom got two loose trousers and one T-shirt, my brother got a sling bag, and my dad got a T-shirt and sock. and me? nothing!
well, it was surprising that my desire of buying stuffs is decreasing.

but, after that we went to Botani Square... and finally I bought something!
What was that? a red flat shoe! it's very cheap anyway :)
and after walking around, I found a cute backpack! and the price is affordable.
so I told my mom that If she buy me the bag, then it will boost up my mood for school lol ;)
sorry I can't show the items here, because I forget to take a pic of it.

it was great and fun :)

and about the new year celebration? aah don't ask me.
it's become blur.
many of my friends cancel the plan and my family looks so desperate to serve a hotel room, because many of them are full-booked.