Bang on The Piano!

In my school, there's a music class. it was fun, because the teacher is funny and I absolutely love music! and I love it the most because in this class I can explore my sense in singing :)

Yapp! singing is my passion :)

but, since yesterday my teacher explained how to play piano, I'm curious about that instrument.
actually I don't have one, but I still have keyboard (it's similar, right?)

and I took my time to learn it little by little, and I found it was fun!
I feel happy when I can make some melody with it.
well, when I was a child, I usually play it, but just with basic keys like 'do re mi bla bla...'
but now I tried to play the chords.

I'm on 'memorize the chords' process

and for the end-semester test, my teacher told the students to create a song.
she said that it's simple, just make the lyrics, try to arrange some music, then mix it!
but it's not that easy, my friend...

yeah hope that someday I can play it well :)